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Grants from the March 15, 2001 Deadline
Alphabetical by Subject

Anthropology Paleontology / Sedimentation
Behavioral Ecology / Ethology Petrology / Geochemistry
Cell Biology / Biochemistry Physics / Astronomy
Chemistry Physiology / Functional Morphology
Computer Science / Mathematics Psychology
Ecology Systematics / Evolutionary Biology
Engineering Tectonics / Geophysics
Hydrology / Geomorphology  

Subject College / University Title of Study Student's Name Mentor's Name
Anthropology Indiana University, Bloomington Taxonomic analysis of non-hominid primate remains from the Sterkfontein hominid site, Member 2 (Gauteng Province, South Africa) Jason Heaton Kevin Hunt
Anthropology Emory University Economic Anxiety, Childhood Reactivity, and Well-Being Jason DeCaro George Armelagos
Anthropology Indiana State University Correlating Ancient Site Locations with Geophysical Resources on the Karak Plateau (West-Central Jordan) Using Multispectral Satellite Imagery and Geographical Information Systems Mark Green William Dando
Anthropology University of Washington Prehistoric Environmental Impacts: Herders of the Southern Cape, South Africa Carol Frey John Fitzhugh
Anthropology University of Missouri, Columbia Effect of Global Cooling on Subsistance Stratagies in the Neolithic Ekaterina Pechenkina Robert Benfer
Anthropology Duke University Variability in the Molars of Fossil Primates from the Fayum Depression of Egypt Patrick Lewis Elwyn Simons
Anthropology University of Florida Nutritional mechanisms of population regulation in frugivorous primates: the effects of logging on redtail monkeys in Kibale National Park, Uganda Karyn Rode Colin Chapman
Anthropology University of California, Davis An Investigation of Hunter-Gatherer Resource Intensification Using the Stable Geochemistry of Archaeological Invertebrates Michael Kennedy Ann Russell
Anthropology Harvard University The Socio-ecology of Male Aggression against Females in Wild Chimpanzees Sonya Kahlenberg Richard Wrangham
Anthropology University of Oregon The relationship of food properties and incisor use to incisor morphology Darcy Hannibal Joanna Lambert
Anthropology University of North Carolina The Effects of Prehistoric State Formation on Daily Actitivies in the Moche Valley of Peru Celeste Gagnon Clark Larsen
Anthropology University of Washington Climate, Technology, and Resource Depression: Human-Environmental Impacts at the Pleistocene-Holocene Boundary Emily Jones J. Fitzhugh
Anthropology Louisiana State University Dirty Secrets: Blood Protein and Lipid Analysis of Soil from Execution and Grave Sites in Kosovo Hugh Tuller Rebecca Saunders
Anthropology Boston University Soil Micromorphology and FTIR Spectrometry Applied to the Early Neolithic of the Levant: Unraveling the Spatial Distribution of Activities and Social Organization Trina Arpin Paul Goldberg
Anthropology University of South Florida Provenance of Etruscan Pottery from Poggio Colla, Italy: a chemical characterization study Justin Winkler Robert Tykot
Anthropology McGill University The Question of the Complex Image Alicia Colson Bruce Trigger
Anthropology University of Oregon The influence of logging on ranging patterns and seed dispersal dynamics in redtailed guenons, Cercopithecus ascanius: A case study in the Kibale National Park Britta Torgrimson Joanna Lambert
Anthropology University of Missouri, Columbia Age-associated bone loss in an Imperial Roman population: An histological analysis of inter- and intra-skeletal variability Helen Cho Samuel Stout
Anthropology University of New Mexico Intensive Use and Abandonment of Spring-Fed Irrigation Systems on the Desert South Coast of Peru Gregory Zaro Jane Buikstra
Anthropology University of Alberta Endocrine and behavioral interrelationships: reproductive behavior in male and female white-faced capuchins (Cebus capucinus) Sarah Carnegie Linda Fedigan
Anthropology University of New Mexico Now you see it, Now I don't: Comparison of Aerial Photogrammetrically Observed Vegetation Signatures With On-The-Ground Observations at Pueblo San Marcos, NM Julie Angel Ann Ramenofsky
Behavioral Ecology University of California, Davis Magnetic Orientation in an Elasmobranch Fish Rebecca Kihslinger Peter Klimley
Behavioral Ecology University of Miami Cryptic female choice in the Florida Queen butterfly, Danaus gilippus berenice Dena Hyman Keith Waddington
Behavioral Ecology Michigan State University Mate choice, mate attraction, and parental care in the house wren: male and female investment in reproductive effort Natalie Dubois Thomas Getty
Behavioral Ecology Dartmouth College Determinants of annual breeding productivity of a Neotropical migrant bird Laura Nagy Richard Holmes
Behavioral Ecology Cornell University The organization of work in honeybee colonies: how labor is reallocated when forage changes Brian Johnson Thomas Seeley
Behavioral Ecology University of Kentucky Pre-copulatory sexual cannibalism in fishing spiders: an evaluation of the adaptive foraging hypothesis James Johnson Andrew Sih
Behavioral Ecology Swarthmore College The Thermal Life of Fiddler Crabs Irene Garcia Rachel Merz
Behavioral Ecology Duke University The control of diel vertical migration in marine copepods by aminosugar kairomones derived from fish mucus Jonathan Cohen Richard Forward
Behavioral Ecology Wake Forest University Acoustic Interaction Between Insectivorous Bats and Arctiid Moths Nickolay Hristov William Conner
