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   Sigma Xi Georgia - International Partner Chapter

Sigma Xi Georgia - About us

The first Sigma Xi International Partner, Sigma Xi Georgia, was founded in May 2003. This group originally came together for the “Georgian Scientists Information Network” which received a Packard Initiative networking award in August 2002. Dr. Ia Zhvania, the Head of Chemical Neuroanatomy in the Institute of Physiology of the Georgian Academy of Science and one of the initiators of this network, was elected to serve as the first president of Sigma Xi Georgia. The group held its inauguration ceremony on June 13, 2003 at the Art Gallery of Georgian Technical University. The Executive Commitee was elected for a four-year term (2003 - 2007).

The founding members of Sigma Xi Georgia are scientists from the Georgian Academy of Science and Georgian State Technical University.

Send your comments, suggestions and questions to the Sigma Xi Georgia officers, directly by phone or e-mail.

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