Eugene Santos

Present Position

Professor of Engineering, Thayer School of Engineering, Dartmouth College

Chapter Affiliation

Dartmouth College


Eugene SantosAs Director for the Northeast Region, I would like to further develop and implement new advocacy strategies as well as introduce opportunities in science especially to nurture and grow the coming generations of scientists in the Northeast. This includes better connecting together our scientists with new digital or augmented in-person technologies to meet the new demands for the coming decade. Sigma Xi embodies what is science and the scientific endeavor. It serves to disseminate and make accessible the principles and practices of science to the world. We are at the forefront informing scientists about not just the latest research achievements but also giving each of us a glimpse into other fields outside our own. The latter is especially important as I believe it helps us to look at different points of views which can infuse us with new creativity in advancing the science in our own disciplines. 

I joined Sigma Xi in 1988 as a graduate student where the Brown University chapter provided a great deal of encouragement and support for my doctoral work. This early interaction shaped my views about science and what it meant to be a scientist. The awareness of the responsibilities of being a scientist is not just about one’s own research conduct and ethics but also advocating science to the world at large. It is through this advocation that captures the imagination of all minds across all ages and experiences which draws more people into contributing to the scientific endeavor. 

Sigma Xi and me
I joined Sigma Xi in 1988 and became a Full Member in 1992. Through the years, I have introduced students (both undergraduate and graduate) to Sigma Xi by encouraging them to read American Scientist to broaden their perspectives, compete in the Grants-in-Aid of research program, and participate in activities sponsored by the local chapters. I have served on the Committee on Nominations as the Northeast Region representative, am currently the Associate Director for the Northeast Region, and am affiliated with the Dartmouth College chapter. 

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