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March 2002 Subject

Grants from the March 15, 2002 Deadline
Alphabetical by Subject

Anthropology Paleontology/Sedimentation
Behavioral Ecology/Ethology Petrology/Geochemistry
Cell Biology/Biochemistry Physics/Astronomy
Chemistry Physiology/Functional Morphology
Computer Science/Mathematics Psychology
Ecology Systematics/Evolutionary Biology
Engineering Tectonics/Geophysics

Subject College / University Title Student Faculty Mentor
Anthropology University of Southern Mississippi William's Landing and Widow's Creek: Possible Protohistoric Sites in Northern Alabama Dale Norton Marie Danforth
Anthropology Tulane University Changing Subsistence Activities among the JupaĚ of Southwestern Amazonia James Welch William BalTe
Anthropology New York University Electron Microprobe Analysis and the Value of Precision in Characterizing the Composition of Archaeological Metal Laura Tedesco Rita Wright
Anthropology Harvard College Surface Histology of the Chin and its Implications in Human Evolution and Phylogenetic Reconstruction Michele Falkner Daniel Lieberman
Anthropology Kent State University Differential Locomotor Habits in Vietnamese Primates Craig Byron Mark Hamrick
Anthropology University of Calgary An isotopic investigation of Inca diet and subsistence models using multiple tissues from mummified human remains Jocelyn Williams M. Katzenberg
Anthropology University of South Florida Provenancing the elephant and hippopotamus ivory from the 14th century BCE Ulu Burun shipwreck Kathryn Lafrenz Robert Tykot
Anthropology University of Missouri - Columbia Postcranial proportional variation in Australopithecus Deborah Cunningham Carol Ward
Anthropology Ohio State University Perikymata Counts for South African Homo Charles Fooce Jeffrey McKee
Anthropology Binghamton University, SUNY Prehistoric Urbanism And The Emergence Of Class Stratification: An Archaeological Study Of Stone Technology At Conchopata, Ayacucho, Peru Catherine Bencic Charles Cobb
Anthropology University of Arizona Quantity and Type of Fatty Acids and Immune Components in the Milk of the Rhesus Monkey Lauren Milligan William Stini
Anthropology University of Cambridge MHC Diversity and Reproduction in Wild Chimpanzees Catherine O'Hara Leslie Knapp
Anthropology University of Georgia Household Intensification and Agrarian States: Excavation of a House and Terraced Field in a Mixtec Cacicazgo Veronica Perez Rodriguez Stephen Kowalewski
Anthropology University of Washington Relationships Between Hunter-Gatherer Residential Mobility Patterns And Diet : A Case Study From The Prehistoric Texas Gulf Coast Larkin Hood John Fitzhugh
Anthropology Rutgers University Pleistocene mammalian migrations in the east Turkana basin, Kenya: testing the utility of stable strontium isotopes Rhonda Quinn Susan Anton
Anthropology New York University Parental Care in the Primate Genus Hylobates: Energetic Costs of Infant Care and Male Reproductive Strategies Susan Lappan Clifford Jolly
Anthropology New York University A Y-chromosome study of a modern Mexican population Wesley Sutton Todd Disotell
Anthropology University of South Carolina The Search for Yamasee Components in South Carolina: An Examination of Identity Among Multiethnic Refugee Native Americans Alexander Sweeney Gail Wagner
Anthropology University of Florida A three-dimensional morphometric approach to the analysis of phylogenetic relationships in the genus Saguinus Kathryn Jemmott Anthony Falsetti
Anthropology Washington University Late Pleistocene postcranial fossils from Tam Hang, Laos Laura Shackelford Erik Trinkaus
Behavioral Ecology Duke University The response of infant aye-ayes (Daubentonia madagascariensis) to novel foods Elissa Krakauer Carel van Schaik
Behavioral Ecology University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign The function of haypiles in the singing vole (Microtus miurus) Jennifer Smith George Batzli
Behavioral Ecology Arkansas State University Egg Discrimination in the Western Slimy Salamander, Plethodon albagula Robyn Konvalinka Stanley Trauth
Behavioral Ecology University of Maryland - College Park Effects of Resource Abundance and Logging on the Mating System of Bornean Treeshrews Jason South Gerald Wilkinson
Behavioral Ecology Miami University The role of hunger and its effect on the foraging behavior of the wolf spider Pardosa milvina. Marlena Koper Ann Rypstra
Behavioral Ecology California State University - Northridge Parasite-mediated sexual selection and the effects of turbidity on Green Swordtails, Xiphophorus helleri Ronit Lavie Cheryl Hogue
Behavioral Ecology Appalachian State Comparative population densities of the mantled howler monkey (Alouatta palliata) in the tropical dry forests of Ecuador and Costa Rica Daniel Kahl Katharine Jack
Behavioral Ecology Yale University Adolescent Male Chimpanzee Behavior at Ngogo, Kibale National Park, Uganda Hogan Sherrow David Watts
Behavioral Ecology Princeton University The effect of experience on decision-making of female green swordtails, Xiphophorus helleri Christiane Meyer Daniel Rubenstein
Behavioral Ecology Florida State University Sexual Conflict and the Evolution of Polyandry in Fungus Gardening Ants Alexander Mikheyev Gregory Erickson
Behavioral Ecology University of Southern Mississippi The effects of arrival condition on the song and song-flight rates of male Bluethroats (Luscinia svecica) Jeff Mollenhauer Frank Moore
Behavioral Ecology University of Memphis Does the quantity of dietary protein in the male affect female sexual receptivity Andrew Pierce Michael Ferkin
Behavioral Ecology Ecole Normale Superieure Antananarivo Evaluation of long-term change in the Berenty, Madagascar ecosystem. Hajarimanitra Rambeloarivony Alison Jolly
Behavioral Ecology Loma Linda University Sleep Duration in Lizards as a Function of Food Availability and Dietary Preference Timothy Revell William Hayes
Behavioral Ecology Miami University Relationship of reproductive timing and climate change to the displacement of Peromyscus maniculatus gracilis by Peromyscus leucopus noveboracensis Lindsey Rowland Susan Hoffman
Behavioral Ecology University of Louisiana - Lafayette Ontogeny of satellite behavior in the green treefrog Hyla cinerea Kathleen Roberts Robert Jaeger
