Sigma Xi Student Research Showcase

A new way of detecting food-borne pathogens. A unique approach to curing cardiovascular disease. Better alternatives to chemotherapy. These are just some of the projects submitted by young scientists to Sigma Xi’s 2015 Student Research Showcase. 

This competition challenged students to present their research online. Professional scientists judged the presentations March 23-29 and awarded up to $500 to top presenters in the high school, undergraduate, graduate divisions. More importantly, these students developed skills in presenting their research through a written abstract, technical slideshow, and personal video.

2015 Division Awards

Negoita"The Role of Plant Dispersal on Ecosystem Function"
Luka Negoita, Syracuse UniversityTwitterIconsmLinkedIn
2015 Graduate Division Award

The goal of my project is to study how plants move around (plant dispersal) and the link between plant movement and ecosystem processes.

WeelicChong"Examining the Role of Human Alpha-Synuclein in Cadmium Homeostasis and Transporter Systems in a Dopaminergic Cell Model of Parkinson’s Disease"
Weelic Chong, Oberlin CollegeLinkedIn
2015 Undergraduate Division Award
Gene-Environment Interaction in a Cell Model of Parkinson’s Disease: Alpha-synuclein Modulates Cadmium Transport Dynamics and Homeostasis

Varma2015"A Wireless Smartphone-Based System for Diagnosis of Pulmonary Illnesses"
Maya Varma, Presentation High School
2015 High School Division Award

I have designed a smartphone­-based low-­cost pulmonary function analyzer that can be used to measure lung function and diagnose various pulmonary illnesses.

Boling2015"Informed or Influenced? Effects of Misconceptions in Media on American Perception of Capital Punishment"
Kayla Claire Boling, North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics
2015 High School Division Award

This study aims to further investigate how US citizens make decisions to support or oppose capital punishment using an online survey.

2015 Section and Division Awards

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