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About Sigma Xi

Sigma Xi is the honor society of research scientists and engineers. It is an international, multidisciplinary society whose programs and activities promote the health of the scientific enterprise, reward excellence in scientific research and encourage a sense of companionship and cooperation among scientists in all fields.

Founding: Sigma Xi was founded in 1886 at Cornell University by Frank Van Vleck, a junior faculty member, and a group of engineering students.

Motto: Spoudon xynones, or "Companions in Zealous Research."

Location: The Sigma Xi Center, housing the Society's administrative offices, is located 10 minutes from the Raleigh-Durham airport: 3106 East N.C. 54 Highway, Research Triangle Park, NC 27709 Phone: 800-243-6534

Membership: Scientists and engineers are elected to Sigma Xi based on their research potential or achievements. Today, the Society includes nearly 60,000 active members. More than 200 Nobel Prize-winning members are commemorated in the Hall of Honor at the Sigma Xi Center in Research Triangle Park.

Chapters: Sigma Xi has more than 500 chapters in North America and around the world at colleges and universities, industrial research centers and government laboratories.


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