Behavioral Ecology Ben Gurion University Do females mate with multiple males to avoid costs of inbreeding imposed by social living Alexei Maklakov Yael Lubin
Behavioral Ecology University of Maryland - Baltimore County Stomatopod color vision and signaling in variable light environments Alex Cheroske Thomas Cronin
Behavioral Ecology Loma Linda University Love 'em or Leave 'em? Mate-guarding Decisions by Male Rock Iguanas Naomi Balduff William Hayes
Behavioral Ecology Duke University Does vocal performance influence reproductive success in swamp sparrows (Melospiza georgiana) Barbara Ballentine Stephen Nowicki
Behavioral Ecology University of Michigan The Role of Past Experience in Behavioral Plasticity Matthew Wund Philip Myers
Behavioral Ecology University of Colorado - Boulder Behavioral Correlates of Dietary Specialization in Colubrid Snakes Matthew Bealor Alan de Queiroz
Behavioral Ecology University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee The effectiveness of mate guarding as a paternity guard in house wrens Alice Brylawski Linda Whittingham
Behavioral Ecology James Madison University How female barking treefrogs (Hyla gratiosa) use multiple call characteristics to select a mate Emily Burke Christopher Murphy
Behavioral Ecology Ohio Wesleyan University Study of the Microbial Community in the Plumage of Neotropical Migrants Kate Williamson Edward Burtt
Behavioral Ecology University of Hawaii - Manoa Site attachment and genetic population structure of the whitetip reef shark, Triaenodon obesus Nicholas Whitney Timothy Tricas
Behavioral Ecology York University The Influence Of Uv Reflective Plumage On Mate Choice And Extra-Paired Fertilizations In The American Redstart (Setophaga Ruticilla) Peter Kappes Bridget Stutchbury
Behavioral Ecology University of San Diego Nest Relocation in the Costa Rican rainforest ant Aphaenogaster araneoides Ryan Carr Terrence McGlynn
Behavioral Ecology University of California - Los Angeles Evolution Of Social Behavior and Reproductive Skew in the Galapagos Mockingbirds Ilonka von Lippke Gregory Grether
Behavioral Ecology University of Massachusetts The origin and maintenance of song variation in Darwin's finches Sarah Huber Jeff Podos
Behavioral Ecology Illinois State University Evolution of female multiple mating in decorated crickets (Gryllodes sigillatus) Tracie Ivy Scott Sakaluk
Behavioral Ecology Washington University Population genetic study of the eusocial naked mole-rat, Heterocephalus glaber Jon Hess Alan Templeton
Cell Biology / Biochemistry University of California - Riverside Increasing the efficacy of baculovirus biopesticides using a polydnavirus gene Kevin Amaya Nancy Beckage
Cell Biology / Biochemistry University of North Carolina - Charlotte Determination of Applicability of PCR for Detection of Genetically Modified Organisms Isolated from Environmental Soil and Water Samples Marc Anderson Todd Steck
Cell Biology / Biochemistry Simmons College Are Glial Cells Required to Mediate Beta Amyloid Effects on Neuronal Transmitter Release Rebecca Antworth D. Bruce Gray
Cell Biology / Biochemistry University of Massachusetts Changes in gene expression in the brains of male prairie voles following exposure to pups Benjamin Rood Geert De Vries
Cell Biology / Biochemistry University of Buenos Aires Retinal oxidative stress induced by ocular hypertension Carolina Jaliffa Ruth Rosenstein
Cell Biology / Biochemistry National Research Council (CONICET)-Argentina Modulation of NOS expression by atypical PKC and its effect on T lymphoma proliferation. Maria Barreiro Arcos Graciela Cremaschi
Cell Biology / Biochemistry University of Rhode Island Microarray-Based Technology to Study Pathogen-Induced Gene Expression in Turfgrass Chhandak Basu Joel Chandlee
Cell Biology / Biochemistry Baylor College of Medicine Positron-emission tomography of vector-mediated gene expression in gene therapy for pancreatic cancer Ron Karni Francis Brunicardi
Cell Biology / Biochemistry University of Texas - Houston Health Science Center Dynamics of Calmodulin in Neurons Sally Kim M. Waxham
Cell Biology / Biochemistry Indiana State University The Regulation of Autoimmune anti-DNA response by Idiotype-specific Cytotoxic T-cells in BALB / c mice So-Yon Lim Swapan Ghosh
Cell Biology / Biochemistry Texas A & M University - Corpus Christi Neisseria meningitidis causes apoptosis and necrosis of human macrophages Erin Campbell Lillian Waldbeser
Cell Biology / Biochemistry Texas A & M University Quantitative trait loci analysis of flooding tolerance in Echinochloa crus-galli Beauv Takeshi Fukao Mary Rumpho
Cell Biology / Biochemistry Villanova University RING3 May Function in Neuronal Apoptosis Through Facilitating E2F-Regulated Gene Expression Brian McHugh Angela Dibenedetto
Cell Biology / Biochemistry East Carolina University Reovirus-Induced Apoptosis in Human Colon and Pancreatic Cancer Cells Jill Maxwell Stephanie Oberhaus
Cell Biology / Biochemistry University of North Carolina - Charlotte Viable But Not Culturable E. coli in Urinary Tract Infections Ashley Hagler Todd Steck
Cell Biology / Biochemistry University of Hawaii - Manoa Investigating the role of invertebrate chemokines in symbiont-induced light organ morphogenesis in the bobtail squid, Euprymna scolopes Tanya Koropatnick Margaret McFall-Ngai
Cell Biology / Biochemistry University of Louisiana - Monroe Assessment of gene expression using a custom designed gene array in newly divided hepatocytes following acetaminophen-induced liver injury Pallavi Limaye Harihara Mehendale
Cell Biology / Biochemistry Arizona State University The infection process of Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis (Chytridiales) Cindy Cordery Robert Roberson
Cell Biology / Biochemistry Oregon State University Characterization of adult dorsal abdominal muscle orientation in Drosophila melanogaster Kristin Latham Barbara Taylor
Cell Biology / Biochemistry Duke University Picornaviral expression vectors with improved genetic stability as vaccine candidates Andrew Dufresne Matthias Gromeier
Cell Biology / Biochemistry University of Buenos Aires Participation of NF-kB in the local immune response induced by attenuated mutants of Salmonella enteritidis Monica Giacomodonato Daniel Sordelli
