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Mr. George Zografi

Current Chapter: University of Wisconsin
Electing Chapter: University of Wisconsin

Konstantinos G. Zografos

Current Chapter: University of Connecticut
Electing Chapter: University of Connecticut

Panagiotis Zografos

Current Chapter: Charlotte
Electing Chapter: Charlotte

Panagiotis Zografos

Current Chapter: Membership At Large
Electing Chapter: ICI Americas

Mr. Shalhav Zohar

Current Chapter: Membership At Large
Electing Chapter: Polytechnic/SUNY Old Westbury

Mohamed A. Zohdy

Current Chapter: Oakland University
Electing Chapter: Oakland University

Dr. Etienne Zohim-Gnimpieba

Current Chapter: University of South Dakota
Electing Chapter: University of South Dakota

Mr. Mark A. Zohns

Current Chapter: California Polytechnic State University
Electing Chapter: University of California-Davis

Ms. Ann M. Zoidis

Current Chapter: Smith College
Electing Chapter: Smith College

Alberico A. Zoino

Current Chapter: Fairleigh Dickinson University
Electing Chapter: Fairleigh Dickinson University

Ms. Eletheria Zois

Current Chapter: Manhattan College
Electing Chapter: Manhattan College

Dr. William J. Zois, M.D.

Current Chapter: Seton Hall University
Electing Chapter: Seton Hall University

Mr. Marcus A. Zokan

Current Chapter: Charleston
Electing Chapter: Charleston

Mr. Jeffrey Zola

Current Chapter: Rider University
Electing Chapter: Rider University

Mr. Patrick N. Zoladz

Current Chapter: Brown University
Electing Chapter: Brown University

Dr. Phillip R. Zoladz, Ph.D.

Current Chapter: Ohio Northern University
Electing Chapter: Ohio Northern University

Dr. Miriam E. Zolan

Current Chapter: Indiana University
Electing Chapter: Indiana University

Dr. Jerry W. Zolcik

Current Chapter: Newark
Electing Chapter: Newark

Ms. Marie C. Zolcinski-Couet

Current Chapter: Western Connecticut State University
Electing Chapter: Stanford University

Ms. Danica A. Zold

Current Chapter: Santa Clara University
Electing Chapter: Santa Clara University

Ms. Kimberly A. Zoldak

Current Chapter: University of Arkansas-Fayetteville
Electing Chapter: Membership At Large

Ms. Valeria Zoldi

Current Chapter: State University College at Plattsburgh
Electing Chapter: State University College at Plattsburgh

Amelia J. Zoler

Current Chapter: Yale University
Electing Chapter: Yale University

Mr. Ali M. Zolfaghari

Current Chapter: Vanderbilt University
Electing Chapter: Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Reza Zolfaghari

Current Chapter: Pennsylvania State University
Electing Chapter: Texas Tech University