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The History of Berkeley Sigma Xi

Berkeley Sigma Xi was established in 1902 as the 13th chapter in the organization. Since then, members of our chapter have gone on to advance the sciences across a number of disciplines. Eleven of our members have earned Nobel Prizes.

Berkeley Sigma Xi Nobel Prize Winners

2001 - George A. Akerlof (Economics)
1968 - Luis Alvarez (Physics)
1961 - Melvin Calvin (Chemistry)
1964 - Charles H. Townes (Physics)
1960 - Donald A. Glaser (Physics)
1959 - Emilio G. Segré (Physics)
1959 - Owen Chamberlain (Physics)
1951 - Edwin M. McMillan (Chemistry)
1951 - Glenn T. Seaborg (Chemistry)
1949 - William F. Giauque (Chemistry)
1946 - John H. Northrop (Chemistry)


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