Cell Biology / Biochemistry University of Arizona The effects of transforming growth factor-beta on the migratory and stimulatory ability of dendritic cells James Kobie Emmanuel Akporiaye
Cell Biology / Biochemistry Mount Sinai School of Medicine Shikonin modulates cell proliferation by inhibiting epidermal growth factor receptor signaling in human cutaneous neoplasms Fiza Singh Huachen Wei
Cell Biology / Biochemistry Universidad de Buenos Aires Modulatory effect of 15deoxy-delta 12,14prostaglandin J2 (15dPGJ2) on the embryonic lipid metabolism during the early organogenesis Debora Sinner Elida Gonzalez
Cell Biology / Biochemistry Yale University N-Linked Glycosylation may play an important role in the function of viral Interleukin-6 and affect its binding to the gp130 receptor subunit Srinivas Viswanathan George Miller
Cell Biology / Biochemistry Bates College Characterization of 90kDa Ribosomal S6 Protein Kinase-1 (RSK-1) Activation, a Mediator of the ERK-MAP Kinase Cell Survival and Proliferative Signaling Prerana Shrestha John Blenis
Cell Biology / Biochemistry Kent State University Identification of Autoantigens in Autoimmune Rippling Muscles Associated with Myasthenia Gravis Thomas Watkins Gary Walker
Cell Biology / Biochemistry University of California - Santa Barbara Characterization of the Interaction Between Osteopontin and Integrin Heterodimers: Implications for Axonal Pathfinding in the Embryonic Mouse Retina Stuart Webb Dennis Clegg
Chemistry University of Texas - Arlington The Study and Developoment of Novel Ruthenium Dimer for Multielectron Storage and Photocatalysis Rama Konduri Frederick MacDonnell
Chemistry University of Georgia Rapid Prediction of Fat Content of Cereal Foods Using NIR Spectroscopy Laura Vines Sandra Kays
Chemistry University of Chicago A Study of Cationic Nickel-Oxygen Compounds Andrew Tennyson Gregory Hillhouse
Computer Science / Mathematics University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee Determination of the psychometric function for detection of delay in graphical user interfaces James Dabrowski Ethan Munson
Ecology Arizona State University How Does the Neotyphodium Endophyte Influence Seed Predation by Seed Harvesting Ants Cinnamon Hayes Stanley Faeth
Ecology Simon Fraser University Cost of egg production and energy managment strategies in birds Francois Vezina Tony Williams
Ecology Villanova University Effects of forest fragmentation on the reproductive success of the Black-capped Chickadee in eastern Pennsylvania Susan Guers Robert Curry
Ecology Davidson College Seasonal Body Temperature Variation in the Eastern Painted Turtle (Chrysemys picta) Kristine Grayson Michael Dorcas
Ecology Kansas State University Consequences of breeding habitat selection for population dynamics in a tallgrass prairie amphibian Nicole Gerlanc Walter Dodds
Ecology Hofstra University The copepod / Artemia tradeoff in the captive culture of Hippocampus erectus, a vulnerable species of seahorse in New York State Todd Gardner Eugene Kaplan
Ecology University of Pittsburgh The Impacts of Calcium on Predator-Induced Phenotypic Plasticity Jason Hoverman Rick Relyea
Ecology University of Minnesota Effects of a Catastrophic Ecosystem Disturbance on the Biodiversity of Phloem- and Xylem-Dependent Forest Coleoptera Kamal Gandhi Steven Seybold
Ecology Northern Kentucky University Investigating the Link Between a Dinoflagellate and Marine Head and Lateral Line Erosion on Brown sailfin tangs, Zebrasoma scopas Michelle Fry Denice Roberstson
Ecology University of East Anglia An Assessment of the efficiency of the 'Umbrella species' concept within an East African National Park Emily Fitzherbert Tim Caro
Ecology University of Louisiana - Lafayette A Trophic Cascade in a Wetland Community Neoma Geddes Susan Mopper
Ecology Columbia University Disease Ecology of Domestic and Wild Carnivores in Bolivia Christine Fiorello Matthew Gompper
Ecology University of Memphis Roamers or residents? A molecular assessment of mating tactics in male solitary mammalian carnivores John Hisey Michael Kennedy
Ecology Southwest Texas State University Variation in host plant quality and demic adaptation as determinants of the abundance and distribution of a gall-forming herbivore Scott Egan James Ott
Ecology Indiana University The effect of parasitism on mosquito sex ratio and survival Michelle Tseng Curtis Lively
Ecology Purdue University Resource allocation in caddisflies Jason Jannot Richard Howard
Ecology University of California - Santa Cruz Evaluating the role of predators and habitat in generating density-dependent mortality of juvenile rockfish Darren Johnson Mark Carr
Ecology Laurentian University The effects of an invasive invertebrate predator, Bythotrephes longimanus, on zooplankton communities in lakes recovering from acidification Angela Strecker Shelley Arnott
Ecology Michigan State University Understanding zebra mussel impacts on toxic cyanobacterial blooms and vertical distributions of phytoplankton Lesley Knoll Orlando Sarnelle
Ecology University of Georgia Consequences of Rarity on the Reproductive Success of Tropical Trees Rachel Spigler Stephen Hubbell
Ecology Arizona State University Are organisms more physiologically stressed near their range boundaries Cascade Sorte Gretchen Hofmann
Ecology Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University The effect of Wolbachia infection on the reproductive biology of the black vine weevil (Coleoptera: Curculionidae): Does Wolbachia induce thelytokous reproduction Youngsoo Son Edwin Lewis
Ecology University of Connecticut Effects of movement, habitat preferences, and field endocrinology on fitness in the northern copperhead snake, Agkistrodon contortrix mokasen Charles Smith Kurt Schwenk
Ecology Dartmouth College Testing the 'taproot advantage' hypothesis of weed success Andrew Kulmatiski Ross Virginia
Ecology University of Georgia Ecological Impacts of Physiological Traits of Lianas Jeffrey Lake Stephen Hubbell
Ecology Texas Tech University Small mammal ecology in an extreme environment: the effects of seasonal flooding on Neotropical mammalian movement patterns Christine Hice David Schmidly
Ecology University of Kansas Testing Alternative Approaches to Tallgrass Prairie Restoration Todd Aschenbach Val Smith
