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The following individuals have been honored by donors to the Sigma Xi Center. Some names are linked to brief tributes provided by the donor. Sigma Xi makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of its records. In the event of errors, omissions or other questions, or for information on including a tribute to an honoree, please contact development@sigmaxi.org.

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Dr. Jules Aarons honored by Santimay and Sunanda Basu
Ernst C. Abbe honored by Richard L. Meyer
George Abraham honored by Gordon Wood Anderson
Albert J. Ahumada Jr. honored by Ms. Lauren F.V. Scharff
Dr. Libero Ajello honored by Charles M. and Shirley F. Weiss
Prof. Syun Akasofu honored by Mr. Lee Snyder, Jr.
Gottleb Anderegg honored by Mr. J. X. Saladin
Edgar Anderson honored by Dr. Donald N. Duvick
Frank A. Anderson Teacher and Mentor honored by John W. Prados
Philip Brownell Armstrong, M.D. honored by Douglas Radford Shanklin, M.D., FRSM
Murray A. Ashworth, MD, B. Sc. Med., Ph.D. honored by
     Joan Michels Ashworth-Glenn
Prof. John G. Aston honored by Dr. Quayton Stottlemyer
David Atlas honored by Mr. Richard E. Carbone

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Dr. V. S. Babasinian honored by Mr. John B. Fishel
Professor Stanley S. Ballard honored by James F. Baur
Ana Barahona Echeverría honored by Francisco J. Ayala
Dr. Samuel Barker honored by Dorothea Klip
Lester Barth & Elmer Butler honored by Dr. Lauens Ruben
Paul D. Bartlett honored by Dr. Edward Arnett
Dr. Jesse Beams honored by Mr. Tom Strider
Dr. K. O. Beatty, Jr. honored by Dr. Eugene S. Hertel
James V. Beck honored by Mr. Carl L. Strodtman
Robert B. Beckmann honored by George C. Smith
A. Earl Bell honored by Dr. Andrew Dewees
Alice Lucile Berryman honored by James G. Berryman
William E. Bickley honored by Mr. Stanley R. Joseph
W. Frank Blair honored by Dr. Aaron O. Wasserman
Charles H. Blake honored by John W. Blake
Dr. A. Rich & Dr. R. Blanchard honored by Mr. Henry Van T. Cotter
Prof. Chester I. Bliss honored by Mr. Christopher W. Yeatman
Omer Blodget honored by Ms. Marie A. Quintana
George A. Blondin honored by John and Pam Blondin
Llewellyn M. K. Boelter honored by Mr. John H. MacNeill
Marion Waterman Boesel honored by Dr. Harley P. Brown
William A. Bonner honored by Mr. Robert A. Grimm
Rose & Raymond Bordogna honored by Joseph Bordogna
Weston A. Bousfield honored by Thaddeus Cowan
Henry D. Bowen honored by Mr. Thomas H. Garner
Norma Allen Bowen honored by Kevin W. Bowen
Arthur Bower honored by Mr. Terry F. Bower
Charles K. Bradsher honored by Mr. David Wayne Boykin
Gerald E. K. Branch honored by Dr. Harold Walba
R. A. Brink honored by Mr. Douglas F. Brown
Sanborn C. Brown honored by Dr. Charles Buntschuh
William D. Burbanck and Madeline P. Burbanck
     honored by Grateful Former Students
William D. and Madeline P. Burbanck honored by Sam Mozley
William D. and Madeline P. Burbanck honored by Donald M. Spoon
John Burkus honored by Kenneth Burkus
Dr. John Burmeister honored by Dr. Carolyn C. Kent
Grover Burnett, State College Washington Sigma Xi May 1932 honored by
     John Burnett Cox Sigma Xi University of Colorado May 1952
Prof. J.F. Bunnett, U. of Cal. at Santa Cruz honored by Dr. Barton Milligan
Prof. James Burnett honored by Dr. Grant Haist
Prof./Dr. James R. Burnett honored by Prof./Dr. Jean B. Burnett
Dr. Hal P. Bybee honored by Dr. Hal H. Bybee, Jr.
Samuel S. Byers honored by Dr. Virginia Byers Kraus

