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List of Chapters by Constituency

  • Area Groups, Industries, State & Federal Laboratories Constituency Group
    William Koch , billkoch1@verizon.net
    Area Groups, Industries, State & Federal Laboratories Constituency Director
    National Institute of Standards and Technology

    HollyAnn Harris, harris@creighton.edu
    Area Groups, Industries, State & Federal Laboratories Constituency Associate Director

    Creighton University


  • Baccalaureate Colleges Constituency Group
    Terry D. Schwaner, tschwaner@mvcc.edu
    Baccalaureate Colleges Constituency Director
    Mohawk Valley Community College

    Joanne K. Tillotson, joanne.tillotson@purchase.edu
    Baccalaureate Colleges Constituency Associate Director
    State University of New York at Purchase


  • Canadian/International Constituency Group
    Robin Moore-Orr, rdmorr@rogers.com
    Canadian/International Constituency Director
    Memorial University of Newfoundland

    Canadian/International Constituency Associate Director


  • Comprehensive Colleges & Universities Constituency Group
    Julio Turrens, jturrens@usouthal.edu
    Comprehensive Colleges & Universities Constituency Director
    Pat Capps Covey College of Allied Health Professions

    Ileana Carpen, icarpen@tntech.edu
    Comprehensive Colleges & Universities Constituency Associate Director
    Tennessee Technological University


  • Membership-at-Large Constituency Group
    David D. Moran, dddmoran@aol.com
    Membership-at-Large Constituency Group
    Technology International Partnerships, LLC and West Virginia University


  • Research & Doctoral Universities Constituency Group
    Robert Zand, rzand@umich.edu
    Research & Doctoral Universities Constituency Director
    University of Michigan

    Uvetta Dozier, udozier@howard.edu
    Research & Doctoral Universities Constituency Associate Director
    Howard University


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