Ecology University of Maryland The role of predator diversity in mediating the occurrence of trophic cascades Deborah Finke Robert Denno
Ecology Yale University Do ectomycorrhizal networks counteract effects of root competition on juvenile tree species in temperate forests Michael Booth Oswald Schmitz
Ecology University of Missouri - St. Louis Ontogenetic variation in plant resistance: consequences for herbivores and plants Karina Boege Robert Marquis
Ecology Georgia Southern University The Role of Evolutionary Processes in Biological Invasions Amy Blair Lorne Wolfe
Ecology Boston University Organic Nitrogen Cycling in a Southern New England Forest Sean Berthrong Adrien Finzi
Ecology University of Pittsburgh Application of resource competition theory to ecosystem succession: towards a predictive, mechanistic, and trait-based explanation of broad scale patterns Anthony Baumert Walter Carson
Ecology University of Cincinnati Experimental Determination of the Mechanism of Competition Craig Wilmhoff Ken Petren
Ecology Suffolk University Re-evaluation of Maine's critical Invertebrate Areas in Cobscook Bay Complex Andrey Avanesov Thomas Trott
Ecology Boston University Ecological selection and adaptive variation in an Old World fruit bat species complex Polly Campbell Thomas Kunz
Ecology Illinois State University Testing Predictions of the Unique Resources Hypothesis Using Amazonian River Island Birds James Armacost, Jr. Angelo Capparella
Ecology University of Nebraska - Lincoln Influence of native herbivores on the spread of a non-native thistle Lauren Young Svata Louda
Ecology Fairfield University Morphological defenses against spongivory in temperate sponges Kimberly Young Malcolm Hill
Ecology University of Georgia The impact of an invasive exotic ecosystem engineer on sub-Antarctic lotic ecosystems: the case of the beaver (Castor canadensis) in the Cape Horn Archipelago, Chile Christopher Anderson Amy Rosemond
Ecology University of Hawaii Possible effects of UV radiation on the zoogeography of tidepool fishes Jill Zamzow George Losey
Ecology University of Utah Ecological determinants of host specificity Sarah Al-Tamimi Dale Clayton
Ecology Louisiana State University Community recovery following multiple disturbances of fire and flooding Carrie Yoder Irving Mendelssohn
Ecology College of William & Mary Avian Productivity on Created Tidal Wetlands in Southeast Virginia David DesRochers Daniel Cristol
Ecology University of Hawaii - Manoa Genetic population structure in relation to dispersal potential in Hawaiian vermetids Anuschka Faucci Michael Hadfield
Ecology University of New Hampshire Susceptibility of Pocillopora damicornis Larvae to Ultraviolet Radiation: The Role of Mycosporine-like Amino Acids (MAAs) Jill Torregiani Michael Lesser
Ecology University of Kansas Relationships Between Biodiversity And Invasion Success In Zooplankton Communities Andrew Dzialowski Smith Val
Ecology University of Hawaii Nearshore nursery use in the scalloped hammerhead shark, Sphyrna lewini Kanesa Duncan Kim Holland
Ecology University of South Florida Use of Pulse Amplitude Modulated Fluorometry to investigate hydrodynamic influences of photosynthesis of the tropical alga Caulerpa Mark Driscoll Florence Thomas
Ecology Villanova University The association between the coquina clam Donax variabilis and the hydroid Lovenella gracilis Joanne Dougherty Michael Russell
Ecology University of Florida Effects of stage-structured interactions and variation in habitat quality on reef fish dynamics Jacqueline Wilson Craig Osenberg
Ecology Unity College Geographic Variation in the Intertidal Snail, Littorina littorea Shawn Devlin Emma Creaser
Ecology University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Habitat- and host- dependent compensatory response to herbivory in the facultative hemiparasite Castilleja linariifolia Mia Levine Ken Paige
Ecology Cornell University Mercury retention, methylation, and potential long-term export from wetlands of the Adirondack Region, New York Jason Demers Joseph Yavitt
Ecology Michigan State University Species turnover across gradients in nutrients and predators: experimental studies of benthic algal communities Tara Darcy Gary Mittelbach
Ecology North Carolina State University Effects of landscape corridors on plant community composition and diversity Ellen Damschen Nick Haddad
Ecology University of Missouri St.Louis Population genetic structure of three endemic insectivorous bird species (Furnariidae) in a fragmented south-temperate rainforest of Chile Cintia Cornelius Bette Loiselle
Ecology University of Miami Plant-Animal Interactions and Plant Reproductive Success in Deforested and Continuous Forest Habitats of Amazonian Brazil Christina Christina Theodore Fleming
Ecology Fundacion Universidad de Bogota Jorge Tadeo Lozano Evaluation the possible ecological roles of secondary metabolites of excavating sponges complex Cliona aprica - C. langae - C. caribbaea Andia Chaves - Fonnegra Sven Zea
Ecology Boise State University Differential migration and the linking of breeding and wintering grounds of Red-tailed Hawks Kara Donohue Alfred Dufty
Ecology Fairfield University The effect of Ilyanassa obsoleta on the vertical distribution of the green alga Enteromorpha Kathleen McAvoy Jennifer Klug
Ecology Kansas State University Seed use and availability in the prairies of central North America Aaron Reed Glennis Kaufman
Ecology Universidad Mayor de San Andros Anthropogenic Landscapes as Ecological Interaction Scenarios: Birds as Mistletoe Seed Dispersal Agents, at the Tunquini Biological Station (Parque Nacional Cotapata, La Paz, Bolivia) Flavia Montano JosT L=pez
Ecology University of Northern British Columbia Effects of DOC and nutrients on the microbial planktonic community structure Erin Radomske Jeff Curtis
Ecology Purdue University Costs of aestivation and resistance in a trematode-snail system Gregory Sandland Dennis Minchella
Ecology Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Testing the cold climate hypothesis: Is extended egg retention associated with increased in utero oxygen availability in the lizard Sceloporus undulatus Scott Parker Robin Andrews
Ecology University of Nebraska Molecular assessment of the host association of a biological control agent Rhinocyllus Ann Paradis Svata Louda