Behavioral Ecology University of California, San Diego The role of chemical communication in the mate choice of the pygmy loris, Nycticebus pygmaeus Heidi Fisher David Woodruff
Behavioral Ecology St. Louis University Fine Scale Discrimination in Poecilia reticulata Nancy Kohn Shawn Nordell
Behavioral Ecology University of California, Santa Cruz Sexual Selection, Signaling, and Plumage Variation in Lark Buntings, Calamospiza melanocorys Alexis Chaine Bruce Lyon
Behavioral Ecology Wake Forest University Endocrinological Basis for Siblicide in Nazca boobies Elise Donnelly David Anderson
Behavioral Ecology The University of Texas, Austin Symbiont competition in an ant-fungus mutalism Matthew Kweskin Ulrich Mueller
Behavioral Ecology California State University, Northridge The Effect of Larval Density on the Protogynous Behavior of Spotted Sand Bass (Paralabrax maculatofasciatus) Eric Miller Larry Allen
Behavioral Ecology North Dakota State University Comparison of Two Acoustical Signals in Downy and Hairy Woodpeckers Jeffrey Bell Gary Nuechterlein
Behavioral Ecology University of Massachusetts, Boston Investigation of the genetic mating system of the Roseate Tern using microsatellite markers Patricia Szczys Richard Kesseli
Behavioral Ecology University of Texas at Austin Adaptive Coloration and Light Habitat Use By Aposematic Butterflies Ryan Hill Robert Dudley
Behavioral Ecology Slippery Rock University Female mate preference of the convict cichlid, Cichlasoma nigrofasciatum Corina Wack Simon Beeching
Behavioral Ecology University of Tennessee Role of the dorsal and medial cortex in spatial memory in snakes Lynn Almli Gordon Burghardt
Behavioral Ecology University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee An experimental study of female condition and offspring sex ratio in Tree Swallows Jacqueline Nooker Peter Dunn
Behavioral Ecology University of South Carolina Differential movement of Mytilus as a mechanism of selection Kimberly Schneider Brian Helmuth
Behavioral Ecology University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill Coordination of Parental Feeding Through Vocal Cues in the Carolina Wren Cindy Hogan Richard Wiley
Behavioral Ecology University of California, San Diego Lighting conditions, habitat structure, and behavioral choices affecting crypsis and conspicuousness of color patterns in warblers Gabe McNett Karen Marchetti
Behavioral Ecology University of Kansas The evolution of female choice in lesser waxmoths Rafael Rodriguez Michael Greenfield
Behavioral Ecology University of Central Arkansas What Characteristic of Milkweed Latex Triggers Vein Severance by Monarch Caterpillars Matthew Helmus David Dussourd
Behavioral Ecology Binghamton University Behavioral ecology of 'helpers' at cooperatively-breeding American Crow nests Douglas Robinson, Jr Anne Clark
Behavioral Ecology University of Memphis What is the role of scent marking in female mammals Shawn Thomas Jerry Wolff
Behavioral Ecology University of California, San Diego Effects of an urban habitat on song transmission Kimberly Hunt David Woodruff
Cell Biology/ Biochemistry University of Dayton Fluid Shear Stress induced Differentiation in Human Osteoprogenitor Cells William Billotte Marie Claude Hofmann
Cell Biology/ Biochemistry University of Colorado, Denver Regulated proteolysis of the error-prone DNA polymerase UmuD'C Jennifer Hall Martin Gonzalez
Cell Biology/ Biochemistry Vanderbilt University Modulation of Mycobacterial Trafficking by Surfactant Protein A Joseph Lopez Virginia Shepherd
Cell Biology/ Biochemistry University of Colorado, Boulder Beta-Amyloid Production in Kokanee Salmon: A model for Alzheimer's Disease Steven Hobbs David Norris
Cell Biology/ Biochemistry North Carolina State University Prozac On The Reef: The Neural Control Of Aggressive Behavior In A Coral Reef Fish Heidi Perreault John Godwin
Cell Biology/ Biochemistry Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University NO synthesis in Anopheles: Plasmodium contribution and defense Junghwa Lim Shirley Luckhart
Cell Biology/ Biochemistry University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill Investigation of the Localization and Activation of Acyl-CoA Synthetase Maie El-Sourady Rosalind Coleman
Cell Biology/ Biochemistry University of California, Los Angeles Characterization of Pax6 Isoform Expression Tonya Anderson Ellen Carpenter
Cell Biology/ Biochemistry Boise State University The Role of MeCP2 in Neuronal Differentiation of the Visual Pathway Sorcha Cusack Julie Oxford
Cell Biology/ Biochemistry Medical University of South Carolina Transcriptional Regulation of PEDF under Hypoxic Conditions Stephen Gee Jian-xing Ma
Cell Biology/ Biochemistry School of Medicina Analysis of the involvement of glycosaminoglycans in the physiopathogenesis of glaucoma Carolina Jaliffa Ruth Rosenstein
Cell Biology/ Biochemistry University of Michigan Effect of Fatty Acids on PPAR-gamma Mediated Apoptosis in Breast Cancer Cells Niquole May Cynthia Marcelo
Cell Biology/ Biochemistry University of Florida Steroidogenesis in amphibians: An indicator of endocrine-disrupting contaminants in an aquatic ecosystem Tamatha Barbeau Louis Guillette
Cell Biology/ Biochemistry University of Houston Characterization of the Amino Acid Editing Mechanism within E coli LeuRS Mario Castellanos Susan Martinis
