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Thomas F. Malone
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1988-89

Thomas F. Malone, Senior Advisor to Sigma Xi, served as 1988-89 Sigma Xi president. He is distinguished university scholar at North Carolina State University (NCSU) and former Foreign Secretary of the National Academy of Sciences. Malone was the first secretary general of the International Council of Scientific Union's Scientific Committee on Problems of the Environment. He has held academic appointments at MIT and the University of Connecticut, where he was dean of the Graduate School, and is now a distinguished university professor in marine, earth and atmospheric sciences at NCSU. Malone is a recipient of the Gold Medal of the World Meteorological Organization for his contributions to international scientific organizations. He is a fellow of the Academy of Arts and Sciences and a past president of the American Geophysical Union and the American Meteorological Society. In 1991, Malone was the recipient of the International St. Francis Prize for the Environment for his work as an "initiator of major international and interdisciplinary environment research programs." He is a frequent guest lecturer in university and college courses in environmental sciences and environmental studies, and a promoter of collaborative efforts among universities, industry and government.


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