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Syracuse Chapter Membership Information

As ever, the society at large, and our own chapter, are concerned over the dwindling membership over the last decade. It is important for the strength of the society as an advocate for research excellence, the support of science and technology, the application and relevance of research in a non-politicized manner, and to promote scientific learning in education, that the regionís top scientists become and stay active toward these ends. As members, please continue your membership by submitting dues in a timely manner, and take advantage of your status to enlist other scientists in our society. Remember, the benefits are not limited to receiving American Scientist over the year. Membership also provides the opportunity to learn about research outside your own sphere at the several research lectures that we hold each year, it provides a link to communicate with experts with whom you may never have made contact without the society, and it can also be the source of funding that your students might need to further their own research projects. Please visit the Societyís webpage at www.sigmaxi.org for further information, as well as to find forms for nominating new members.

Please stay in touch with the Chapter. If you have news to report, announcements about events, projects and meetings that might be of interest to other Syracuse Chapter members, please send the information to the web administrator(swmillar@maxwell.syr.edu) so that it can be posted on the Chapter website.

Finally, we will be seeking new officers for next year, in particular, for the position of Vice President-President elect. If you want to be more active in Chapter events this position would give you an opportunity to get involved and to shape the nature of our chapter. For the current slate of officers go to www.sigmaxi.org

Updated: August, 2008


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