Cell Biology/ Biochemistry University of Rhode Island The evolution of cellulose synthesis and vascular differentiation Shannon Donovan Alison Roberts
Cell Biology/ Biochemistry Mount Sinai School of Medicine Effects of Topical Genistein on PUVA-induced Photodamage and Carcinogenesis Eileen Shyong Huachen Wei
Cell Biology/ Biochemistry Indiana University School of Medicine The role of reactive oxygen species in ethanol-induced cerebellar granule cell death Kristin Horn James Klaunig
Cell Biology/ Biochemistry Oakland University Hormonal Regulation of Synthesis of Tumor Suppressor Protein p53 in T47D Breast Cancer Cells Seema Shah Virinder Moudgil
Cell Biology/ Biochemistry Boise State University Is suBMP necessary for sea urchin spicule formation Ryan Medeck Julia Oxford
Cell Biology/ Biochemistry University of North Carolina, Charlotte Antibodies to Borrelia burgdorferi VlsE variable domain and spirochetal immune evasion Rafal Persinski Juan Anguita
Cell Biology/ Biochemistry Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Site-specific transgene insertion in plants using a mammalian virus Daniel Sisco Muriel Lederman
Cell Biology/ Biochemistry Marshall University Differential Gene Expression in Group B Streptococcus Following Interleukin-6 Exposure Jennifer Smith Susan Jackman
Cell Biology/ Biochemistry The University of Louisiana, Monroe Molecular signaling of renal tissue repair following S-1,2-dichlorovinyl-L-cysteine induced nephrotoxicity Vishal Vaidya Harihara Mehendale
Cell Biology/ Biochemistry Assumption College Regulation of RAG Expression and the Effect on V(D)J Recombination Ira Whitten Rachel Gerstein
Cell Biology/ Biochemistry Swarthmore College The budding yeast SID2 gene: Investigations of intracellular localization Beth Williams Elizabeth Vallen
Cell Biology/ Biochemistry Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Inhibition of XChk1 Results in a Maternally Regulated Program of Apoptosis Ayesha Carter Jill Sible
Cell Biology/ Biochemistry University of North Carolina, Greensboro The Effects of Cocoa Phenolic Phytochemicals on MNNG-induced DNA damage and COX-2 expression in Caco-2 cells Sophia Mutamba George Loo
Cell Biology/ Biochemistry Miami University Characterization of Siderophore Transport Proteins in the Human Pathogen Acinetobacter baumannii Caleb Dorsey Luis Actis
Chemistry University of California, San Diego The Essential Interaction Between the Ribosome and P Site Bound tRNA During Translocation Katy Chiu Simpson Joseph
Chemistry Hobart and William Smith Colleges Determining Reactivity Ratios of Substituted Vinylpyridinium Monomers Kristin Schram Carol Parish
Chemistry University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana Synthesis and Study of Model Compounds to Understand RNA Structural Interactions Sara Ochs Scott Silverman
Chemistry Wright State University The Influence Of Colloid-Bound And Dissolved Phases Of Metals And Organic Contaminants To The Toxicity Of Freshwater Invertebrates Cameron Irvine G. Burton
Chemistry University of West Florida Telechelic Hyperbranched Polyether-Polyols Michael Vogt Arun Royappa
Computer Science/ Mathematics California Institute of Technology Multisymplectic Integrators for Fluid Dynamics Melvin Leok Jerrold Marsden
Ecology University of Connecticut Interactions of Invasive Species in an Avian Seed Dispersal System Nancy LaFleur Margaret Rubega
Ecology Michigan State University Regional vs. local control of species diversity: influence of site fertility Gregory Houseman Katherine Gross
Ecology Colorado State Univeristy Gene flow of deer mice between human hantavirus pulmonary syndrome cases Jon Root Kenneth Wilson
Ecology University of California, Berkeley Comparative ecology of Miconia calvescens in its native and introduced ranges Coleman Kennedy Carla D'Antonio
Ecology Northern Arizona University Determination of niche overlap for three species of Peromyscus using stable isotopes Kristen Pearson Tad Theimer
Ecology University of Colorado, Boulder Effects of Introduced Plants on Native Phytophagous Insect Species Jeffrey Oliver Deane Bowers
Ecology Tulane University Analysis of PLFAs to Identify Atmospheric Methane Oxidizers in forest soil Baoming Ji Jay Gulledge
Ecology University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana Contrasting the functional roles and effects of native and invasive populations of a lotic crayfish Jon Hoekstra Daniel Soluk
Ecology University of Rhode Island Effects of water temperature on sand shrimp predation on juvenile winter flounder in Narragansett Bay, Rhode Island David Taylor Jeremy Collie
Ecology Cornell University Virus Resistance in Wild Plant Populations: Transgenic Plants as a Tool for Understanding Plant-Virus Dynamics Karen Laughlin Alison Power
Ecology Western Washington University Effects of an exotic bivalve on two established bivalve species in Puget Sound, WA Jessica Barkas June Ross
Ecology Tulane University Reproductive Success and Habitat Selection by Swainson's Warblers (Limnothlypis swainsonii) in Alternative Habitats Donata Roome Thomas Sherry
Ecology University of Rhode Island Sex change in Crepidula fornicata: influence of environmental factors on reproductive success and the timing of sex change Dina Proestou Saran Twombly
Ecology University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana Effects of cattle grazing and fire on birds of pinyon-juniper woodlands Scott Schlossberg Jeffrey Brawn
