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Scientist in the Classroom Summary of the Process
How Visits Are Scheduled by the Research Triangle Science and Math Partnership

  • A teacher sends a request for a volunteer to make a visit on a specific topic (usually from the activity manual).
  • The scientist volunteer is contacted (usually 3-4 weeks before the scheduled visit) by a phone coordinator and the date and time (often flexible) of the visit as well as the topic of the activity are discussed.
  • If the topic and dates are acceptable, the scientist agrees and may request school directions, and a written activity description to be mailed. (Many times the volunteer will contact the teacher to arrange a mutually convenient time for the visit.) In addition, the volunteer may call the Partnership for ideas on the topic or the names of volunteers who have previously completed a similar visit.
  • A written confirmation is sent to the teacher and volunteer with the pertinent visit information and exchange of phone numbers. A Scientist-Teacher Discussion Sheet for planning the visit and an evaluation, to be sent in after the visit, are also included.
  • The volunteer and teacher make contact by phone to discuss ideas and make final plans for the visit.

After the visit—the scientist feels a sense of community and contribution, plans how to improve his/her next visit, and often gets many heartwarming thank-you notes from the children.


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