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Paul Roberts Cannon, M.D., Ph.D. honored by Robert W. Wissler
William D. Carey honored by Lawrence M. Kushner
Patricia Carpenter honored by Mr. Jeff Sokolov
Melbourne R. Carriker honored by John W. Blake
Gordon B. Carson honored by The Carson Family
Olga Cascade honored by Mr. Donald W. Davidson
Jack Cermack honored by Mr. Rex W. Sjostrom
Richard K. Chang and John B. Fenn honored by El-Hang Lee
Prof. A. Duncan Chiquoine honored by Dr. Sue Ann Miller
C. Larry Chrisman honored by Michael L. Garriott
Vincent W. Cochran Ph.D. honored by Elvira L. Paz, P.D.
Stirling Colgate honored by Dr. Stephen W. Bruenn
Margaret S. Collins and H. Hamilton Williams honored by Geraldine W. Twitty
Prof. Samuel C. Collins honored by Jack W. Rizika
ChE Faculty Columbia U1940 honored by Edmund W. White
Gerald Combs honored by Mr. Richard A. Ahrens
Thomas J. Connolly honored by James S. Finucane, Ph.D.
Prof. Jerome J. Connor and Prof. Robert V. Whitman
     honored by Mr. Douglas H. Merkle
Maria Louisa Buse Crawford honored by Martha S. Price
Al Cronk honored by Stan H. Lowy

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Lawrence S. Darken honored by Margaret F. Darken
H. W. Davis honored by Donald G. Kubler
Marlene de la Cruz honored by Francisco J. Ayala
Luisa Marrero de Ornez honored by Thomas R. Marrero
Prof Wayne Deegan honored by Newton N. Sacks
Louis L. DeGoes honored by Mr. James T. Neal
Max Delbrück honored by George Bowen
G. H. Dieke honored by John L. Prather
Larry Dillon honored by Dr. W. R. (Bill) Klemm
Barnett F. Dodge honored by Peh Sun Ku
Dr. Eugene and Cindy Domack honored by Diana Duran
Bruce Randall Donald honored by Mr. Alik Widge
John J. Doonan honored by Dr. Barbara B. Doonan
Dr. H. Wyman Dorough honored by Dr. Michael J. Graziano
Dr. Harry G. Drickamer honored by Klaus D. Timmerhaus
Dr. Hans Christian Duus honored by Valdis A. Augstkalns
Judith T. Dwyer honored by Ms. Carrie M. Brown
Karl S. Van Dyke honored by Mr. Paul I. Kingsbury

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Prof. Vernet E. Eaton honored by Dr. Robert J. Schwensfeir
George C. Eickwort honored by Kenna MacKenzie
Thomas Eisner and Henry A. Imshaug honored by Mr. Irwin M. Brodo
Sanford Elberg honored by Doris J. Ralston
James E. Ellis honored by Dr. Edward O. Keith
Franz Engelmann UC Los Angeles honored by Grace Don-Wheeler
Abraham Epstein honored by Sidney Epstein
William Espy honored by Tom A. Coultas
David H. Evans honored by Geraldene Felton
Dr. Francis Cope Evans honored by Dr. Raymond H. Brand

