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   Sigma Xi Moscow - International Partner Chapter

The History of the Sigma Xi Moscow - International Partner Chapter

The Sigma Xi International Partner, Sigma Xi Moscow, was founded on May 21 (Friday), 2004. Dr. James Baur, who was then the Chair of Sigma Xi International Committee, conducted inauguration ceremony at the Institute of Atmospheric Physics of Russian Academy of Sciences at 12 a.m. Moscow time and gave the Authorized Area License to Academician George Golitsyn [1], a representative of founding members [2].

The group expressed their appreciation to the Sigma Xi Alaska Chapter for a check covering the initiation fee and their wish to long-term fruitful collaboration. The informal collaboration, between these Sigma Xi groups started in 2002, when Prof. John Kelley from the Sigma Xi Alaska Chapter helped Georgii Alexandrov, Alexander Ginzburg, George Golitsyn, Vladimir Krapivin, Alexander Semenov and Alexei Stepanov to organize a Rally of Scientific Schools in 2003 [3] and to recruit members for the International Partner.

[1] George Golitsyn (l) & Jim Baur (r) at the inauguration (http://www.sigmaxi.org/programs/international/images/SXMoscow.jpg), the photo from International Newsletter (http://www.sigmaxi.org/programs/international/news.072004.shtml)

[2] Founding members: Georgii A. Alexandrov*, Ivan A. Berg, Jana V. Deshko, Alexey V. Eliseev, Gennady E. Eroshnikov, Alexander S. Ginzburg*, George S. Golitsyn*, Julia M. Ilyina, Iya N. Klochkova, Vladimir F. Krapivin*, Dmitry O. Logofet, Eugenia A. Milovanova, Michael A. Mishurov, Igor I. Mokhov, Bagdat T. Ryskalieva, Alexander M. Semenov*, Elizaveta M. Spiridonova, Alexei L. Stepanov*, Ilya I. Terentiev, Elena A. Tsavkelova, Nadezhda A. Vassilieva, Nicolai N. Zavalishin

[3] Student poster session at the Rally of Scientific Schools, including Prof. Yurii Svirejev (1st row, far left), Prof. John Kelley (1st row, center) and Prof. Alexey Stepanov (2nd row, 2nd from right) (http://www.sigmaxi.org/programs/international/images/MoscowSymposium.jpg), the photo from the International Newsletter (http://www.sigmaxi.org/programs/international/news.062003.shtml)


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