Sigma Xi 2016 Student Research Showcase

Human Behavioral & Social Sciences

Bryan Nelson, Andre Nakkab, Ward Pettibone230x175Mounting Evidence of the False Consensus Effect in Male Bodybuilders
Bryan S. Nelson, Andre Nakkab, & Ward Pettibone, New York University

We present evidence of the false consensus about steroid use within steroid users and the broader exercise community.

Esha Aneja230x175Perception about Autism: An International Study
Esha Aneja, Dougherty Valley High School

A Health Questionnaire with 15 questions was developed and sent out to parents who had children with Autism Spectrum Disorder attending a developmental resource program locally in USA and receiving services at a community hospital in India.

Igor Paevshik230x175Effects of sleep on workability and functional body state of physicians under daily duties
Igor Paevshshik, Institute for Occupational Health of National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine

Sixty-one physicians were observed at the daily duties by measured height, self-evaluation of well-being, sleep-on-duty duration and quality.