Strengthening the Voice of Membership

by Jason Papagan | Jul 21, 2022

The following is a guest blog post from Robert Boily, reflecting on his experience serving on and leading the Committee on Nominations as a representative of the Canadian/International Constituency Group.


I was elected to the Committee on Nominations to serve as the representative of the Canadian/International Constituency Group. After serving my first year, I was chosen to serve as deputy chair, and in my last year I was designated the chairman of the committee. Serving alongside 16 individuals, including past presidents of the Society and elected representatives from each of the constituencies and regions, I worked to identify qualified and accomplished candidates for the presidency of the Society. 

The progression of my term provided valuable learning opportunities to understand the intricate workings of a committee, parliamentary processes, and most importantly, to learn more about the Society’s strategic plan and how important it is to select a slate of distinct presidential candidates whose visions align with and integrate the immutable mission and values of Sigma Xi. 

Serving on the committee was a great experience for me, on both personal and professional perspectives. It was an opportunity to share time with distinguished colleagues from different scientific backgrounds, to discover new talents for the most senior leadership position, and even to be creative by suggesting new ways to improve the evaluation process. I encourage Sigma Xi members to volunteer for this or any other committee. You will certainly benefit from being part of the action. 

Helping to guide the future of the Society helps to strengthen the voice of its membership. Won’t you engage in the process today? 

You can view our Strategic Plan and Annual Report to learn more about what your Society is doing. Visit to view a list of open positions. Nominations for leadership positions should be sent to

Robert Boily

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