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At a Glance


Scientists Participating in High Tech Business Development

Luis Cañedo, La Raza Hospital; Carlos Duarte, CONACYT; Maria Estela de Rios, Orion International Technologies

Matching Higher Education Programs in MEMS and Nanotechnology

Alex Elías-Zúñiga, Department of Mechanical Engineering, ITESM, Campus Monterrey; Sergio Martínez, Department of Electrical Engineering, ITESM-Campus Monterrey

Establishing a Research Program at an International Site: Challenges, Opportunities and the Unknowns

Daniel Wubah, College of Science and Mathematics and Professor of Biology, James Madison University

Improving International Access to Scientific Information

Rosalind Reid, American Scientist and Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics, University of California, Santa Barbara

Changing Research Priorities: How to Anticipate the Next “Hot Topic”

Mary Lee Sparling, Department of Biology, California State University Northridge

Models for Trans-Boundary Marine Science Cooperation

Michael Crosby, U.S. National Science Board

South-North Collaborations: Making Connections that Can Help Fund Your Research

Emanuel Ojadi, University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth

Strategies for Mitigating and/or Preventing Brain Drain

Gerson Sher, U.S. Civilian Research & Development Foundation

Communication of Science to the Public

Lisbeth Fog, Colombian Association of Science Journalism

Networking for Sustainable Development

Clint Smith, U.S.-Mexico Foundation for Science (FUMEC)



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