Sigma Xi 2016 Student Research Showcase

Physiology & Immunology

SRSlogo_240x187Specific features of bloodcirculatory system functioning in surgeons working daily duties
Iryna Grytsyuk, Institute for Occupational Health of National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine 

Objective: to reveal the specific features of bloodcirculatory system functioning in surgeons working daily duties.  

Ruhi Sayana230x220A Flow Cytometric Analysis of T Cell Development in MHC Class I Restricted Models
Ruhi Sayana, The Harker School

This project aimed at analyzing the mechanisms between MHC interaction and T cell development.

Dory Li230x175"Unfamiliar Conditions Increase Sensorimotor Reliance during Lifting Task
Dory Li, North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics

Patterns in sensorimotor response and muscle behavior under several unfamiliar conditions were identified and analyzed.

Suganth Kannan230x306Innovative Computational Model to Diagnose Disease and Provide Personalized Medicine
Suganth Kannan, American Heritage School

My project was to find a way to prevent misdiagnosis of diseases on patients.

Susan John230x153Drying without dying- Resurrection fern, Pleopeltis polypodioides
Susan P. John, University of Louisiana at Lafayette 

Our goal is to determine how Pleopeltis survives dehydration. 

Juliette Pozzuoli230x240The Use of Nociceptin Receptor Agonist, SR-8993, in Cocaine Addiction
Juliette Pozzuoli, Pine Crest School

This study takes a pharmacological approach to the objective of separating rewarding behavior from cocaine, thus breaking the addiction cycle.

Student Research Showcase logoAnalysis of the Early Development of Shoulder Instability in Adolescent Swimmers
Jamie Flores, Pine Crest School

This research serves to investigate if signs and symptoms of shoulder instability and pain are prevalent among high-school aged elite swimmers (ages 14 to 18).