Sigma Xi Members in the 2017 Cohort of AAAS Fellows

January 23, 2018

The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) Council elected the following Sigma Xi members among its 2017 Fellows to recognize their contributions to innovation, education, and scientific leadership. The new Fellows will be recognized on February 17 during the 2018 AAAS Annual Meeting in Austin, Texas. Congratulations! 

Section on Agriculture, Food, and Renewable Resources

Sylvie M. Brouder, Purdue University
Changhui Peng, University of Quebec at Montreal (Canada)
Thomas Edward Spencer, University of Missouri, Columbia

Section on Anthropology

Marilyn A. Norconk, Kent State University
Michael E. Smith, Arizona State University

Section on Astronomy

Amy J. Barger, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Karen S. Bjorkman, University of Toledo
Steven Robert Federman, University of Toledo
Wilton Turner Sanders III, NASA (retired)

Section on Atmospheric and Hydrospheric Sciences

Christopher J. Poulsen, University of Michigan

Section on Biological Sciences

Craig W. Benkman, University of Wyoming
David A. Bernlohr, University of Minnesota
Adriana Darielle Mejía Briscoe, University of California, Irvine
Carla Eva Cáceres, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
James J. Champoux, University of Washington
Sudhansu K. Dey, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center/University of Cincinnati
Andréa Geneviève Grottoli, The Ohio State University
Ashley T. Haase, University of Minnesota Medical School
Sally D. Hacker, Oregon State University
Iqbal Hamza, University of Maryland
Geoffrey E. Hill, Auburn University
Martha S. Hunter, University of Arizona
Robert B. Jackson, Stanford University
John L. Koprowski, University of Arizona
Ian Gregory Macara, Vanderbilt University
Lynn Bloxom "Marty" Martin II, University of South Florida
Randolph Martin Nesse, Arizona State University
Robert B. Petersen, Central Michigan University College of Medicine
Amanda D. Rodewald, Cornell University
Jason R. Rohr, University of South Florida
Ellen V. Rothenberg, California Institute of Technology
Thomas Dyer Seeley, Cornell University
Stephen M. Shuster, Northern Arizona University
Richard B. Simerly, Vanderbilt University School of Medicine  
Jay F. Storz, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Sharon M. Swartz, Brown University
Kathleen Kay Treseder, University of California, Irvine
Lisette P. Waits, University of Idaho
Mark T. Wallace, Vanderbilt University
Susan S. Wallace, University of Vermont
Joshua S. Weitz, Georgia Institute of Technology  
Wei Yan, University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine

Section on Chemistry

Igor V. Alabugin, Florida State University
Marvin H. Caruthers, University of Colorado, Boulder
Ronald C. Cohen, University of California, Berkeley
Sean M. Decatur, Kenyon College
Peter K. Dorhout, Kansas State University
Michael L. Gross, Washington University in St. Louis
Jeffrey B. Johnson, Hope College
Gerald F. Joyce, The Salk Institute for Biological Studies/Genomics Institute of the Novartis Research Foundation
Susan M. Lunte, University of Kansas
Anne J. McNeil, University of Michigan
Kristopher McNeill, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (Switzerland)
Qing-Xiang Amy Sang, Florida State University
Laura Smilowitz, Los Alamos National Laboratory
William Tumas, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Marcey L. Waters, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Winnie Kwai-Wah Wong-Ng, National Institute of Standards and Technology

Section on Education

David J. Asai, Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Roger H. Bruning, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Lawrence K. Duffy, University of Alaska, Fairbanks
Kristin P. Jenkins, BioQUEST Curriculum Consortium
Jennifer E. Lewis, University of South Florida

Section on Engineering

Steven James Battel, Battel Engineering
Rory Alan Cooper, University of Pittsburgh/U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
Steven M. Cramer, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Joseph J. Helble, Dartmouth College
Joyce Y. Wong, Boston University

Section on General Interest in Science and Engineering

Rosalind Reid, Council for the Advancement of Science Writing

Section on Geology and Geography

Dominique M. Bachelet, Oregon State University
Kari M. Cooper, University of California, Davis
Charles Thurston Driscoll, Jr., Syracuse University
Francisca E. Oboh-Ikuenobe, Missouri University of Science and Technology
John B. Rundle, University of California, Davis/Santa Fe Institute/Jet Propulsion Laboratory/Tohoku University (Japan)
Roger D. K. Thomas, Franklin and Marshall College

Section on History and Philosophy of Science

Ron Amundson, University of Hawaii at Hilo
David Benjamin Resnik, National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences/National Institutes of Health (NIH)
Janet D. Stemwedel, San Jose State University

Section on Information, Computing, and Communication

Andrew P. Bernat, Computing Research Association
H.V. Jagadish, University of Michigan
M. Tamer Özsu, University of Waterloo (Canada)
Paul S. Rosenbloom, University of Southern California
Peter J. Weinberger, Google, Inc.

Section on Medical Sciences

Kurt H. Albertine, University of Utah
Blossom Andrea Damania, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Paula Grammas, University of Rhode Island
Otoniel Martínez-Maza, University of California, Los Angeles
Griffin Platt Rodgers, National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases/NIH
Jayant P. Shenai, Monroe Carell Jr. Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt University
David Kendal Stevenson, Stanford University

Section on Neuroscience

Joshua A. Gordon, National Institute of Mental Health/NIH
Michael N. Lehman, University of Mississippi Medical Center
Richard J. Miller, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine
Vladimir Parpura, University of Alabama at Birmingham
Daniel Tranel, University of Iowa

Section on Pharmaceutical Sciences

William H. Gerwick, Scripps Institution of Oceanography/University of California, San Diego
Patrick M. Woster, Medical University of South Carolina

Section on Physics

Todd Adams, Florida State University  
Umesh Garg, University of Notre Dame
Michael P. Hickey, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
Marc Kamionkowski, Johns Hopkins University
Efstratios Manousakis, Florida State University  
Warren E. Pickett, University of California, Davis
Terry L. Schalk, University of California, Santa Cruz
Bobby G. Sumpter, Oak Ridge National Laboratory  

Section on Psychology

Kimberly Andrews Espy, University of Arizona
Darlene V. Howard, Georgetown University
Diane M. Mackie, University of California, Santa Barbara
Lynn Twarog Singer, Case Western Reserve University
Michael J. Tarr, Carnegie Mellon University

Section on Societal Impacts of Science and Engineering

Roger Christianson, Southern Oregon University
Russell Moy, Southeastern Universities Research Association

Section on Statistics

Nicholas Jon Horton, Amherst College
Eric D. Kolaczyk, Boston University


More About Sigma Xi: Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Honor Society is the world’s largest multidisciplinary honor society for scientists and engineers. Its mission is to enhance the health of the research enterprise, foster integrity in science and engineering, and promote the public understanding of science for the purpose of improving the human condition. Sigma Xi chapters can be found at colleges and universities, government laboratories, and industry research centers around the world. More than 200 Nobel Prize winners have been members. The Society is based in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. On Twitter: @SigmaXiSociety