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   New Mexico State University Chapter

Science Cafe at NMSU

March 27 at 5:30 PM
Las Cruces Museum of Nature and Science
411 North Main Street

“Large-Scale Ecosystem Engineering with Algae” will be discussed by Dr. Peter Lammers at the March 27 Science Café. Dr. Lammers is the Technical Director for the Algal Bioenergy Program at New Mexico State University that includes 8 professors in 4 different colleges. His presentation will describe algae-based technologies with a focus on the desert southwest. Some being developed include: algae isolated from acidic hot springs, techniques that dramatically limit water consumption, and extraction of useful bio-chemicals from wet biomass. Come learn how algal oils and proteins are opening new business opportunities.

Sigma Xi’s Science Café is presented by the Scientific Research Society, in cooperation with the Las Cruces Museum of Nature and Science. The Café discussions are free and presented to advance greater public understanding and use of available science. Students and all those seeking greater knowledge of current science are encouraged to be at the Science Café. For further information, phone: 575-522-3120.




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