Ecology University of the Philippines Factors influencing the density, distribution and size structure of symbiotic shrimp and goby populations in a reef flat system Nadia Palomar Antonette Me–ez
Ecology University of Nevada, Reno The Ecological Relationship Between A Rocky Mountain Threatened Species and A Great Plains Agricultural Pest Hillary Robison Peter Brussard
Ecology State University of New York, Stony Brook Biogeochemical modeling of the combined influences of atmospheric nitrogen deposition and herbivory on plant production and nutrient cycling Heather Throop Manuel Lerdau
Ecology Bowling Green State University Examination of the relationship between phenotypic plasticity and population size in a threatened plant species Christopher Tracey Helen Michaels
Ecology University of Pennsylvania Niche differentiation and morphological plasticity in tree seedlings of tropical dry forest Jeffrey Klemens Daniel Janzen
Ecology Long Island University Quantitative analysis of a chronic sewage problem on a Caribbean coral reef: Short-term coral disease analysis and long-term monitoring of coral disease, recruitment, and community structure Longin Kaczmarsky Matthew Draud
Ecology Arizona State University Do plant compounds induce seed-carrying behaviors in ants Wendy Marussich Stanley Faeth
Ecology Clemson University The Effects of Metals on Sodium Balance in Daphnia magna Kimberly Kosick Stephen Klaine
Ecology University of Michigan Do plants selectively associate with species of ectomycorrhizal fungi that support highest plant growth and resource acquisition in each environment Miroslav Kummel Deborah Goldberg
Ecology Louisiana State University Comparative demographic performance of habitat-generalist and habitat-specialist plant species among microhabitats: does microhabitat specificity determine plant distribution among habitats Satya Maliakal Julie Denslow
Ecology State Univeristy of New York, Stony Brook Effects of an Herbicide-resistance Mutation on Allocation to Growth and Chemical Defense Aaron Gassmann Douglas Futuyma
Ecology Western Washington University Chemical Anti-herbivore Defenses of Ulvaria obscura Amorah Lee Kathryn Van Alstyne
Ecology Tufts University Inbreeding Depression and Inbreeding Avoidance in the Marine Gastropod Crepidula convexa Wei Li Jan Pechenik
Ecology University of California, Santa Barbara Larval retention and population connectivity in the Galapagos Islands Benjamin Ruttenberg Robert Warner
Ecology University of South Carolina Mussel gaping: Is it a function of temperature? Tara Fitzhenry Brian Helmuth
Ecology California State University, Northridge Spatial Scale Patterning in Mastocarpus papillatus Janna Fierst Steve Dudgeon
Ecology Utah State University The Occurrence, Longevity, and Distribution of Tetrodotoxin in Tissues of the Common Garter Snake after ingestion of the Rough -skinned Newt Becky Williams Edmund Brodie, Jr.
Ecology University of Washington Community and ecosystem impacts of an invasive intertidal eelgrass, Zostera japonica Daniel Hahn Shahid Naeem
Ecology University of Texas at Austin Dispersal in a Spatially-Structured Hispine Beetle (Cephaloleia puncticollis) Population: Implications for Community Assembly Carla Guthrie Eric Pianka
Ecology University of Michigan Function of stickleback size and shape as antipredator defenses Mara Zimmerman Earl Werner
Ecology Yale University Investigating the impact of habitat loss on small mammals: Insights from a dynamic, life-history based approach Catherine Burns David Skelly
Ecology University of Pittsburgh Physiological mechanism for intraspecific competition Phillip Brautigam Stephen Tonsor
Ecology University of Wisconsin, Miwaukee Effects of climate change on the breeding biology of North American birds Vanessa Torti Peter Dunn
Ecology University of Wisconsin, Madison Social-Environmental Dynamics of Malaria Eradication in Northwest Argentina, 1900-present Eric Carter Karl Zimmerer
Ecology University of Missouri, St. Louis Ontogenetic variation in plant resistance: consequences for the balance between bottom-up and top-down forces affecting herbivores and plants Karina Boege Robert Marquis
Ecology University of New Mexico Ecological stoichiometry and stable isotope analyses of the Middle Rio Grande riparian ecosystem Teresa Tibbets Manuel Molles
Ecology University of California, Davis The effects of host plant diversity on tritrophic dynamics and an insect herbivore population Tiffany Bensen Steve Temple
Ecology University of North Carolina, Charlotte The Viable but Nonculturable State in Helicobacter pylori Bryn Adams James Oliver
Ecology Duke University The role of electrostatic forces in wind pollination George Bowker Hugh Crenshaw
Ecology Southwest Missouri State University Lizards as indicators of the effect of allochthonous input on species density and diversity on desert islands Russell Barrett D. Wait
Ecology Michigan State University How do differences in soil nutrient availability affect forest composition?: An investigation of species-specific responses of northern hardwood seedlings to soil N and Ca availability Laura Schreeg Richard Kobe
Ecology Unity College Evaluation of Ecological Risk of Biological Control of Weeds: A Look at the Impact of Two Leaf-Eating Beetles (Galerucella spp.) on Native Wetland Plants Amanda Baker Amy Arnett
Ecology Yale University Explaining the causes of animal aggregation using movement analysis of a forest fungivore Jason Grear David Skelly