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George Farrell honored by Mr. Arthur F. Anderson
Nelson Fausto, M.D. honored by Nancy L. Thompson, Ph.D.
Susan E. Feinman honored by Mr. Joseph Gainer
John B. Fenn and Richard K. Chang honored by El-Hang Lee
Evan R. Ferguson honored by Sigma Xi Board of Directors
The Late Salvador Ferigle, My Thesis Advisor honored by Prof. Axel Meyer
Dr. Sal Ferigle honored by Mr. Folden B. Stumpf
Gregory B. Fishel honored by John B. Fishel
Woodie Flowers honored by Richard Tello
Wesley Foell honored by Mr. William A. Buehring
Dr. Frederick J. Francis honored by Dr. Miguel A. Jimenez
David G. Frey honored by Mr. Clay M. Chandler
Sigridur B. Freymodsson honored by Bragi Freymodsson
Ruth and Louis Fried honored by Sharon Fried Buchalter, Ph.D.
Arthur L. Friedberg honored by Mr. Richard M. Spriggs
Raymond M. Fuoss Yale University honored by James J. Zwolenik
Dr. Reynold C. Fuson honored by K. Darrell Berlin

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Roy Henry Garstang honored by University of Colorado Chapter
Henry M. Gelfand, M.D. honored by Dr. Theodore C. Doege
Dr. Thomas D. Getman honored by Ms. Rebecca N. Brockman
Lawrence J. Giacoletto Ph.D. PhD honored by Carol Giacoletto
Grove Karl Gilbert honored by Capt. Burr Loomis
Nicholas Gillham honored by Dr. Nancy J. Alexander
W. Franklin Gilmore honored by Patrick D. Sculley
Donald D. Glower honored by Mr. Billy W. Friar
Lori S. Goldner honored by Dr. Jason E. Sanabia
Dr. Eugene Goldschmidt honored by Dr. Millicent Goldschmidt
Albert S. Gordon honored by Mr. Paul T. Medici
Prof. Robert E. Gordon honored by Prof. Philip B. Carter
Dr. Walter Gordy honored by Ichiro Miyagawa
Dr. Stephen R. Grant honored by Mrs. Rebecca Ann Deaton
Robert G. Grenell honored by Eleanore M. Jantz
Prof. Ralph E. Grim honored by Dr. Paul A. Witherspoon
Sue Ellen Gruber honored by Ms. Suzanne Hasselback
Dr. S. C. Gupta honored by Mr. Jack E. Shemer

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J. R. Haag honored by Dr. J. E. Oldfield
Ernst Hadorn honored by Mr. Walter J. Gehring
Armin F. Haerer, M.D. honored by Ancel C. Tipton, M.D.
David Haines honored by Carolyn Fleming-Frucl
William J. Hall honored by an Anonymous Donor
Dr. George Haltner honored by Edgar M. Chase
Richard F. Hamaker honored by Phyllis M. Fuller
Alma Robinson Hamer honored by Walter Jay Hamer
Dr. Byung C. Han honored by Dr. John J. Han
Joseph H. Hamilton, Ph.D. honored by Dr. Alice K. Hankla, Ph.D.
Dr. W. E. (Butch) Hanford honored by Mona and Bill Hanford
Dr. Sally J. Haralson honored by Dr. John V. Haralson
Prof. Robert B. Hargraves honored by Charles A. Lawson
Donald R. F. Harleman honored by an Anonymous Donor
Fanchon Hart honored by Hugo Freudenthal
Prof. Douglas R. Hartree honored by Roy H. Garstang
George Hawkins honored by Richard C. Potter
Dr. Gary R. Heckman honored by Robert L. Grossman
L.V. Heilbrunn honored by Mr. John C. George
Donald Munro Henderson honored by Dr. Wilford F. Weeks
George E. Hendricks honored by Willa H. Drummond
Victor F. Hess (1936-Nobel) honored by Dr. Henry A. Miranda
Dr. April Hill honored by Ms. Aimee V. Wagner
Catherine E. Hill honored by Dr. Joseph C. Hill
Einar Hille honored by Dr. Austin R. Brown, Jr.
Steve Hinkle honored by Dr. Lee Fox-Cardamone
Marcus E. Hobbs honored by Dr. William F. Little
Harry Hochstadt honored by Dr. L. Franklin Kemp
Professor Nicholas J. Hoff honored by Bernard Ross
James I. Hoffman honored by Lawrence M. Kushner
Leslie B. Hohman M.D. honored by William P. Wilson, M.D.
Thomas Holme honored by Herbert Longenecker
Homer T. and Lillian Alexander Hopkins, Sr. honored by
     Homer Thawley Hopkins, Jr.
Rollin D. Hotchkiss honored by Dr. Magda Gabor-Hotchkiss
Dr. Donald Hudson honored by Dr. Thomas K. Caughey
Robert Hulbary honored by Dr. Robert M. Miller
Prof. Tin-Kan Hung honored by George Bugliarello
Seymour Hutner honored by Mr. Sheldon Aaronson

