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Le Centre Sheraton Hotel

Each November, Sigma Xi leaders and highly motivated undergraduate students gather to network with one another at the Sigma Xi Annual Meeting and Student Research Conference. Delegates from Sigma Xi chapters attend workshops on leadership, major issues facing the research enterprise and chapter management. Simultaneously, undergraduates from over one hundred institutions around the world present their research, attend career-focused workshops, meet graduate school recruiters and network with Sigma Xi members.

Delegate Information

The Student Research Conference showcases some of the premier undergraduate research in the world, and connects senior researchers with students. (November 12-13, 2004)

Workshops offer time for exchange of ideas and advice, discussion of issues impacting the research enterprise and supporting the business of the Society.

Networking Activities and Social Events include discussion groups, roundtables, social events and judging sessions, all of which offer opportunities for networking as researchers, leaders and colleagues.

Multidisciplinary Research presentations by members and several talks by Sigma Xi prize winners showcase outstanding researchers and science communicators.

Program information appears in a 'program at a glance' format, with links describing specific items.

Featured Speakers include presentations by Sigma Xi's most prestigious award winners:

Murray Gell-Mann, Nobel laureate, Distinguished Fellow, Santa Fe Institute and R.A. Millikan Professor Emeritus of Theoretical
Physics, California Institute of Technology
William Procter Prize for Scientific Achievement

David Suzuki, Chair, The David Suzuki Foundation,
Professor Emeritus
John P. McGovern Award Science and Society Award

Jason Nieh, Associate Professor of Computer Science,
Columbia University
Young Investigator Award

Pre-conference Meetings will broaden the scope of the annual meeting by offering excellent programs.

The Canadian/International North Eastern Symposium (CINES) This one-day symposium is organized by the Directors of Sigma Xi's Canadian/International Constituency and Northeast Region and will focus on the Celebration of the Rutherford-Soddy Centennial and the Sigma Xi Fund of Canada Award for Scientific Achievement To Celebrate the Solar Neutrino Discovery
Separate registration fee, open to everyone.

Professional Career Pathways
Early career scientists have many career options available to them besides academia, but there are few opportunities for individuals to explore these opportunities. This one-day workshop will provide a unique forum for exploring the exciting and diverse career options available to early career scientists. The program will feature speakers who will discuss these wide-ranging career possibilities, including careers in industry, education, government, writing/media, technology transfer/patent law, business and finance, and science policy. A session on tailoring your CV or resume will be included.
Separate registration fee, open to everyone.

National Computational Science Institute
Computational science tools can help undergraduate students better understand complex issues in science, math and engineering. The issue is how to integrate those tools into undergraduate courses. This half-day hands-on workshop will focus on computational techniques that can be used to explore phenomena that are difficult to see or work with in the classroom or laboratory. Faculty who teach undergraduates in any of the science or mathematical disciplines (life sciences, physical sciences, computer sciences, social sciences, mathematical sciences and engineering) will benefit from this workshop.
No fee to attend, open to undergraduate faculty. Please note, space is limited.

Sponsors of this event include the following:

National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS)
Sigma Xi Fund of Canada

E-mail: meeting@sigmaxi.org


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