Tieli (Tilly) Wang

Present Position

Professor and Chair, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at California State University Dominguez Hills

Chapter Affiliation

California State University–Dominguez Hills


Tieli WangIt is a great honor to be a candidate to serve on the committee as an associate director for the Sigma Xi southwest region comprehensive colleges. I am the member of the Sigma Xi scientific society since 1999. As a Sigma Xi member, I have worked with local scientists and professors to serve as a judge for ISEF internal science competition in 2014. I am the associate director for the comprehensive colleges of the southwest region since 2015. I also participated in Sigma Xi executive committee meeting and organized the caucus meeting of southwest region comprehensive colleges during the Sigma Xi annual meeting in 2015. In addition, my experience serving as an executive committee member in Southern California American Chemical Society helped me to gain valuable insight into the nature of the professional association. 

I value the importance of research activities and their impact on higher education. It is my personal belief that research can provide the tools to facilitate students’ learning and the desire for continuous learning, by virtue of the intense and interactive intellectual experience that only research can provide. Research has the ability to span the entire curriculum continuum. My most recent studies have examined
the histone methylation by anticancer drug temozolomide through interdisciplinary approaches. We found that TMZ might exert its anticancer activity not only through its interaction with DNA, but also through alterations of protein translational modifications. We hope this study can contribute to the understanding the anticancer activity of TMZ in order to develop novel targeted and molecular strategies to advance the cancer treatment. As a professor, I enjoy graduate and undergraduate research mentoring, getting students inspired and helping them to reach their full potential with interdisciplinary approaches. I am committed to integrating our understanding of science across the disciplines, which is one of the important visions of the Sigma Xi society. If I am reelected, I will continue to play an active role in assisting the director of the local region and working with other members in the region to achieve common goals and outcomes.

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