Preliminary Agenda for the 2015 Assembly of Delegates

This document is preliminary and subject to modification.

116th Annual Sigma Xi Assembly of Delegates Agenda
Thursday, October 22 to Sunday, October 25, 2015

Thursday, October 22, 8:00 a.m.-9:30 a.m.
Assembly of Delegates, Session I

1. Call to Order and Welcome
2. Introductions: Society Officers, Staff, Governance Advisor, Candidates for President-Elect  
    Designee and Tellers
3. Approval of the Agenda of the Assembly of Delegates of the 116th Annual Meeting
4. Report of the President
5. Report of the Past President
6. Report of the Treasurer
7. Motions and Recommendations from the Board of Directors
8. Motion and Recommendation from the Committee on Qualifications and Membership
9. Recess

Friday, October 23, 8:00 a.m.-9:15 a.m.
Assembly of Delegates, Session II

10. Call to Order
11. Caucuses Report
12. Recess

Sunday, October 25, 8:00 a.m.-10:00 a.m.
General Delegate Caucus

13. Induct Student Award Winners
14. Caucus reports on Goals for 2015-2016
15. Charge to the Delegates
16. Adjournment


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