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University of New Mexico Chapter

The Honor Society of Sigma Xi is a national organization devoted to the encouragement of scientific research. The local chapter of Sigma Xi sponsors many activities in support of science and research. For example, we sponsor public talks in our Science and Society Lecture Series, we honor outstanding high school science and math teachers, and we recognize Junior Division science fair winners. Most importantly, we recognize our own UNM graduate students with a marked aptitude for research by inviting them to become members of Sigma Xi.

Young Investigator Award The UNM Chapter of Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Society, invites nominations for the Chapter's Young Investigator Award (YIA). It includes a cash prize of $500 and a framed certificate of recognition; the Chapter may nominate this person for the National YIA the following year. The recipient of this award will be invited to give a Public Talk under the auspices of his/her Department or as part of the Science and Society lecture series.

Nomination Form and Details for the Young Investigator Award
Excellence in Graduate Research. To further encourage and recognize the research performed by our students, we honor a doctoral student near the end of his or her Ph.D. dissertation. The student will be honored at our annual Awards Banquet, presented with a certificate of recognition, and invited to become a member of Sigma Xi. He/she will be asked to make a Sigma Xi lecture presentation, and will be paid a $100 honorarium.
Nomination Form and Details for the Excellence in Graduate Research
Outstanding Undergraduate. The UNM Chapter honors an undergraduate student who has participated in a science research project in a UNM department. We are especially interested in recognizing an outstanding undergraduate who is presently engaged in research and has a strong potential for future research. The student will be recognized at our Annual Banquet. He/she will be presented with a certificate of recognition and a $50 prize, and will be invited to become an associate member of Sigma Xi.
Nomination Form and Details for the Outstanding Undergraduate