Ecology University of Louisiana - Lafayette The effects of salinity stress on Iris hexagona and its leafminer, Cerodontha iridiphora Lisa Schile Susan Mopper
Ecology Indiana University - Bloomington Do Neotropical rodents influence forest regeneration by dispersing spores of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi Scott Mangan James Bever
Ecology University of Florida Occurrence and Consequences of Phenotypic Plasticity in Anuran Larvae Michael McCoy Craig Osenberg
Ecology University of Rhode Island Developing a model to test host-parasite interactions Rachel Petrik-Finley Graham Forrester
Ecology University of Montana Habitat-specific growth rates: environmental constraint or local adaptation John Lloyd Thomas Martin
Ecology Duke University Spatial Patterning of Temperate Trees Miguel Schwartz John Terborgh
Ecology University of Akron The Effects of Local Abundance of Lupinus Perennis (Fabaceae) on Pollinator Visitation and Plant Reproductive Success Shane Miller Randall Mitchell
Ecology University of North Dakota Factors that influence oviposition in the Goldenrod gall fly, Eurosta solidaginis (Diptera: Tephritidae) Allison Poff Rick Sweitzer
Ecology University of Utah The Effect of Food Abundance on Hantavirus Transmission in Deermice (Peromyscus maniculatus) Jessica Pearce Marie Dearing
Ecology Purdue University Effects of field quality on dispersal rates of Bobolinks: A metapopulation approach Daniel Scheiman John Dunning
Ecology Idaho State University Water hydraulically lifted by Artemisia tridentata: performance of Agropyron cristatum and Stipa comata Karie Pappani Richard Inouye
Ecology Miami University Effects of forest fragmentation on the density and dispersal of white-footed mice (Peromyscus leucopus) using genetic techniques: a test of the ˘barrier to dispersal÷ hypothesis Christine Schandorsky Douglas Meikle
Ecology Louisiana State University Pollen Dispersal and Deposition on Tropical Andean Ice Caps: Quelccaya (Peru) and Parinacota (Bolivia) Carl Reese Kam-biu Liu
Ecology Georgia Southern University Effect of ultraviolet light on newly settled coral recruits Carrie MacKichan Daniel Gleason
Ecology University of Oklahoma Annual variation in genetic structure of the only known population of dark gopher frogs, Rana sevosa Goin and Netting Stephen Richter Richard Broughton
Ecology University of Chicago Spatial effects on colonozation / extinction dynamics and community structure: An experimental approach using artificial tidepools Douglas Nutter J Wootton
Ecology University of Miami - Coral Gables Assessment of coastal plant community characteristics and reproductive and population dynamics of dominant species in distinct coastal segments of Eleuthera Island, Bahamas Corene Luton Kathleen Sullivan-Sealey
Ecology Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Can fine root proliferation into phosphorus rich soil patches influence total ecosystem carbon allocation to fine roots Matthew Neatrour Robert Jones
Ecology University of Colorado - Boulder Effects Of Birds On An Ant-Aphid Mutualism Kailen Mooney Yan Linhart
Ecology University of Colorado Soil nutrient heterogeneity in a Wind-Disturbed and Salvage-Logged Subalpine Forest Cristina Rumbaitis-del Rio Carol Wessman
Engineering Clemson University Clinical Inputs for Total Knee Replacement Simulation Lisa Benson Martine LaBerge
Engineering University of Massachusetts Phytoremediation of Petroleum Contaminated Soil Using Turfgrass Denise Siraco Baoshan Xing
Hydrology / Geomorphology University of Wisconsin - Madison Iron and oxygen response to air sparging BTEX-remediation in a geochemically heterogeneous groundwater system Ingrid Ekstrom Jean Bahr
Hydrology / Geomorphology University of New Mexico Holocene Variations in Fire Frequency and Sedimentation Rates in the Idaho Batholith: Implications for the Role of Climate Change in Controlling Fire Regimes Jennifer Pierce Grant Meyer
Hydrology / Geomorphology University of Cincinnati Evolving Landscapes: Earthworks as a Model for the Morphologic Evolution of Natural Hillslopes Reuben Bullard Jr. David Nash
Hydrology / Geomorphology University of Iowa Atmospheric Dust Loading, Loess Accumulation Rates, and Chronologic Constraints: An Investigation of Last Glacial Loess in East-Central Iowa Stephanie Tassier-Surine Luis Gonzalez
Hydrology / Geomorphology University of Maryland - College Park The Effect of Extrafloral Nectaries on Herbivory and Biological Control in Peach, Prunus perssica (L.) Batsch Clarissa Mathews Dale Bottrell
Paleontology / Sedimentation University of California - Berkeley Mammalian evolution in the Miocene of Nevada; A test of the Turnover Pulse Hypothesis Edward Davis Anthony Barnosky
Paleontology / Sedimentation University of California - Davis Climatic disturbance and global warming related to Mid-Cretaceous OAEs Sarah Santee Isabel Montanez
Paleontology / Sedimentation University of California - Riverside : Dissecting the paleoecological signature of a major radiation in the Great Basin, western U.S.: diversity and abundance patterns across an Ordovician shelf Seth Finnegan Mary Droser
Paleontology / Sedimentation University of Cincinnati A taphofacies model for Middle Cambrian trilobite assemblages from the Great Basin (Utah and Nevada) and southeastern Idaho Michael DeSantis Carlton Brett
Paleontology / Sedimentation University of California - Los Angeles Laser Raman Spectroscopic Analysis of Biochemical Changes Caused by Fossilization Andrew Czaja J(ames) Schopf
Paleontology / Sedimentation University of California - Los Angeles Tertiary Paleogeography and Depositional Environment of Punchbowl Formation, DevilĂs Punchbowl, California: Implications for Palinspastic Reconstruction Brian Viggiano Raymond Ingersoll
Paleontology / Sedimentation University of Colorado - Boulder Testing physical robustness of chitin to predict preservation potential of insects Amanda Cook Dena Smith
Paleontology / Sedimentation University of Nebraska - Omaha Paleoclimate Analyses Of A Late Cretaceous Flora From New Mexico Using Leaf Architecture Frederick Vogt Lisa Boucher
Paleontology / Sedimentation University of California - Riverside Event bed deposition in the Cincinnatian Series: Implications for assessing micro-evolutionary changes within Flexicalymene Brenda Hunda Nigel Hughes