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Theodore H. Ingalls honored by Mr. Frank L. Babbott, Jr.
Thomas F. Irvine, Jr. honored by Warren E. Ibele
Mika Izutsu honored by Amy Izutsu

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C. Ian Jackson honored by Jack Sommer
Charles Y. Johnson honored by Philemon W. Johnson
Professor Hans Jonassen honored by Prof. John L. Deutsch
Mary Ellen Jones honored by Dr. Elmer E. Jones

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My Father, Professor Frank Karioris honored by Dr. Katherine Schrubbe
Joseph L. Katz honored by Johns Hopkins University, Department of Chemistry & Biomolecular Engineering
Joseph L. Katz honored by Marc. D. Donohue
Joseph L. Katz honored by David H. Gracias
Joseph L. Katz honored by Jeffrey J. Gray
Joseph L. Katz honored by Michael Karweit
Joseph L. Katz honored by Haley R. Kermis
Joseph L. Katz honored by Konstantinos Konstanopoulos
Joseph L. Katz honored by Marc Ostermeier
Joseph L. Katz honored by Kathleen J. Stebe
Joseph L. Katz honored by Jon Van Winkle
Louis F. Kazda honored by Mr. Thomas W. Bailey
Dr. William H. Keeble honored by Dr. Bruce V. English
Dr. Edward H. Kemp honored by Dr. Willard R. Thurlow
Shri Prag Raj Khanna (A.I.R.) honored by Kailash S. Purohit
Morris S. Kharasch honored by Robert S. Shane
Dr. Raymond Eller Kirk honored by Dr. Albert Bartovics
Cebre Knep honored by Dr. John G. Humphrey
Professor Leon Knopoff honored by Dr. Joseph F. Hook
Donald A. Koss honored by Kwai S. Chan
Simon Kramer, M.D. honored by Paul A. Demare, M.D., FACR
John D. Kraus honored by J. Claude Williamson
Morris Krauss honored by Prof. William A. Lester
Dr. Joseph Kurek honored by Katherine Wiegand
Lawrence M. Kushner honored by Jill and Robb Kushner
Lawrence M. Kushner honored by Patrick D. Sculley

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William Noble Lacey honored by Frederic T. Selleck
Laszlo G. Lajtha, CBE Advocatus Diaboli honored by Christopher S. Lange
Shri S. Lakshman (P.T.I.) honored by Kailash S. Purohit
Paul C. Lauterbur honored by David M. Kramer
Donald B. Lawrence honored by John F. Pelton
Dr. Arden O. Lea honored by Dr. Hans Briegel
Sam Legvold Iowa State honored by Larry R. Sill
Dr. Harold R. Leland honored by Loraine, Rob and Jane Leland
Professor Fritz V. Lenel, R.P.I. honored by Neal Barton
Dr. Fritz V. Lenel honored by Dr. Richard L. Reddy
Irwin Howard Lepow, Ph.D., M.D. (1923-1984) honored by
     Martha L. Lepow, M.D.
Simon A. Levin honored by Mr. Roland E. Villacorta
Warren K. Lewis honored by Dr. John J. Phillips, Jr.
Dr. Herman C. Lichstein honored by Dr. William J. Begue
Averill A Liebow M.D. honored by William Harrison, M.D.
James N. Liles honored by Mr. William L Tietjen
Dr. John G. Linvill honored by Gregory A. Fowler
Prof. Frank J. Lockhart honored by Phyllis & Frederick Selleck
Harry Lustig honored by Virginia Trimble
Sidney and Mildred Lutsky honored by Neil Lutsky
Raymond P. Lutz honored by Patrick D. Sculley
Nancy C. Lutz honored by Raymond Lutz
Dr. Robert E. Lyle honored by Dr. Courtland Spicer

