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2005 Annual Banquet - Wednesday, May 4, 2005

The Venue

Our annual Sigma Xi Banquet takes place at Wannalancit, once a textile mill in the city that initiated the Industrial Revolution in the United States in the 19th Century. Note the plank floors, brick walls, high ceilings, and large windows. When the mills were functioning, these were humid, hot, noisy, dangerous places to work, inhabited by the Lowell "Mill Girls," the women who ran the looms.

Officers of the Local Chapter

Officers of the UMass Lowell chapter of the Society of Sigma Xi with Banquet speaker, Dr. Thomas Moore. From the left: Dr. Robert Tamarin, President of the UMass Lowell Chapter; Dr. Aram Karakashian, Awards Officer; Dr. Jim Whitten, Secretary; Dr. Art Mittler, Treasurer; Dr. Moore; Dr. Mary Elizabeth Hooker, At-Large (Health and Environment); Dr. Sandy McDonald, At-Large (Sciences); Dr. Bob Gamache, Vice President; and Dr. Gil Brown, At-Large (Engineering).

2005 C. Daniel Cole Undergraduate Research Awardees

Dr. Aram Karakashian (right), Awards Officer of the UMass Lowell chapter of the Society of Sigma Xi, with C. Daniel Cole Award winners. Students competing for these prizes must participate in the annual Undergraduate Research Symposium at UMass Lowell and then make a special presentation to the Cole Committee, composed this year of the officers of the local chapter of Sigma Xi. The plaque stays with the department of the First Prize winner for the next academic year. From the left: Sarah Fischer (Chemistry, 1st Prize), Prof. Stephen Orroth (Plastics Engineering), Patrick Bisson (Chemistry, 2nd Prize), and Dr. Karakashian. Prof. Orroth was standing in for the 3rd and 4th place teams of students who were in Plastics Engineering, attending a national conference being held in Boston on the night of the Banquet.

Prof. Charlie Steele Memorial Scholarship Winners

Mrs. Charlie (Ursula) Steele (left), widow of Professor Steele, presents the Professor Charlie Steele Memorial Scholarship to (left to right) Bong Gon Kim (Electrical and Computer Engineering), Naiyana Tansalarak (Computer Science), and Mital Parikh (Electrical and Computer Engineering). The awardees are international graduate students, chosen by faculty members from Computer Science, Mathematics, and Electrical and Computer Engineering. Prof. Steele was the founding member of the Computer Science Department.

LaTorre Family Scholarship Winners

The LaTorre family scholarships are funded generously by College of Arts and Sciences Advisory Board member L. Donald LaTorre, a 1960 UMass Lowell graduate in Textile Chemistry. (Don was unable to make the Banquet this year because of prior travel commitments.) From the left in the photo above: Carlos Szembek (Environmental, Earth, and Atmospheric Sciences), Jeffrey Mallett (Chemistry), Steven Sheppard (Physics), and local chapter President Robert Tamarin.

Northeast Regional Young Investigator Awardee

Dr. Bob Gamache (right), Vice President of the local chapter, presents Juliette Rooney-Varga, Associate Professor of Biology, with the Society of Sigma Xi Northeast Regional Young Investigator Award for 2005. Dr. Rooney-Varga is internationally recognized for her research in the fields of bacterial and phytoplankton interaction and harmful algal blooms.

High School Teacher of the Year

The UMass Lowell chapter initiated the High School Teacher of the Year Award in 2004 to honor an outstanding science or math teacher, one responsible for instilling in students an excitement about the sciences and technology. Shown above (left) is Mrs. Sheli Judd, a math teacher at the Pittsburg School in Pittsburg, New Hampshire, who is our 2005 winner. Presenting the award is Art Mittler, chapter Treasurer. Sheli is the co-president of the Pittsburg Education Association. She is also a member of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, Association of Teachers of Mathematics in New England, and the New Hampshire Teachers of Mathematics. She has presented at workshops on a variety of math related subjects, including a summer training session at the University of New Hampshire, which was funded through FIPSE (Funds for Improving Post-Secondary Education). Mrs. Judd is actively involved in state curriculum review, being a member of the state Mathematics Curriculum Committee four times. In her latest effort she worked this past summer to revise the state high school math curriculum. She was selected by the New Hampshire Society of Professional Engineers as the 2004 New Hampshire Math and Science Teacher of the Year.


Induction of New Full Members

Dr. Jim Whitten (right), Secretary of the UMass Lowell chapter, with new Full Members. From the left: Dr. Kajal Claypool (Computer Science), Dr. Tingshu Hu (Electrical and Computer Engineering), Dr. Gayathri Vasudevan (Chemistry), and Jim Whitten.

Induction of New Associate Members

Dr. Jim Whitten (right), Secretary of the UMass Lowell chapter of the Society of Sigma Xi with new Associate Members. From the left (back row): Xiaoyu Wang (Chemistry), Timothy Kotyla (Clinical Lab Sciences), Keyurkumar Joshi (Electrical and Computer Engineering); (front row): Jung-Rim Hyun (Electrical and Computer Engineering), Elizabeth Goodrow (Clinical Lab Sciences), Sarah Fischer (Chemistry), Haritha Jalapu (Biology), and Jim Whitten.

Guest Lecture A Modest Proposal: Changing the Way Americans Eats
by Dr. Thomas J. Moore, Boston University School of Medicine

Dr. Thomas Moore of The Boston University Medical School, presenting his guest lecture on nutrition.

Special thanks to our Secretary, Elizabeth Fortin, for making all the arrangements. And thanks to Marcia Nugent and the Office of Research Administration for the use of the Wannalancit Mill for the banquet.

Check back in the fall for information about the 2005-2006 awards competition and the 2006 Banquet.

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