Paleontology / Sedimentation Texas A & M University - Corpus Christi Investigation of Transport of Radionuclides From Abandoned Uranium Mines to Watershed Crystal Smith Philippe Tissot
Paleontology / Sedimentation Johns Hopkins University Skeletal Mineralogy of Dominant Reef Building Fossils of the Paleozoic Justin Ries Steven Stanley
Paleontology / Sedimentation Ohio University Characterizing an early terrestrial biota from the Early Silurian (Llandoverian) Massanutten Sandstone of Virginia Alexandru Tomescu Gar Rothwell
Paleontology / Sedimentation Yale University Paleofloral tests for Baja BC Ian Miller Leo Hickey
Paleontology / Sedimentation University of Cincinnati Taphonomic Evaluation of Models for Storm-Dominated Sedimentation on a Siliciclastic-Carbonate Ramp: The Kope Formation (Cincinnatian Series), Ohio-Indiana-Kentucky Brian Kirchner Carlton Brett
Petrology / Geochemistry University of Hawaii - Manoa Calcification by coccolithophorids as an effect of pCO2 and nutrient concentrations, investigating the effect since the last glacial maximum until present and extending into the future Andreas Andersson Fred Mackenzie
Petrology / Geochemistry Indiana University Phosphorus geochemistry: A proxy for productivity Jennifer Latimer Gabriel Filippelli
Petrology / Geochemistry University of Michigan Thermobarometry and Lutetium ű Hafnium Ages of Franciscan Eclogites and Amphibolites Frederick Page Samuel Mukasa
Petrology / Geochemistry Miami University The Evolution of a Chemically Zoned Magma Chamber: the 1707 Eruption of Fuji Volcano, Japan Shizuko Watanabe Elisabeth Widom
Petrology / Geochemistry University of Wisconsin - Madison Paleogeographic and pre-collisional tectonic implications by determining provenance and geochronology of the UHP metasediments of the Zermatt-Saas ophiolite, western Alps Nancy Mahlen Clark Johnson
Petrology / Geochemistry University of Wisconsin Monitoring Assimilation Processes in Felsic Magma Chambers with d18O of Zircon and Garnet Jade Star Lackey John Valley
Petrology / Geochemistry University of Iowa A 10,000 Year to Present Record of Caribbean Precipitation and Vegetation Roger Gomez Luis Gonzalez
Petrology / Geochemistry New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology Possibility of a Mantle Superplume Event Near the Archean / Proterozoic Boundary: The Record in Platform Sediments in Southern Africa Christina Calvin Kent Condie
Petrology / Geochemistry University of South Florida Li isotopes of the New Georgia Group Volcanics from the Woodlark Basin, Solomon Islands Megan Hendren Jeffrey Ryan
Petrology / Geochemistry Central Washington University Magma mixing, recharge, and eruption histories recorded by the distribution and chemistry of plagioclase crystals from Lassen Peak Volcano, California Morgan Salisbury Wendy Bohrson
Petrology / Geochemistry Syracuse University Isotopic characterization of syntectonic and post-tectonic granites of the Anti-Atlas orogen: constraints on the extent of the West African Craton Laurel Qualls Scott Samson
Physics / Astronomy University of Sydney Time Resolved Observations of the pulsating sdB star PG1605+072 Simon O'Toole Timothy Bedding
Physics / Astronomy Portland State University Charge diffusion in charge-coupled devices Ralf Widenhorn Erik Bodegom
Physiology / Functional Morphology University of Buenos Aires Adaptation of islets of Langerhans to pregnancy and postpartum: modulatory pathways leading to beta-cell proliferation and beta-cell death Evangelina Capobianco Alicia Jawerbaum
Physiology / Functional Morphology University of California - Berkeley Metabolic and mechanical scaling in scleractinian corals Bryce Wolcott Mimi Koehl
Physiology / Functional Morphology University of Buenos Aires Leptin on lipid metabolic alterations during diabetic pregnancy Veronica White Elida Gonzalez
Physiology / Functional Morphology University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Facilitating metabolic recovery of exhaustively exercised largemouth bass Steven Cooke David Philipp
Physiology / Functional Morphology University of Connecticut Intestinal Regulation of Renal Sulfate excretion Ryan Pelis J. Renfro
Physiology / Functional Morphology Duke University Symphyseal fusion in artiodactyls: An in vivo study of the biomechanics of masticatory form in goats and llamas Susan Williams William Hylander
Physiology / Functional Morphology University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee Morphological Changes in the Prefrontal Cortex following Cerebellum Dentate Nuclei Lesions David Bauer Rodney Swain
Physiology / Functional Morphology University of Florida Optimizing Nutritional Efficiency: Morphological Plasticity of the Echinopluteus Digestive System Adam Reitzel David Julian
Physiology / Functional Morphology National Research Council (CONICET)-Argentina Regulation of EGF receptor by progestrone during pregnancy in rat Maria Ribeiro Ana Franchi
Physiology / Functional Morphology University of North Carolina - Wilmington Mineralization pattern, ultrastructure and histochemical analysis of the ecdysial suture of the blue crab, Callinectes sapidus Carolina Priester Richard Dillaman
Physiology / Functional Morphology Louisiana State University Expression of TRP Channel Subunits in the Developing and Adult Chicken Retina Scott Crousillac Evanna Gleason
Physiology / Functional Morphology Old Dominion University An examination of skin mechanics in Thamnophis sirtalis (Serpentes): analysis of properties associated with feeding on large-bodied prey Gabriel Rivera Alan Savitzky
Physiology / Functional Morphology National Research Council (CONICET)-Argentina Alterations of matrix metalloproteinases during early placentation and fetal development in the diabetic pathology Maria Pustovrh Alicia Jawerbaum
Physiology / Functional Morphology University of Florida Respiratory allocation and the standard rate of metabolism across ontogeny in the African lungfish Protopterus aethiopicus Ashley Seifert Lauren Chapman
Physiology / Functional Morphology Miami University Endogenous Auxin Distribution in Liverwort Shoot Apical Meristems Neela Kumar Roger Meicenheimer
Physiology / Functional Morphology Florida State University The Effects of an Acute Bout of Exercise on the Lipoprotein Profiles of Black and White American Men Michael Kushnick Robert Moffatt