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Bonnie H. Manchester honored by Kenneth E. Manchester
Dr. Nathan Marcuvitz honored by Mr. C. B. Young, Jr.
Robert Mark honored by Georgette Sinkler
Betty Marshall honored by Dr. John H. Marshall, Jr.
Robert W. Marshall honored by Dr. John B. Lambert
M.J. Martin, M.D. honored by Mark T. Martin, Ph.D.
Carl S. Marvel honored by Dr. Geroge E. Inskeep
C. W. Mason honored by F. B. Rosevear
Dr. Maury Massler honored by Mr. Zack Kasloff
Prof. Egon Mativejic' honored by Dr. Alan Bleier
Robert McDonald honored by Roberta Nichols
Kathy McLane honored by Dr. X. Jay Gao
Henry Meadows honored by Mr. Jonathan J. Kaufman
Herman P. (Fritz) Meissner honored by Dr. Edward F. Thode
Robert C. Merz honored by Dr. Raymond F. Rodrigue
Richard L. Meyer honored by Patrick D. Sculley
Roland K. Meyer honored by Dr. Charles E. McCormack
Clark B. Millihan honored by Hans W. Liepmann
Kurt Mislow honored by Dr. Milton s. Heffler
Paul Amos Moody honored by Mr. Melton M. Miller
M. Patricia Morse honored by David and Shannon Campbell
Charles F. Mosier, Jr. honored by Dr. Kristine Mosier
Hazel E. Munsell honored by Dr. Louise Guild

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Dr. Frederick C. Nachod honored by Dr. Phyllis B. Michelsen
Paul M. Naghdi honored by Ronald P. Nordgren
Aubrey W. Naylor Ph.D. honored by Joseph B. Harris, Ph.D.
Professor H. H. Newell WPI honored by Peter B. Myers
Dr. Alex Nickon honored by Dr. Joseph B. DiGiorgio
Julius E. Nordby honored by Dr. Gordon L. Nordby
Arthur S. Nowick honored by Anonymous Donor
Ronald R. Novales honored by Dr. Margaret H. Peaslee

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Dr. Alton Ochsner honored by Michael E. Debakey, M.D.
Dr. Boyd L. O'Dell, U. of Missouri-Columbia honored by Donald Oberleas
David Olson honored by Mr. Frank E. Gibbs
Robert V. O'Neill honored by Stanley I. Auerbach
Marion Ownbey honored by Dr. Gilbert D. McCollum

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Robert M. Panoff honored by The Shodor Education Foundation, Inc.
Jae Y. Park Ph.D. honored by Geraldine Grube, Ph.D.
Orlando Park honored by Stanley I. Auerbach
in honor of Dr. Thomas W. Parsons
James Pastoriza honored by Nicholas Dewolf
Dr. Mary L. Petermann honored by Mary G. Hamilton
Dr. Norman C. Peterson honored by Dr. Michael G. Munson
Francis Pettijohn honored by Mr. Robert Ginsburg
Prof. Irving J. Pflug, Ph.D. honored by Kailash S. Purohit
Pioneers of Nuclear Energy honored by Walston Chubb
Dr. E.R. Piore honored by Dr. Jane Piore Gilman and Dr. Sarah Emily Gilman
Stanley Plagenhoef honored by Dr. Terry Lawton
Richard Potter honored by Mr. Roy Yeaman
Dr. Jeanne A. Powell honored by Ms. Aislinn J. Williams
John W. Prados honored by Patrick D. Sculley
Vladimir Prelog honored by Ernest L. Eliel
Glen & Alice Priddy honored by Dr. William L. Priddy
Olen and Katharine Pugh honored by Phyllis C. Pugh
Shri Sajjanlal Kishanlal Purohit honored by Kailash S. Purohit
Clifford Purves honored by Dr. Norman S. Thompson

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Arthur R Quinton, Ph.D. honored by Dr. John A. Traylor, M.D., M.S.

