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March 2005 Name

Grants from the March 15, 2005 Deadline
Alphabetical by Student's Last Name

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Student Name

College / University




Georgia M. Alexander Wake Forest University School of Medicine Physiology / Functional Morphology Metabotropic glutamate receptor modulation of primary visual cortex input to thalamus Dwayne W. Godwin
Philip S. Anderson University of Chicago Physiology / Functional Morphology Ecomorphological and Biomechanical Analyses of Late Devonian Fossil Fish Assemblages Michael LaBarbera
Bryan D. Arnold University of Maryland, College Park Behavioral Ecology The function of social calls in Pallid bats (Antrozous pallidus): A field based experimental approach Gerald S. Wilkinson
Yasmine M. Baktash Northwestern University Anthropology Cultivation and maintenance of power in a Maya farming village: Using kinship to establish authority at Chan Cynthia Robin
Oliver Balmer Yale University Ecology Effects of multiple-genotype Trypanosoma brucei infections on parasite dynamics and virulence Stephen C. Stearns
Tanuj P. Banker Georgetown University Physiology / Functional Morphology Role of ATP (P2X5 and P2Y1) receptors in atrophying skeletal muscle following neuromuscular injury Jon-Philippe K. Hyatt
Lauryn Benedict University of California-Berkeley Behavioral Ecology The Genetic and Social Mating System of the California Towhee (Pipilo crissalis) Walter D. Koenig
Carrie A. Berryman Vanderbilt University Anthropology Tiwanaku Social Organization and the Impact of Status and Ethnicity on Diet: A Bioarchaeological Assessment Tiffiny A. Tung
Dawn R. Black Ohio University Ecology Community structure of ectomycorrhizal fungi in mixed oak forests of southeastern Ohio: Effects of thinning and prescribed burning Kim J. Brown
Aysecan Z. Boduroglu University of Michigan-Ann Arbor Psychology Cultural Differences in Visuospatial Working Memory and Attention Priti Shah
Christopher A. Bristow Princeton University Engineering Experimental and computational approaches to investigate gene regulation by multiple cell communication pathways during development Stanislav Y. Shvartsman
Alyson M. Brooks University of Washington Physics / Astronomy Thick Disk Formation in a Lambda Cold Dark Matter Cosmology Julianne Dalcanton
Michael R. Bruemmer University of Kansas Petrology / Geochemistry Contrasting the Chemostrantigraphy, Paleoclimate, and Paleooceanography of the Pawnee Iola, and Oread Cyclothems (Pennsylvanian) Midcontinent USA Luis A. Gonzalez
Laura A. Burkle Dartmouth College Ecology The Impact of Nitrogen Availability on Plant-Pollinator Interactions Rebecca E. Irwin
Linyou Cao Drexel University Physics / Astronomy Wet-Chemical Synthesis of Core / shell Perovskite Nanoparticles Jonathan E. Spanier
Matthew D. Carling Louisiana State University-Baton Rouge Systematics / Evolutionary Biology Testing introgression hypotheses in Passerina buntings Robb T. Brumfield
Yu Chen Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Physiology / Functional Morphology Effects of Thyroid Disruption on the Expression of Thyroid Responsive RC3 Gene in Developing Japanese Quail Brain F. M. A. McNabb
Jena L. Chojnowski University of Florida Systematics / Evolutionary Biology Identifying and Analyzing Candidate Genes for Temperature-Dependent Sex Determination in the Red-eared Slider Turtle, Trachemys scripta Edward L. Braun
Jennifer M. Cianciolo Indiana University Bloomington Systematics / Evolutionary Biology Dispersal as a mechanism for asexuals to avoid parasites: Does escape in space work over time? Curt Lively
Matthew E. Clapham University of Southern California Paleontology / Sedimentation Initial Steps Towards Dominance: Bivalve Paleoecology in the Late Permian David J. Bottjer
Santiago J. Claramunt Louisiana State University-Baton Rouge Systematics / Evolutionary Biology Testing models of biological diversification in a continental radiation: morphological evolution and cladogenesis in the avian family Furnariidae Robb T. Brumfield
Daniel W. Clarke University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas Cell Biology / Biochemistry The Latex Bead Protective Effect Associated With Acanthamoeba Keratitis Jerry Y. Niederkorn
Wendy L. Clement University of Minnesota, Twin Cities Systematics / Evolutionary Biology Phylogeny of Castilleae (Moraceae): Investigating the evolutionary history of the figs' closest relatives George D. Weiblen
Clint R. Cole University of California-Davis Anthropology Regional Comparison of Snake Valley Corrugated Wares from Fremont Archaeological Sites in Upper Meadow Valley Wash, Snake Valley, and Parowan ValleyUsing XRF Mass Spectrometry and Petographic Thin Section Techniques Robert L. Bettinger
Randal T. Cole University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Engineering Modification of an isolated heart setup to simulate normal and pathophysiological performance Timothy A. Johnson
Tara L. Connelly Memorial University Ecology Biogeochemistry of the Hyperbenthos of the Beaufort Sea Shelf, Arctic Ocean: a Zooplankton-Centered Approach Donald R. Deibel
