Sigma Xi Speaks: Eclipse Party Planner

by Jamie Vernon | Aug 16, 2017

Jamie Vernon

Every so often, a science event comes along that captures the fascination of the public, giving us an opportunity to talk with people about research and why it matters to them.

The next occasion is August 21: the Great American Eclipse. It’s not too late to plan a watch party with your friends, family, or Sigma Xi chapter, or to offer to help with a local event that is already being planned. If you’re not in the path of the total solar eclipse, that’s OK. You might not have to travel because many areas of the country, as well as parts of Central and South America, will see a partial eclipse.

Partial or not, the following ideas will help make your eclipse party a total success.

Eclipse Party Planner

  1. Use this tool to find out what the eclipse will look like in your area.

  2. Keep everyone’s eyes safe by ordering certified eclipse glasses, use NASA’s printable pinhole projectors, or see if your library is giving away free eclipse glasses.

  3. Share copies of Sigma Xi’s Eclipse Viewing Guide.

  4. Brush up on your solar eclipse knowledge.

  5. Get involved with NASA’s citizen science project.

  6. Discuss the partial lunar eclipse that was visible in Asia, Europe, Australia, East Africa, and Antarctica last week.

  7. Prepare eclipse cookies, fruit rockets, or moon pies.

  8. Once you see one, you will want to see more so make a list of future solar eclipses in North America.

  9. Take pictures and tweet them to @SigmaXiSociety or email them to so we can share them.

May your eclipse experience be awe-inspiring.


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Jamie L. Vernon, PhD
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Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Honor Society
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