Sigma Xi Postdoc Survey

Report Glossary

Some survey questions were only asked if responses to previous questions satisfied certain conditions. For example, questions about visa status were only asked of people who had indicated previously that they were not either US citizens or permanent residents. Conditions generally look like this: "Q7=4" which means that the question will be administered only if the survey respondent selected choice "4" for question Q7. For your convenience, we have added hyperlinks to the questions in the conditions so that you can interpret them more easily.
Nonresponse Information
The nonresponse section shows (1) how many people did not answer a given question and (2) provides information about why they did not answer. There are several possible reasons for not answering a question:
Sampling skip:
The question was contained in a module that was not administered to the participant. Some questions were only administered to every other participant; some were only administered to one in eight participants.
Logical skip:
The participant's answers did not satisfy the condition associated with the question.
The participant quit the survey before s/he reached this question.
No response:
The question was administered to the participant, but s/he did not respond.
Privacy Protections
Data are replaced with an * when there is insufficient data to ensure participant confidentiality.
To reduce the amount of time required to complete the postdoc survey, we broke the survey questions down into a set of smaller sections that we call "modules". One set of questions (the core module) was administered to all participants. Two additional sets (Medium Frequency Modules 1 and 2) were each administered to every other participant. Eight more sets (Low Frequency Modules 1 through 8) were administered to one participant in 8. Through this procedure we were able to obtain far more information about the postdoctoral experience than we otherwise would have, while still keeping the total time to complete the survey to about 30 minutes.