Ecology Idaho State University Are effects of habitat fragmentation on small mammals confounded by habitat degradation Steven Hanser Nancy Huntly
Ecology College of the Atlantic Monitoring and Census Techniques for Leach's Storm Petrels (Oceanodroma leucorhoa) Julia Ambagis John Anderson
Ecology University of California, Davis Does introduced smooth cordgrass facilitate introduced invertebrates Elizabeth Brusati Edwin Grosholz
Ecology University of North Carolina Allozyme analysis of the evolution of weedy Coastal Plain species from granite outcrops in the Piedmont of the southeastern United States Andrew Gerschutz Robert Wyatt
Ecology University of Georgia A genetic approach to determining seed dispersal of a tropical tree, Simarouba amara Britta Hardesty Stephen Hubbell
Ecology University of California, Berkeley Dispersal, disturbance colonization, and native species persistence in a spatially structured California grassland Christopher DiVittorio Carla D'Antonio
Ecology Idaho State University The role of mycorrhizae in the phosphorus nutrition of wetland plants Caex nebrascensis and Typha latifolia Ryan Dunham Richard Inouye
Ecology University of Kansas Direct and Indirect Control of Uropyxis petalostemonis Infection on Dalea candida in a Native Tallgrass Prairie David Emry Helen Alexander
Engineering Auburn University Enhancement of Thermal Conductivity by Introduction of Nanoparticles Brian LeCompte George Flowers
Engineering Northwestern University Development of a Comprehensive Input-Modeling Framework: Representing, Fitting, and Generating Multivariate Time Series with Arbitrary Marginal Distributions and Autocorrelation Structures Bahar Deler Barry Nelson
Engineering University of Florida Using a spatial soil water movement model to improve the accuracy of crop simulation model predictions in precision agriculture Rafael Ferreyra James Jones
Engineering University of Louisville Real-time Detection of Cardiac Troponin T using Fiber-Optic Immunosensor Hyun Kwon Kyung Kang
Hydrology/ Geomorphology University of Wisconsin, Madison Hydrological Impacts of the Cliff Point Forest Fire on the Gold Creek Drainage Basin, Kootenai National Forest, Northwestern Montana Kevin Spigel Vance Holliday
Hydrology/ Geomorphology Queen's University Quantifying hydrometeorological events recorded in varved sediments: image analysis and detailed sedimentology Jaclyn Cockburn Scott Lamoureux
Paleontology/ Sedimentation Duke University The Effect of Ecological Influences upon Morphological Innovation on Two Widely Separated Ordovician Faunal Communities Charles Ciampaglio Daniel McShea
Paleontology/ Sedimentation Harvard University Environmental Control Of Recovery After The Permo-Triassic Extinction Jonathan Payne Andrew Knoll
Paleontology/ Sedimentation Purdue University Neogene Basin Development Along the Reactivated Alaska Range Suture Zone Mark Lesh Kenneth Ridgway
Paleontology/ Sedimentation Smith College Evaluating the Potential of Using Oxygen Isotope Composition of Calcareous Serpulid Worm Tubes as Paleoenvironmental Indicators Lisa Berrios Bosiljka Glumac
Paleontology/ Sedimentation University of California, Davis Paleoclimatic Reconstruction from the d13C organic and the d13C carbonate Proxies in Triassic Paleosols and Sediments, Ischigualasto Basin, Argentina Kelley Moore Isabel Montanez
Paleontology/ Sedimentation Cornell University Are there proxies for environmental stress in living and fosssil reef-building corals Sande Burr Warren Allmon
Paleontology/ Sedimentation Cornell University The effect of topography on Paleogene to Quaternary sedimentation in the Mendoza Foreland Basin, Argentina Gregory Hoke Tersesa Jordan
Paleontology/ Sedimentation University of Southern California Paleoecology of Mesozoic Marine Radiation in the Western United States Tran Huynh David Bottjer
Paleontology/ Sedimentation The University of Akron Ostracodes as Paleoenvironmental Proxy Indicators: Characterizing the Variability of Non-Marine Ostracode Faunas on San Salvador Island, Bahamas Kenton Trubee Lisa Park
Paleontology/ Sedimentation University of North Carolina, Wilmington Effect of Muricid Gastropod Predation on Escalation in Bivalves through the Neogene Heyward Key Patricia Kelley
Paleontology/ Sedimentation University of Georgia The Influence of Environmental Change: The Brachiopod Sowerbyella Rugosa in the Upper Ordovician Kope Formation of the Cincinnati Ohio Area Gayle Levy Steven Holland
Paleontology/ Sedimentation Rutgers University Stable isotope signatures of wetland carbonates from closed-basin systems; a new model for interpretation Cynthia Liutkus Gail Ashley
Paleontology/ Sedimentation University of Cincinnati The Dynamics of Rapid Faunal Turnover during the Middle Devonian of New York State Jocelyn Sessa Carlton Brett
Paleontology/ Sedimentation University of California, Davis Effects of the Burial Environment on Oxygen Isotope Composition in Dinosaur Bone Mark Goodwin Sandra Carlson
Paleontology/ Sedimentation Miami University Timescales of chemical zonation within silicic magma chambers: the application of U-series disequilibria data, Fogo A deposit, Sao Miguel, Azores Darin Snyder Elisabeth Widom
Paleontology/ Sedimentation University of Hawaii A study of land use and climate change impacts on the aquatic geochemistry and sedimentation in a Hawaiian coastal basin Geoffrey Garrison Craig Glenn
