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2002 Sigma Xi Annual Meeting

November 15-17, 2002
Moody Gardens Hotel
Galveston Island, Texas

In conjunction with the Sigma Xi Forum, November 14-15, Changing the Face of Science and Engineering

Through regional meetings, meetings of constituency groups, assemblies of delegates, workshops, and informal discussions, the Sigma Xi Annual Meeting offers an opportunity for delegates from Sigma Xi chapters to learn more about the Society, to gather ideas for chapter-based programs, to interact with colleagues from other chapters, and to conduct some Sigma Xi business. Additionally, various special programs and opportunities serve to enrich the environment for scientific exchange during the two days of the meeting.

The Annual Meeting is open to all interested participants. Registration is required, and each of Sigma Xi's chapters that are in good standing may designate up to three delegates to attend the meeting, though only one will receive airfare from the Society to attend the meeting.

John P. McGovern Science and Society Lecture
Nobel laureate Mario Jose Molina will present the annual John P. McGovern Science and Society Lecture, traditionally the transitional event between the Sigma Xi Forum and the Sigma Xi Annual Meeting. A long-time Sigma Xi member, Molina is Institute Professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He shared the Nobel Prize with Frank Rowland and Paul Crutzen in 1995 for their work on atmospheric chemistry.

William Procter Prize for Scientific Achievement
Pioneering mathematician Benoit B. Mandelbrot, known as the creator of fractal geometry, will receive Sigma Xi's 2002 William Procter Prize for Scientific Achievement and present the Procter Prize Lecture at the Society's annual meeting in Galveston Island. Mandelbrot was inducted into Sigma Xi in 1949. In 1999, American Scientist magazine cited his 1977 monograph Fractals among the top 100 scientific publications of the century.

Scientific Posters
The multidisciplinary nature of Sigma Xi membership creates a unique opportunity for scientific exchange during the Sigma Xi Annual Meeting. All annual meeting participants are encouraged to present a poster paper on current or recent research and to interact with colleagues not only as chapter officers but as scientists as well. Interested participants should first register for the annual meeting. Once registered, individuals are encouraged to submit a title to annualmtg@sigmaxi.org. The deadline for receipt of titles is October 1, 2002.

Chapter Program Posters and Presentations
One of the goals of the annual meeting is to promote the dissemination of good ideas among Sigma Xi chapters. Chapters that choose to send delegates are encouraged to share information in one or both of the following ways.

  • Chapter Posters: Each chapter representative is encouraged to bring a poster presentation that describes chapter activity and highlights particularly successful programs or initiatives. These posters need not be labor-intensive to create; information should be the focus.
  • Presentations in Workshops: Each year, Sigma Xi staff gather representatives from chapters to share information about programs and initiatives that might be interesting or useful to other chapter representatives. Workshop topics for 2002 are included in the program below, and representatives from chapters that have good programs in these areas are encouraged to contact Sigma Xi at chapters@sigmaxi.org.


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