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Membership in the Chapter

ARTICLE II. Membership in the Society

Section 1. Active and Inactive Membership. The Society consists of active and inactive members. Active members may be affiliated with a chapter. If not so affiliated, active members shall be enrolled in the Membership-at-Large. Any inactive member may become an active member at any time by payment of current dues.

Section 2. Members and Associate Members. The membership of the Society is divided into Members and Associate Members, each of whom shall have taken the Pledge of the Society. Such membership shall be attested by a suitable certificate. Members and Associate Members are elected or promoted to membership by a chapter or by a committee designated by the Board of Directors. Associate Members have all of the privileges of Members, except for such restrictions as are specifically stated in this Constitution or in the Bylaws of the Society, or in the bylaws of the chapter with which the member is affiliated.

Section 3. Requirements for Election or Promotion to Membership.
A. Member. Any individual who has shown noteworthy achievement as an original investigator in a field of pure or applied science is eligible for election or promotion to full membership in the Society.
B. Associate Member. Any individual who has through initial research achievement in a field of pure or applied science shown aptitude for research which is expected in due course to lead to the fulfillment of the requirements for full membership, is eligible for election to associate membership in the Society.
C. Procedures for Nomination, Election, Promotion and Transfer. Procedures to be followed for the nomination and election to membership or associate membership, for promotion from Associate Member to Member, for transfer between active and inactive status, for Life Membership and for transfer to emeritus status are set forth in the Bylaws.

Section 4. Honorary Members. Notwithstanding any other provisions of this Constitution, the Board of Directors, by a two-thirds majority vote, shall have the power to elect Honorary. Members of the Society. Those nominated for such membership shall be distinguished individuals, not otherwise eligible for membership, who have served science, or the Society, in a manner or to a degree that merits such recognition. Not more than two Honorary Members may be elected in any one year. They shall hold membership for life without payment of dues or fees; and shall have all the privileges of other active Members, except that they shall not vote nor hold office in the Society.


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