Paleontology/ Sedimentation Universtiy of Tennessee Morphological variation in molar-tooth carbonate: influence of substrate rheology and implications for genesis Mark Pollock Linda Kah
Paleontology/ Sedimentation University of Iowa Comparative carbon isotopic chemostratigraphy of the Middle Pennsylvanian Pawnee and Upper Pennsylvanian Iola cyclothems: Assessing the potential for a Pennsylvanian chemostratigraphy Heidi Dowd Philip Heckel
Paleontology/ Sedimentation University of Iowa Controls on Aragonite/Calcite Precipitation and the Magnesium Incorporation into the Calcite Structure Vionette De Choudens-Sanchez Luis Gonzalez
Paleontology/ Sedimentation State University of New York, Buffalo Comparative Detailed Mapping of Contrasting Types of Migmatite, Central Maine belt, Roxbury area, western Maine Sara Chmura Gary Solar
Paleontology/ Sedimentation University of California, Los Angeles Timing of magma recharge and assimilation, Ngauruhoe Volcano, New Zealand John Hora Jon Davidson
Paleontology/ Sedimentation University of California, Los Angeles Mechanisms of crystal transfer between melts: an experimental and field investigation Rebecca Perlroth Jon Davidson
Paleontology/ Sedimentation Buffalo State College Strain in naturally deformed conglomerate of the Silurian Rangeley Formation in western Maine: a study to quantify the strain record Erin Klauk Gary Solar
Paleontology/ Sedimentation University of South Florida The Gatun Structure: A petrographic and geochemical investigation of a probable Tertiary impact structure near Gamboa, Republic de Panama Livio Tornabene Jeffrey Ryan
Paleontology/ Sedimentation University of Wisconsin, Madison Provenance of subducted ocean sediments in the UHP terrains of the Western Alps Nancy Mahlen Clark Johnson
Paleontology/ Sedimentation Michigan State University The Influence of Climate on Clay Genesis (Rates and Mineralogy) in the Southern Blue Ridge Mountains: Geochemical Mass Balance and Implications for Mudrock Mineralogy as an Indicator of Paleoclimate Jason Price Michael Velbel
Paleontology/ Sedimentation University of Montana Iron's role in hydrogen peroxide cycling in iron-rich thermal waters Cindy Wilson Nancy Hinman
Physics/ Astronomy Bryn Mawr College Binary Crystallization in Two Dimensions An Ngo Julia Thompson
Physics/ Astronomy Swarthmore College Chemistry in Late Type Stars Joanna Brown David Cohen
Physics/ Astronomy The Pennsylvania State University Preparations for NASA's Space Interferometry Mission Michele Stark Richard Wade
Physics/ Astronomy Fairfield University Development of a Junction-Regulated Photoconductor Matthew Smylie Nancy Haegel
Physics/ Astronomy Florida Institute of Technology Photometry of White Dwarfs and M Dwarfs in Binary Systems Nicole Silvestri Terry Oswalt
Physics/ Astronomy University of Texas at Austin Are BALQSOs extreme accretors Juntao Yuan Bev Wills
Physics/ Astronomy University of Chicago Spectroscopic Observation of H3+ in Classical Diffuse Clouds Benjamin McCall Takeshi Oka
Physics/ Astronomy University of California, Los Angeles H_alpha Absorption in the Low Mass X-ray Binary Sco X-1 Benjamin Johnson Stefanie Wachter
Physics/ Astronomy Wesleyan University A Search for Rotation Periods of Stars in NCG 2264 Catrina Hamilton William Herbst
Physics/ Astronomy University of California, Irvine Ca II: A Better Age Indicator Tammy Bosler Tammy Smecker-Hane
Physics/ Astronomy Williams College Search for Fast Oscillations in the Solar Corona at the Total Eclipse in June, 2001 Gabriel Brammer Jay Pasachoff
Physiology/Functional Morphology Miami University Regulation of p75/trkA receptor expression by sympathetic neurons: the role of pre-ganglionic input Samantha DeCouto Lori Isaacson
Physiology/Functional Morphology The University of Arizona Amino Acid Transport in the eggs of Encarsia pergandiella (Hymenoptera: Aphelinidae) David Donnell Henry Hagedorn
Physiology/Functional Morphology University of New Hampshire Embryonic Development of Squid Mantle and Funnel MusclesDevelopmentand Gabriela Martinez Jessica Bolker
Physiology/Functional Morphology University of Illinois, Chicago Identification and Characterization of a Receptor for Bile Acids in the Colon Roli Prasad Mrinalini Rao
Physiology/Functional Morphology Northern Arizona University Relating Form to Function: Using the Jaw Apparatus of Frogs as a Model System Carrie Carre–o Kiisa Nishikawa
Physiology/Functional Morphology University of Utah Do palms obey Murray's law Katherine McCulloh John Sperry
Physiology/Functional Morphology Princeton University Timing of Breeding in the Cocos Finch (Pinaroloxias inornata) Laura Spinney Michaela Hau
Physiology/Functional Morphology Cornell University Increased Growth Rate in Chicks Exposed to High Levels of Maternal Testosterone: Consequence of Increased Chick Competitive Behavior or Increased Chick Quality Kevin Pilz Elizabeth Adkins-Regan
Physiology/Functional Morphology Temple University School of Medicine Perfluorochemical tidal liquid ventilation and rhCC10: Strategies to limit ventilator induced lung injury and abnormal structural development in the preterm lamb Thomas Miller Marla Wolfson
Physiology/Functional Morphology Universidad Nacional de San Luis Characterization and quantification of coprophagy in mara (Dolichotis patagonum): Roll of this mechanism in the utilization off diets with low nutritional value Moira Sombra Antonio Mangione
Physiology/Functional Morphology University of Rhode Island Stable isotope study of the 15N enrichment in the tissues of a migrating songbird David Podlesak Scott McWilliams
