Sigma Xi Postdoc Survey

Results by Family Structure, All Institutions: Table of Contents

Survey results by family structure for all institutions aggregated together. Excludes respondents who indicated that they were not in fact a postdoc (question RE25 in "Your Postdoc")

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  2. About You: "About You" provides basic demographic information (sex, race/ethnicity, age, citizenship, time as a postdoc, and so on).
  3. Benefits and Services: "Benefits and Services" covers salaries, benefits, tax information, vacation, and the adequacy of various resources.
  4. Institutional Environment: "Institutional Environment" asks about written policies and procedures and about the availability of various types of training.
  5. Your Advisor: "Your Advisor" addresses the postdoc's relationship with his or her advisor.
  6. Your Postdoc: "Your Postdoc" covers the characteristics of the current appointment, the postdoc's field(s) of research, how the postdoc found the position, and the postdoc's goals when taking the position.
  7. Your Research: "Your Research" asks about the postdoc's funding, how s/he spends his or her time, the number of papers s/he has written, and the impact (if any) of national security regulations on his/her research.
  8. Career Plans: "Career Plans" asks about the postdoc's career plans and his/her interest in work for various types of employers.
  9. Your Life: "Your Life" contains information about the postdoc's housing, family, and finances.
  10. Overall Satisfaction: "Overall Satisfaction" asks about the postdoc's satisfaction with various aspects of his or her current appointment.
  11. Report Glossary