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Henry Rapoport honored by Ronald M. Baldwin
Joanne M. Ravel honored by Dr. Norman E. Prather
Woodrow Wilson Reaves honored by Valdis A. Augstkalns
Rowland W. Redington honored by Mr. Thomas H. Foster
Myril B. Reed honored by David P. Brown
Linda E. Reichl honored by Mr. Daniel T. Robb
Robert O. Reid honored by Worth Nowlin
Harry Louis Reinhart honored by Anne Reinhart Leslie
Frederick W. Reynolds honored by William K. Hart
Dr. Melvin S. Rheins honored by Dr. and Mrs. Jerry M. Mann
Joseph Banks Rhine and Louisa E. Rhine honored by Elizabeth A. McMahan
John Rhodes honored by Adrianne Gustafson
Miguel Ripoll honored by Glorimar Ripoll
Professor Nathan W. Riser honored by M. Patricia Morse
Daniel Ritchie honored by Anonymous Donor
Edward J. Rivoira honored by Dr. William L. Wachs, P.E.
Abraham Robinson honored by Dr. D. Randolph Johnson, Jr.
Dr. Oscar Rodig honored by Dr. Robert K. Schlatzer
Vladimir Rojansky honored by Dr. Frank Stern
Prof. Yale K. Root, NYU Physics honored by Mr. Arthur L. Lind
William C. Rose honored by Dr. Robert L. Wixom
Frank Rothman honored by Dr. David Denekas
Dr. Nicholas Rott honored by Dr. Joseph T. Corso
Floyd L. Ruch honored by Peter A. Holman
Charles W. Rutschky honored by Stanley R. Joseph

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Dr. Joseph Sam honored by Ron Borne and Frank Gilmore
Allan R. Sanford honored by Mr. John Knapp
Dr. Louis Sattler honored by Dr. Sidney Beinfest
Dr. Walter J. Saucier honored by Dr. Joseph L. Goldman
A. M. Schectman honored by Dr. Werner G. Heim
The Schlinger Family honored by Evert I. Schlinger
George L. Schmalbeck honored by Linda and Richard Schmalbeck
Verne N. Schumaker honored by Dr. H. Brian Halsall
Dr. George K. Schweitzer honored by Col. Elwood A. Lloyd
Dr. Patrick D. Sculley honored by Robert D. Teer, Jr.
Patrick D. Sculley honored by Sigma Xi Board of Directors
Peggy A. Sculley honored by Patrick D. Sculley
Anthony C. Shabica honored by Dr. Stephen Vale Cofer-Shabica
Harlow Shapley SX President 1943-1947
     honored by Alan and Kay Shapley
Harlow Shapley 1885-1972 honored by Dr. Dorrit Hoffleit
Victor E. Shelford honored by Stanley I. Auerbach
Dr. James Sherman honored by Dr. Maurice L. Guss
Charles E. Siewert honored by Mr. James S. Phelps III
Professor Edward Silberman honored by George Bugliarello
Prof. B.P.N. Singh (U.P.A.U.) honored by Kailash S. Purohit
Ronald J. Sladek honored by Mr. Claudio Guerra-Vela
Dr. Arthur H. Smith, University of California - Davis honored by
     Dr. Emerson L. Besch
Professor Janet L. Smith honored by Dr. Sangita C. Sinha
Wilbur Smith, M.D. honored by Jasper Daube, M.D.
Dr. Fred M. Snell honored by Robert & Stella Spangler
Dr. Alkis J. Sophianopoulos honored by Judy Sophianopoulos
Harvey Sorum honored by Dr. Paul K. Glasoe
Dommina E. Spencer honored by Mr. Yorick G. Hurd
Martin Schwarzschild and Lyman Spitzer honored by John E. Gaustad
Dr. Robert Starkey honored by Dr. Ida A. Leone
Dr. Brenda Stearns honored by Linda Meadows
Dr. James T. Stewart honored by Dr. William J. Bachman
Prof. Dr. Gerhard Stöcklin honored by Dr. Stephen Moerlein
Dr. M. D. Stone honored by Dr. Philip M. Stone
Roger Paul Strang honored by Claire Strang Hughes
Lorenz G. Straub honored by Mr. Edward Silberman
Karl Strauch honored by Mr. James Niederer
Prof. Charles R. Stumbo, Ph.D. honored by Kailash S. Purohit
Howard C. Stutz honored by L. K. Thomas, Jr.
Dr. Shung H. Sung honored by Dr. Donald J. Nefske