Physiology/Functional Morphology Duke University Using GFP as an electrode Jeffrey Welch Antonius VanDongen
Physiology/Functional Morphology University of North Carolina, Wilmington Differential Display of mRNA's expressed in the hypodermisof the blue crab, Callinectes sapidus, during ecdysis Gregg Hoffman Thomas Shafer
Physiology/Functional Morphology University of California, Los Angeles Neural influence on MyoD and Myogenin mRNA and protein expression in skeletal muscle Jon-Philippe Hyatt Reggie Edgerton
Physiology/Functional Morphology Duke University Compressive and shear properties of isolated footpads of domestic cats and dogs Kai-Jung Chi V. Roth
Physiology/Functional Morphology University of Louisville Synaptic organization of the medial division of the cat lateral posterior nucleus: insight into blindsight Jianli LI Martha Bickford
Physiology/Functional Morphology University of Arkansas Identification of Competitive Characteristics in red rice Erin Cable Nilda Burgos
Physiology/Functional Morphology University of Nevada, Las Vegas Nutrient resorption efficiency and proficiency of desert shrubs grown under elevated CO2 David Housman Dawn Neuman
Physiology/Functional Morphology Arizona State University Effects of body size on insect respiration Kendra Greenlee Jon Harrison
Physiology/Functional Morphology University of Washington The Ecophysiology of Insect Flight at High Altitude Michael Dillon Raymond Huey
Physiology/Functional Morphology State University of New York, Stony Brook The crocodilian mandible: osteological and sutural morphology, strain patterns, and evolutionary implications of form Keith Metzger Callum Ross
Physiology/Functional Morphology University of North Carolina, Wilmington Patterns of Calcite Nucleation in the Exocuticle of the blue crab, Callinectes sapidus Stephanie Hequembourg Richard Dillaman
Physiology/Functional Morphology University of California, Santa Cruz Ontogeny of Diving Physiology and Behavior of Australian sea lions Shannon Fowler Daniel Costa
Psychology University of California, Berkeley The neuropsychology of face recognition Noam Sagiv Lynn Robertson
Psychology University of California, Berkeley Social Functions of the Orbitofrontal Lobes Jennifer Beer John Kihlstrom
Psychology University of Louisville Space vision based on texture information in real and virtual environments Bing Wu Zijiang He
Psychology University of Toronto Allocating Visual Attention to Grouped Objects Michael Dodd Jay Pratt
Psychology Boston University The role of the parietal lobe in temporal and spatial attention Pamela Belmonte Jackie Liederman
Psychology University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill Students' Negative Experiences with Peers: An assessment of prevalence and coping responses in predicting school maladjustment April Harris-Britt Janis Kupersmidt
Psychology Bowling Green State University Space-specific firing properties of single units activity in the reptilian hippocampus Jennifer Siegel Daniel Wiegmann
Psychology Cerritos College Stereotype Threat Among Community College Students April Thames Kimberley Duff
Psychology Georgia State University Memory and Aging: Enhancing Effects of Physiological Arousal Jane Gore Marise Parent
Psychology University of Oklahoma Competitive food storage in least chipmunks Jennifer Brostek Lynn Devenport
Psychology Indiana University, Bloomington Psychophysiological and Neuropsychological of Shifting Task-Set Paul Kieffaber William Hetrick
Psychology Northwestern University Generalization of Auditory Training with Speech and Non-Speech Stimuli Tessa Bent Ann Bradlow
Psychology The Pennsylvania State University The Origins of Domain General Problem Solving Katherine Grobman Rick Gilmore
Psychology University of Southern Mississippi Reducing psychological distress through writing about abuse versus writing about a positive experience Holly Aldridge Lillian Range
Psychology University of Florida Effects of Differential Context on Lexical Ambiguity Resolution in Younger and Older Adults Jennifer Stanley Lise Abrams
Psychology Columbia University Remembering and Knowing with High Confidence Katherine Lynch Jennifer Mangels
Systematics/ Evolutionary Biology University of Texas at Austin The Role of Edaphic Shifts in the Evolution of the American Desert Genus Tiquilia (Boraginaceae) Michael Moore Robert Jansen
Evolutionary Biology
University of Louisiana, Lafayette Intraspecific phylogeny of Phyllodictyon anastomosans Brian Wysor Suzanne Fredericq
Evolutionary Biology
Boston University The effects of environmental change on population genetic structuring in the lesser dog-face fruit bat Cynopterus brachyotis in peninsular Malaysia Polly Campbell Thomas Kunz
Evolutionary Biology
Cornell University Examination of Evolutionary Trends in an Ambystomatid Salamander Using Mass Spectrometry Jacqualine Grant Thomas Eisner
Evolutionary Biology
Queen's University Comparative phylogeography of two eastern North American anurans (Rana catesbeiana and Pseudacris crucifer) James Austin Peter Boag
Evolutionary Biology
North Carolina State University Molecular evolution and population genetics of a recent gene fusion in the Hawaiian silversword alliance Amy Lawton-Rauh Michael Purugganan
Evolutionary Biology
Florida State University Testing Adaptive Polyphenism in Spadefoot Toads Using Phylogenetics Brian Storz Scott Steppan
Evolutionary Biology
