Sigma Xi Awards Research Grants to Students in Fall 2018 Cycle

January 08, 2019

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The Sigma Xi Grants-in-Aid of Research (GIAR) program has been funding research by undergraduate and graduate students since 1922. Ninety-seven students who applied by the October 1, 2018, deadline learned last week that their proposals were accepted. Collectively, the students received $87,696. The Committee on Grants-in-Aid of Research, chaired by Peter J. Harries of North Carolina State University, selected 17 undergraduate students, 24 master’s students, and 56 doctoral candidates to receive grants. The awardees are from six countries.

The list of recipients is available. 

Students may apply for funding from the program twice each year at The next application deadline is March 15. The grants are made possible by designated funds from the National Academy of Sciences and from donations. Twelve percent of the 810 grant applications received in the fall 2018 cycle were funded and the average grant was worth $904. More grants could be awarded in future cycles if more donations are received. 

To donate to GIAR, go to

Sigma Xi thanks the following people who reviewed grant applications in the fall 2018 cycle. 

Peter Harries (Chair), North Carolina State University*
Asem Abdulahad, Xavier University of Louisiana
Joseph Akkara, National Science Foundation (Retired)
Advait Apte, Virginia Retirement System (VRS)
Sudharshana Apte, Altria Client Services*
Heather Arnett, University of Charleston
Stephanie Bingham, Barry University*
Mayur Choudhary, Duke University
Drew Coleman, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill*
Shawn Ellerbroek, Wartburg College*
Eman Ghanem, Sigma Xi
Catherine Jahncke, St. Lawrence University
Michael Just, North Carolina State University
Michael Lares, University of Mary
Stephen McMann, Williams Baptist College
Cecil McManus, PROBE Consulting Company*
John Millhauser, North Carolina State University
Timothy Ng, University of Maryland, College Park
Ann Paterson, Williams Baptist College
Padmanabhan Pattabiraman, Case Western Reserve University
Emma Perry, Unity College*
Megan Perry, East Carolina University
Patrice Ludwig, James Madison University
Joanne Tillotson, State University of New York at Purchase (Retired)*
Mary Wyer, North Carolina State University
Ann Yerzerski, King’s College*
Peter Zani, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point

*These reviewers are members of Sigma Xi's Committee on Grants-in-Aid of Research.

Updated on 1/14/2019.



A word cloud comprised of some of the student projects that Sigma Xi's Grants-in-Aid of Research program will fund in its spring 2018 cycle. Word cloud courtesy of

A word cloud comprised of some of the student projects that Sigma Xi's Grants-in-Aid of Research program will fund in its spring 2018 cycle. Word cloud courtesy of

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