Nomination to Sigma Xi Membership MS Word Form

This form may be used to nominate an individual for full or associate membership or for promotion from associate to full membership.

Guidelines for Electronic Submission Using the Word Form:

  1. Download the form by clicking the download button below. Note that different printer configurations may cause lines to be bumped or slightly reformatted. It is acceptable to adjust the formatting as long as the information itself is not altered. (You may choose to print the form at this point and circulate it in a paper version, in which case you can skip the next few instructions.)
  2. Type the appropriate information directly into the document. Note that using "typeover" mode instead of "insert" will help to preserve the formatting of the document. See the note above about reformatting, if necessary.
  3. Sign the form. An electronic "signature" is legally acceptable if the completed form is submitted from the nominator's e-mail address. Hence, regardless of who is first to complete the appropriate sections of the form (nominee, nominator, chapter officer or chapter administrative assistant), the nominator should be the last to look at it and should forward it electronically to the chapter officer or Sigma Xi administrative office. Of course, for nominations through a chapter, the chapter may choose to modify this recommendation to suit their own procedures.
  4. Submit the form. A nominator may submit the completed form either to the local chapter (according to the chapter's procedures) or to the Committee on Qualifications and Membership, care of the administrative offices.
To submit to the Committee on Qualifications and Membership, send to this e-mail:

Note: Chapters may now submit a copy of the nomination form to the administrative offices instead of the data cards previously required. The copy may be submitted on paper or electronically, accompanying the certificate order form.

Download MS Word Nomination Form