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Food Safety and Security: Science and Policy
A Sigma Xi Symposium * November 11-13, 2010
Raleigh Convention Center * Raleigh, North Carolina

from Science in the News

Safer Salads (American Scientist)
Sloppy Seed-Sorting Main Culprit in GM Crop Escapes (SciDevNet)
Ignored Eggs Made Lots of People Sick (Minneapolis Star Tribune)
About 17% in U.S. Get Sick From Food Each Year (Washington Post)
GM Crops Seen as Key Part of "Evergreen Revolution" (Scientific American)
Judge Orders Engineered Beets Pulled From Ground (Seattle Times)
Africa 'Can Feed Itself in a Generation' (BBC)
Senate Passes Overhaul of Food Safety Regulations (New York Times)
U.N. Panel: Food Is Main Source of BPA Exposure (USAToday)
Rice Research Goes Global (Nature News)
Egg Recall: Here We Go Again, Full List to Stay Safe (CBS News)
FDA Confirms Celery Plant Was Listeria Source (San Antonio Express-News)
Food Inspection Is Often Flawed (Washington Post)
Disagreement on Antibiotic Use in Animals (Kansas City Star)
Earth Is Parched Where Syrian Farms Thrived (New York Times)
Food Safety System Filled with Gaps and Overlaps (CBS Evening News)
Salmon: Tipping the Scales Genetically (Boston Globe)
No Agreement Imminent on Salmon Labeling (Los Angeles Times)
Viewpoint: Food Figures Need a Pinch of Salt (BBC)
Egg Recall: DeCosters to Commit to Safety, Apologize (Des Moines Register)
Fears Over Modified Salmon Voiced (Washington Post)
FDA Rules Won't Require Salmon Labels (Washington Post)
Fermentation: A Wild Way to Make Food Come to Life (Washington Post)
U.S. Meat Farmers Brace for Limits on Antibiotics (New York Times)
Salmonella Was Often Found at Iowa Egg Farm (Washington Post)
Government Food Safety Scientists Report Interference (Los Angeles Times)
Genetically Modified Salmon Safe to Eat, FDA Report Says (Los Angeles Times)
AP Exclusive: Back to Work After Salmonella Case (Seattle Times)
The Peanut Solution (New York Times Magazine)
Ethicist Rethinks the Morals of Meat (News & Observer)
Mozambique Riots Spotlight World Food Price Spike (Kansas City Star)
Raw Milk's Appeal Grows Despite Health Risks (Scientific American)
Egg Industry Resorts to Blaming the Victim, Critics Say (USAToday)
Inspectors: Egg Farms in Recall Unsanitary (Washington Post)
FDA Finds Evidence of Salmonella in Chicken Feed (Los Angeles Times)
Egg Producers Consolidate; Problems Can Be Far-Reaching (Washington Post)
U.S. Rejected Hen Vaccine Despite Success in Britain (New York Times)
Only Half of FDA Scientists Had Confidence in Egg Safety (Los Angeles Times)
How to Avoid Egg-Borne Illness (Chicago Tribune)
Fishermen Greet Start of Gulf Shrimp Harvest With Suspicion (Washington Post)
Genetically Modified Crop on the Loose in U.S. Midwest (Scientific American)
Houses May Replace Europe's Largest Collection of Crops (BBC)
U.S. Regulators Lack Data on Health Risks of Most Chemicals (Washington Post)
Raw-Food Raid Highlights a Hunger (Los Angeles Times)
CDC: Fresh Salsa, Guacamole Linked to Foodborne Illnesses (USAToday)
Potato Farming Gives Organic Way a Boost (Seattle Times)
FDA Seeks Less Use of Antibiotics in Animals (Washington Post)
Genetically Altered Salmon Get Closer to the Table (New York Times)
Dispute Grows Over Pesticide for California Strawberries (New York Times)
Food Safety: Protecting the Nation's Food (ABC News)
Banned GM Maize Sown in Germany (BBC)
Virus Ravages Cassava Plants in Africa (New York Times)
In E. Coli Fight, Some Strains Are Largely Ignored (New York Times)
Virulent Wheat Fungus Invades South Africa (Nature News)
Genetic Discovery Promises to Boost Rice Yields (ScienceNOW Daily News)
Cracking Down on the Ocean's Pirate Fishermen (Time)
Breeding Cassava to Feed the Poor (Scientific American)

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