Physiology / Functional Morphology Oklahoma State University Testing the Adaptive Value of Temperature Sex Determination in Reptiles Day Ligon Charles Peterson
Physiology / Functional Morphology Boise State University Wing shape variation between western and eastern House Finches Carpodacus mexicanus Jeremy Egbert James Belthoff
Physiology / Functional Morphology Ohio University Ontogeny of arboreal locomotor biodynamics in Didelphis virginiana Andrew Lammers Audrone Biknevicius
Physiology / Functional Morphology University of Cincinnati Presynaptic dopamine inhibition modulates the spontaneous activity of olfactory bulb mitral / tufted cells Thomas Mast Edwin Griff
Physiology / Functional Morphology Iowa State University Embryonic Development, Temperature and Parental Behavior During Avian Incubation Christopher Olson Carol Vleck
Physiology / Functional Morphology University of California - Irvine Strike Kinematics of Scorpions Arie van der Meijden Adam Summers
Physiology / Functional Morphology Miami University Inhibitory Effects of Aloe barbadensis against Candida albicans Sumithra Jayaram Marcia Lee
Physiology / Functional Morphology Miami University The role of electrical activity during development of adult neuromuscular junctions in Drosophila Sarita Hebbar Joyce Fernandes
Physiology / Functional Morphology University of Buenos Aires Effects and mechanisms of periconcepcional alcohol ingestion on early embryo development in mouse. Role of prostaglandine and vasoactive factors Longobucco Valeria Cebral Elisa
Physiology / Functional Morphology Iowa State University How do long-lived birds delay senescence - development of appropriate models and techniques Mark Haussmann Carol Vleck
Physiology / Functional Morphology University of Alabama - Birmingham The Expression of SF-1 and Aromatase in the Developing Gonads of a Reptile with Temperature-Dependent Sex Determination Chris Murdock Thane Wibbels
Physiology / Functional Morphology Northern Arizona University Neuromuscular organization of the Microhylid frog tongue Jenna Monroy Kiisa Nishikawa
Physiology / Functional Morphology University of Louisville Thalamic Diversity: A comparison of the membrane properties of relay cells within the lateral geniculate nucleus and the lateral posterior nucleus Jianli Li Martha Bickford
Physiology / Functional Morphology Temple University School of Medicine Cytoprotective Effects Of rhCC-10: A Neonatal Lung Protective Strategy Beth Nordby Marla Wolfson
Physiology / Functional Morphology Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine The effect of exercise on the morphology of muscle attachment sites Ann Zumwalt Christopher Ruff
Physiology / Functional Morphology Boston University A Comparative Analysis of the Locomotor Anatomy and Kinematics of Ateline Primates Denise Guillot Laura MacLatchy
Psychology University of California - Los Angeles Neurogenesis and Hippocampus-Dependent Fear Conditioning Jennifer Quinn Michael Fanselow
Psychology University of Kansas An Investigation of Factors that Contribute to Subjective Well-Being in Mexican-American Adolescents Lisa Edwards Shane Lopez
Psychology University of Michigan Role of the Dorsal Hippocampus in Renewal of Conditional Fear After ExtinctionBouton Kevin Corcoran Stephen Maren
Psychology Miami University Ethanol and the Amygdala: A Serotonergic Phenomenon Jennifer Naylor Peter Simson
Psychology University of New Hampshire Gender Differences in the Expression of Emotional Intelligence in the Life Space Marc Brackett Rebecca Warner
Psychology Wichita State University Older Drivers' Performance and the Useful Field of View Kathy Sifrit Alex Chaparro
Psychology Louisiana State University Perceptual Implicit Memory for Conceptually Activated Theme Words Jeffrey Starns Jason Hicks
Psychology University of Southern Mississippi The Effects of a Family Intervention on Compliance in In-Center Dialysis Patients Shannon Moss Barbara Hailey
Psychology University of Southern Mississippi The ontogeny of echolocation in an Atlantic bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops truncatus) Jennifer Hendry Stan Kuczaj
Psychology University if Glasgow The involvement of parietal areas in human imitation of arm movements Vaia Lestou Frank Pollick
Psychology Pennsylvania State University Red Light Suppression of Nocturnal Salivary Melatonin Depends on Time of Day: Evidence for a Trichromatic Circadian Visual System and Evolutionary Implications Robert Matchock Frederick Brown
Systematics / Evolutionary Biology Illinois State University The impact of fragmentation on the evolutionary potential of populations of a native prairie plant species, Chamaecrista fasciculata Constantinos Mannouris Diane Byers
Systematics / Evolutionary Biology Illinois State University Does exposure to environmental mutagenes and positive Darwinian selection increase nucleotide diversity of the antigen binding region of MHC Noriko Makita Sabine Loew
Systematics / Evolutionary Biology New Mexico State University Con-population Sperm Precedence Leanna Birge Daniel Howard
Systematics / Evolutionary Biology Florida Institute of Technology The Phylogenetic Distribution and Neuroanatomical Correlates of Infrared Imaging Capability in Snakes Adam Safer Michael Grace
Systematics / Evolutionary Biology Cornell University Optimization and discrimination of background selection and hitchhiking predictions on the human X-chromosome Floyd Reed Charles Aquadro
Systematics / Evolutionary Biology University of California - Berkeley The Genetic Structure Of Stenotopic Patellogastropoda Species In Patchy Habitats: A Measure Of Susceptibility To Extinction Emina Begovic David Lindberg
Systematics / Evolutionary Biology Australian National University Paternal genetic contributions to dominance, attractiveness and viability in the Pacific blue eye fish Bob Wong Scott Keogh
Systematics / Evolutionary Biology University of Georgia The Evolution of Herbicide Tolerance in Morning Glory Regina Baucom Rodney Mauricio
Systematics / Evolutionary Biology University of California - Irvine Genetic and ecophysiological variation among natural hybrids in an Ipomopsis (Polemoniaceae) hybrid zone Carrie Wu Diane Campbell
