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Benefits of joining and maintaining membership in Sigma Xi

Gain professional credentials. Being active in Sigma Xi demonstrates to employers and graduate schools that you have achieved a high standard of excellence. As a member of this prestigious society, you join the company of over 180 Nobel Prize winners and other distinguished scientists and engineers.

Earn research funding. Twice annually, the Sigma Xi Grants-in-Aid of Research program awards research grants to nearly 1,000 graduate and undergraduate students. As a Sigma Xi member you will be eligible to apply for grants from all available funds.

Build your professional network. Gain valuable leadership experience and make career contacts. Through local chapters, Sigma Xi provides a unique platform for interacting within a multi-disciplinary community of researchers, educators, administrators and others, both within and outside your institution.

Become a lifelong learner. Stay current in all fields with American Scientist, Sigma Xiís award winning magazine. As a member benefit, your American Scientist subscription is a valuable resource that offers articles in a variety of disciplines, resources and a comprehensive book review section.

Contribute to the scientific community. Sigma Xi members form a powerful international network at over 500 institutions. Through individual members and chapters, Sigma Xi addresses ethics, education, advocacy for research funding, public understanding of science, diversity and international networking.

Have fun. Build community and a sense of belonging with other scientists at your institution. Get involved in a special event with the help of others at your local chapter

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