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Science Cafe at NMSU

Sigma Xi -- NMSU Chapter Member

It should be cool at the Las Cruces Museum of Nature and Science this Thursday for the 5:30 PM Science Cafe discussion. That's when Dr Shaun Cooper will share examples of how identity theft occurs and will describe "buffer overflow" that hackers use to get into files.

This will be the last Science Cafe until August 29. So come early for salsa. chips & drinks and an interesting science discussion. Mark your calendar for August 29 for the discussion about science being incorporated in the Driverless Car.

Sent by Wayne Maley, Past-President
NMSU Chapter, Sigma Xi

Phone: 575-522-1526

Media Information
June 26 at 5:30 PM
Las Cruces Museum of Nature and Science
411 North Main Street 

Thwart hackers from stealing your computer data. Come to Science Café on June 26, to hear how passwords help protect your files. Dr Shaun Cooper, Information Technology expert, will discuss how encryption secures files and steps being undertaken to keep private files private. Find out about the ongoing development of computer security codes.


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