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   Nebraska, University of Chapter

Past Lecture Series

29 October 2008: Corn-based Ethanol Production

9 March 2006: Agroterrorism

6 April 2006: Praire Diversity in a Changing World

Past Lecture Series

18 November 2005: Water, Ice, and Bubbles an Nanoscales

22 September 2005: Hurricanes in the United States

10 February 2005: Electrical Properties of Magnetic Junctions Made of a Few Atoms

28 October 2004: Football Physics

2003-2004 Summary Listing

22 October 2003: The Science, the Promise, and the Politics of Biomedical Research

12 November 2003: Tropical Fish Tales: Investigating Sexually Selected Traits at Multiple Levels

19 February 2004: Scientific Uncertainty and the Global Environment

1 April 2004: Got Weather? Swirls, Splashes, and Waves in the Atmosphere


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