Systematics / Evolutionary Biology Duke University Staminode Evolution and Development: From Bananas to Gingers Tanya Rehse W. John Kress
Systematics / Evolutionary Biology University of Washington Is there MHC-based mate choice in the Thin-billed Prion (Pachyptila belcheri) Monica Silva P. Boersma
Systematics / Evolutionary Biology University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign A Test of the Mutation Accumulation Theory of Aging Rose Reynolds Kimberly Hughes
Systematics / Evolutionary Biology Duke University Evolutionary Genetics of the Major Histocompatibility Complex in Savannah Baboons (Papio cynocephalus) Dagan Loisel Susan Alberts
Systematics / Evolutionary Biology University of Nebraska - Lincoln Genetic Chimerism in Marmosets Corinna Ross Guillermo Orti
Systematics / Evolutionary Biology University of Georgia The Effect of Genetic Background on Stress Resistance in Transgenic Fruit Flies Amber Wright Daniel Promislow
Systematics / Evolutionary Biology University of Guelph Origin and Phylogeny of the Predatory Cladocera: Understanding Speciation in Ancient Lakes Elena Cristescu Paul Hebert
Systematics / Evolutionary Biology Auburn University Geographic variation of sound production in Cyprinella galactura, the whitetail shiner Catherine Nordfelt Carol Johnston
Systematics / Evolutionary Biology University of Colorado The pi▒on pine dwarf mistletoe: effects of history and hosts Kristy Duran Jeff Mitton
Systematics / Evolutionary Biology Yale University MadagascarĂs Microbats: Chance Colonizers or Long Distance Dispersers Eric Palkovacs Anne Yoder
Systematics / Evolutionary Biology University of Texas - Austin Disease ecology of Escovopsis, a virulent co-evolved pathogen of fungus-growing ant symbioses Nicole Gerardo Ulrich Mueller
Systematics / Evolutionary Biology Louisiana State University The Genetic Consequences of Habitat Fragmentation on the Gopher Tortoise (Gopherus polyphemus) in the Longleaf Pine Ecosystem Thomas Devitt Jimmy McGuire
Systematics / Evolutionary Biology University of California - Berkeley Utilizing an Historically Documented Founder Population of the House Sparrow to Predict and Test Microsatellite Mutation Rates William Monahan Walter Koenig
Systematics / Evolutionary Biology University of Utah Molecular Ecology of Pathogen Defense Genes in Birds Bradley Demarest Frederick Adler
Systematics / Evolutionary Biology University of Guelph Phylogenetics and phylogeography of arctic Peracarida - biodiversity and the origins of the Arctic Ocean Kareen Schnabel Paul Hebert
Systematics / Evolutionary Biology Louisiana State University A test of the balanced inversion model of speciation Loren Henagan Mohamed Noor
Systematics / Evolutionary Biology University of Texas - Austin Speciation by cultivar switching in fungus-growing ants Anna Himler Ulrich Mueller
Systematics / Evolutionary Biology Indiana University Evolutionary Breakdown of Self-Incompatibility in Leavenworthia alabamica Jeremiah Busch Lynda Delph
Systematics / Evolutionary Biology University of Miami Geographic Variation of Dioecy in a Polyploid Cactus: Comparitive effects of bees and hummingbirds on selfing rate and implications for the evolution of dioecy Summer Scobell Stewart Schultz
Systematics / Evolutionary Biology University of Florida Windows of Opportunity: The evolution of photosymbiosis in bivalve molluscs Lisa Kirkendale Gustav Paulay
Systematics / Evolutionary Biology University of Michigan An analysis of the genetic basis of reproductive isolation in a house mouse hybrid zone Katherine Teeter Priscilla Tucker
Systematics / Evolutionary Biology San Francisco State University A Comparison of Gene Flow in Two Fish Species Near the Extremes of Their Geographic Range Mattias Johansson Ralph Larson
Systematics / Evolutionary Biology University of Miami Mitotic mutations and reproductive fitness in Delonix regia Douglas Scofield Stewart Schultz
Systematics / Evolutionary Biology University of California - Berkeley Testing modes of diversification: Rhyncogonus weevils from the South Pacific Elin Claridge George Roderick
Systematics / Evolutionary Biology University of California - Berkeley Local adaptation, environmental gradients and the genetics of color variation in White Sands lizards Erica Rosenblum David Wake
Systematics / Evolutionary Biology University of Florida Life History Consequences of Selection for Egg Size in Hydroides elegans (Polychaeta: Serpulidae) Cecelia Miles Marta Wayne
Systematics / Evolutionary Biology Ohio University Reproductive System and Population Genetics of a Mexican Viola species. Viola grahamii (Violaceae) Aurea Cortes-Palomec Harvey Ballard
Tectonics / Geophysics University of California - Santa Barbara Exhumation of Ultrahigh-Pressure Rocks - The Significance of Western Norway David Young Bradley Hacker
Tectonics / Geophysics Lehigh University High-resolution deformation rates determined from astronomically correlated Cretaceous cyclic carbonates, northeastern Mexico Diana Latta David Anastasio
Tectonics / Geophysics Miami University Stratigraphy and structure of the Oiyug Basin, south-central Tibet Andrew Cyr Brian Currie
Tectonics / Geophysics Yale University How the Alpi Apuane core complex lost its lid: Tectonic verses erosional exhumation in the northern Apennines (Italy) Jonathan Barbour Mark Brandon
Tectonics / Geophysics Western Washington University Understanding contractional strain in an extensional realm: fault propagation folds in northeastern California Ian White Juliet Crider
Tectonics / Geophysics University of Southern California The role of preexisting anisotropies on strain and deformation mechanisms associated with intrusion of the Tuolumne Intrusive Suite (TIS), California Markus Albertz Scott Paterson
Tectonics / Geophysics Yale University Does pressure solution deformation control the depth of the brittle-ductile transition? A case study on the high-pressure, low-temperature metamorphic rocks of Crete, Greece Jeffrey Rahl Mark Brandon
Tectonics / Geophysics Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Vorticity analysis of aureole deformation associated with emplacement of the Papoose Flat pluton, eastern California: an assessment and comparison of different analytical techniques Brian Cook Richard Law


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