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   Quinnipiac Chapter

Annual Report 2000-2001

Report Period: July 2000- July 2001
Chapter Designation: Quinnipiac-299-NE
Prepared by: Albert D. Notation, President
Contact: Albert D. Notation, Albert.Notation@quinnipiac.edu

Number of Members: 91
Number of Active Members: 47

President: Alfred D. Notation, Quinnipiac University
Vice President: Richard B. Peterson, The Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station
Secretary: David Lefkowitz, Quinnipiac University
Treasurer: Michael I. Nabel, Quinnipiac University
Program Chairman: James Kirby, Quinnipiac University

The Sigma Xi National Headquarters outlines broad areas for categorizing chapter activities.

Promoting Research
Participation in the Connecticut Science Fair

Science Education, Public Understanding of Science
Chemical information was supplied to Channel 8 News
Seminar Program was open to the public free of charge

Robert B. Leonard Memorial Award for Undergraduate Research was presented to Tina Santiago of Quinnipiac University at the annual banquet.

A framed certificate was awarded to Dean Linda Broker who administers University funding for copying and mailing of Chapter notices and letters.

A Companions-in-Research Evening was held with a Chapter-subsidized buffet supper followed by a seminar by Donald Richardson entitled “The Genesis of an Experiment”.

Lectures, Workshops, Professional Development
The Chapter hosted Sigma Xi Distinguished Lecturer Dr. Bernard Chasan of Boston University. Dr. Chasan presented a seminar entitled “Does God Play Dice?” and met with faculty, students, and guests of Quinnipiac University. He also attended the annual banquet. Representatives from Uniroyal Sigma Xi Chapter also attended the banquet.

On January 31, 2001 Dr. James Kirby of Quinnipiac University presented a lecture entitled “Learning Chemistry Through a Child’s Eyes: Writing a Story”.

On November 4 2000 Dr. Robert Marino of Quinnipiac University spoke on "Ethics, Superbugs, Illnesses and Other Tales from the Trenches"

Dr. Michael Smith of Quinnipiac University presented a lecture "Emerging Technologies for the Failing Heart" on September 20, 2000.

Dr. Terence Doyle, Vice President of Research and Development at Vion Pharmaceuticals Inc. presented a seminar entitled "Bacterial Vectors in the Treatment of Cancer" on October 27, 2000.

On February 15, 2001 Drs. Ronald B. Bechett and Gerald Conlogue of Quinnipiac University presented a lecture on paleoimaging. Their use of modern imaging techniques to study mummy remains in Peru and Egypt is now the subject of a National Public TV series currently in production.


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