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Dr. C. B. Tanner honored by Dr. Ken King
Martin F. Tansy, Ph.D. honored by Wendell E. Landin, Ph.D.
Jordan Tatter honored by Dorothy Tatter, M.D.
Sir Hugh Scott Taylor honored by Lawrence M. Kushner
Arthur Waldorf Spittle Thomas honored by Arthur L. Thomas
Dr. Donald E. Thompson honored by Dr. Judith A. Monte
Dr. Tramontano honored by Ms. Jessica L. Papile
Lyne Starling Trimble honored by Virginia Trimble
Dr. Ruth Pierle Trosset honored by Dr. Carol Trosset

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Dr. George W. Uetz honored by Ms. Gail Stratton

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Prof. Robert Varney honored by Dr. Lawrence J. Gallaher
Jack A. Vernon honored by Mr. Peter Suedfeld
Carl S. Vestling honored by Dr. James Baptist
Robert K. Vickery, Sr. honored by Dr. Robert K. Vickery, Jr.

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Alfred Maurice Wakeman, M.D. honored by Charles B. Wakeman
Charles F. Walker honored by George B. Rabb
Alvin Walz honored by Dr. Edwin Kurtz
Dr. Charles E. Waring honored by Dr. Alfred J. Ouimet
Dr. William Watson honored by Dr. A. Duttaahmed
Joseph Weber honored by Virginia Trimble
Harold Weiss honored by Eric Jurrus
Dr. Harry Wells, Marine Biology honored by Mary Jane Wells
Harry Wilson Wells, Ph.D. honored by Mary Jane P. Wells, M.A.
D. G. "Deacon Dan" Wheeler honored by Valdis A. Augstkalns
George H. Whipple, M.D. honored by Mr. Roger Terry, M.D.
Lawrence Whitcomb honored by Dr. Richard B. Palmer
James R. Whitman honored by Dorothy J. Whitman
Kenneth B. Wiberg honored by Dr. Robert Roy Kintner
Dr. Richard H. Wilhelm honored by Dr. Arthur L. Thomas
Dr. Samuel S. Wilks honored by Dr. Harold C. Mathisen
Stephen Riggs Williams honored by Dr. Harley P. Brown
Barry W. Wilson honored by Mr. Tom Linkhart
Dr. David J. Wilson honored by Dr. Ann N. and James H. Clarke
Armyne and Hemamali Wirasinha honored by Hemamali Anushka Wirasinha
Dr. Arthur R. Wolcott Michigan State Univ honored by Edward C. Varsa
Women in Science honored by Jaleh Daie
Dr. Scott E. Wood honored by Dr. Oscar Sandus
Dr. John C. Wriston honored by Dr. Robert L. Wolen

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James P. Yeager-Erie,PA honored by Mr. Albert C. Holler
Dr. Robert S. Young honored by Donald W. Foss

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Rainer Zangerl honored by Dr. Barbara J. Stahl
Frederick A. Zenz honored by Mr. Thomas F. McGowan

Sigma Xi makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of its records. In the event of errors, omissions or other questions, or for information on including a tribute to an honoree, please contact development@sigmaxi.org.


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