University of Chicago The Effect of Environment on the Morphologic Diversification of a Clade Gina Wesley John Flynn
Evolutionary Biology
Brown University The control of flowering time in response to nutrient availability in Arabidopsis thaliana Yuko Toyonaga Johanna Schmitt
Evolutionary Biology
University of Arkansas, Fayetteville Phylogeny and genetic diversity of Maple-leaved Oak Quercus acerfolia (Fagaceae) David Williams Johnnie Gentry
Evolutionary Biology
University of Colorado Population Structure of the Dwarf Misteltoe, Arceuthobium divaricatum, and its Host, Pinus edulis Kristy Duran Jeff Mitton
Evolutionary Biology
University of Chicago The Role of Constraints in the Evolution of Mammalian Limbs Karen Sears John Flynn
Evolutionary Biology
University of California, Irvine Parallel Analyses of Gene Expression in Short and Long-lived Flies: a genomic approach to aging Casandra Rauser Michael Rose
Evolutionary Biology
Michigan State University Phenotypic Selection on Anther Exsertion by Individual Pollinator Species Heather Sahli Jeffrey Conner
Evolutionary Biology
University of Idaho, Moscow Testing hypotheses of past vegetation dynamics through the analysis of DNA marker variation Terry Miller Steven Brunsfeld
Evolutionary Biology
University of California, Davis Evolution of Clades within the Terebratulid Brachiopods Paul Fitzgerald Sandra Carlson
Evolutionary Biology
University of California, Berkeley The Origin(s) of Advanced Tortoises James Parham Kevin Padian
Evolutionary Biology
Louisiana State University Does Mate Recognition Drive Divergence in Opsin Genes Related to Color Discrimination Michael Taylor Michael Hellberg
Evolutionary Biology
University of North Texas Montane mammals of the colorado plateau: factors affecting species richness Carla Carr Earl Zimmerman
Evolutionary Biology
University of Minnesota Evolutionary Patterns of Duplicate Genes in North American Suckers (Catostomidae) Peter Berendzen Andrew Simons
Evolutionary Biology
University of Georgia Genetic Diversity and Reproductive Biology Among Stenocereus stellatus (Cactaceae) Populations Under a Mosaic of Management Intensities in Central Mexico Jennifer Cruse James Hamrick
Evolutionary Biology
Bowling Green State University Leishmania infantum and the Pharaoh Hound: A Possible Case of Coevolution Laura Hughes Daniel Pavuk
Evolutionary Biology
University of South Dakota Developmental Patterning Mechanisms Underlying Skeletal Segmentation in the Zebrafish, Danio rerio Patricia Crotwell Paula Mabee
Evolutionary Biology
Louisiana State University Phylogenetic Relationships of the Barbets (Aves: Ramphastidae): Implications for Pantropical Biogeography Robert Moyle Frederick Sheldon
Evolutionary Biology
University of Kansas The evolution of coloration in Nordus (Insecta: Coleoptera: Staphylinidae) Stylianos Chatzimanolis James Ashe
Tectonics/ Geophysics Rutgers University Small-scale Structures as Signatures of the Tectonic History in the Fundy Rift Basin, Canada Jennifer Elder Brady Roy Schlische
Tectonics/ Geophysics University Wisconsin, Milwaukee New insights into earthquake mechanisms from a comparative study of exposed paleo-earthquake faults in Norway Jennifer Arnot Teri Boundy
Tectonics/ Geophysics University at Albany The Baja B.C. Hypothesis and its Relationship to the Mount Stuart Batholith James MacDonald Gregory Harper
Tectonics/ Geophysics California Institute of Technology A GPS and InSAR study of land subsidence along the Dead Sea shoreline Gilead Wurman Joann Stock
Tectonics/ Geophysics University of Arizona Paleomagnetic Investigation of Cretaceous plutons from the Prince of Wales Island, Southeastern Alaska Christina Butzer Robert Butler
Tectonics/ Geophysics University at Buffalo Improving Environmental Site Characterization by Rapid Azimuthal Resistivity Surveying for Fracture Detection and Orientation Analyses Calista McIntyre Gregory Baker
Tectonics/ Geophysics University of California, Davis A study of incremental strain geometry based on Quaternary faulting and seismic focal mechanism inversions for the Coso Range, Inyo County, California David Benner Robert Twiss
Tectonics/ Geophysics Central Washington University Quaternary slip rates along the Panamint Valley fault zone, California Charles Ardoin Jeffrey Lee
Tectonics/ Geophysics University of Southern California The southern margin of Paleozoic to Early Mesozoic North America - an unsolved tectonic puzzle Helge Alsleben Scott Paterson
Tectonics/ Geophysics Western Washington University Structure and metamorphic evolution of the Chism Creek Schist, Central Coast Belt, South-central British Christopher Houck Elizabeth Schermer
Tectonics/ Geophysics Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University The Internal Structure and Emlacement of the Mount Barcroft Pluton, White Mountains, California Karen Michelsen Richard Law
Tectonics/ Geophysics Central Washington University Quaternary Fault Slip History of the White Mountains Fault Zone, California Jeffrey Schroeder Jeffrey Lee
Tectonics/ Geophysics University of Utah Origins of inward-dipping wallrock around the Silver Zone Pass pluton Andrew Rupke John Bartley
Tectonics/ Geophysics University of Southern California The origin of the Swakane migmatitic terrane: Implications for decompression melting and melt collection and transport in continental arcs Melissa Boysun Scott Paterson


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