Kendra G. Coonse Albertson College Cell Biology / Biochemistry The Effect of Cadmium on Apoptosis in Cultured Human Osteosarcoma Cells Sara J. Heggland
Frank H. Cornine Unity College Ecology Environmental Influences for the Tree Canopy Preference of Culex pipiens and Other Mosquito Species Amy E. Arnett
Ricardo A. Covarrubias University of Washington Physics / Astronomy Does Metallicity Affect the Fate of Massive Stars? Julianne Dalcanton
Toby S. Daly-Engel University of Hawaii at Manoa Ecology Multiple paternity assessments for three congeneric shark species (Carcharhinus) in Hawaii Brian W. Bowen
Nicole K. Davis University of Cincinnati Hydrology / Geomorphology Timing and style of glaciation in semi-arid, westerlies-dominated Tibet Lewis A. Owen
Kyle G. Dexter University of Virginia Systematics / Evolutionary Biology Distributional Patterns in the genus Inga (Fabaceae) Clifford W. Cunningham
David D. Diaz Harvard University Anthropology d15N Variation as a Function of Land-Use History from the Dendrochronological Record of a Reforested New England Farm Noreen Tuross
Fabiola M. Díaz Universidad de los Andes Physics / Astronomy Spectral Analysis of HD 101584 in a Continous Five Years Span of Observation Patricia Rosenzweig
Meghan A. Duffy Michigan State University Ecology Pathogens, predators, and prey: an experimental test of the impacts of selective predation on parasite prevalence Jeffrey K. Conner
Stephanie L. Eby Syracuse University Ecology Does Predation Risk or Nutrient Intake Determine Thomson's Gazelles' Anti-predator Behavior in Burned Areas? Mark E. Ritchie
Patrick M. Erwin University of Alabama at Birmingham Ecology Incidence, Identity, and Importance of Photosynthetic Symbionts in Shallow Water Sponge Communities Robert W. Thacker
Cassandra L. Fallscheer Wesleyan University Physics / Astronomy Photometric Study of the T Tauri Star Population of NGC 2264 William Herbst
Tracy L. Fenger University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Petrology / Geochemistry Extracting paleoenvironmental information from shells of the European Oyster, Ostrea edulis Donna M. Surge
Maria Jose Fernandez University of California-Berkeley Physiology / Functional Morphology Metabolic cost of hovering in the giant hummingbird, Patagona gigas Robert Dudley
Valentina Ferretti Cornell University Behavioral Ecology Disentangling Breeding Synchrony from Extra-pair Paternity in Swallows Irby J. Lovette
Rebecca A. Fox University of California-Davis Behavioral Ecology Personality, Mate Choice, and Pair Compatibility in Cockatiels (Nymphicus hollandicus) James R. Millam
Kristin E. France College of William and Mary Ecology Testing the effects of regional species pool size on the stability of ecosystem functions within metacommunities J. Duffy
Jennifer A. Freimund Middle Tennessee State University Cell Biology / Biochemistry Effects of aldosterone and aldosterone antagonism on transcription in mouse inner meduallary collecting duct cells Amy E. Jetton
Frank J. Gallo University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Psychology Heightened Auditory Startle Reactions in Young Children with Williams Syndrome Bonita P. Klein-Tasman
Elizabeth J. Gannon Miami University Ohio Physiology / Functional Morphology Synergistic Activity against Conidia and Hyphae of Fusarium by Pentamidine and Amphotericin B Marcia R. Lee
Patrick R. Getty University of Massachusetts Amherst Paleontology / Sedimentation New Studies on an Old Fossil: A Reexamination of Climactichnites James W. Hagadorn
Nicholas J. Gidmark University of Minnesota , Twin Cities Systematics / Evolutionary Biology Comparative Evolution of Trophic Morphology in Four Clades of North American Minnows (Teleostei: Cyprinidae) Andrew M. Simons
Lijun Gou Pennsylvania State University Physics / Astronomy Investigation of Inverse Compton Scattering Effects in Gamma-ray Burst Afterglow as well as its Detection from High Redshift GRBs by GLAST Peter I. Meszaros
Elise F. Granek Oregon State University Ecology Linkages between mangrove forests and coral reefs: examining energy flow and organism movement between systems Bruce A. Menge
Sally M. Graver Ohio State University Anthropology Contact in Central America: A Bioarchaeological Perspective from Ciudad Vieja, El Salvador Clark S. Larsen
Gerald A. Griesel Western Washington University Tectonics / Geophysics Kinematic analysis of ductile features, South Cascade Riverregion, North Cascades Washington Elizabeth R. Schermer
Kristine S. Gross University of Central Florida Behavioral Ecology Benefits of tree calls in the pinewoods treefrog (Hyla femoralis) John E. Fauth
Aaron R. Gruber University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh Cell Biology / Biochemistry Response of retinal glia to hibernation-induced photoreceptor degeneration Dana K. Vaughan
Nana K. Hagan University of Massachusetts Medical Center Cell Biology / Biochemistry Characterizing the role of Myo1c in regulating GLUT4 translocation during insulin-mediated glucose uptake Michael P. Czech
Mary K. Hart University of Kentucky Behavioral Ecology Effects of habitat and density on the reciprocity strategy of an egg-trading simultaneous hermaphrodite (Serranus tortugarum) Robert C. Sargent
David J. Hauber University of Cincinnati Systematics / Evolutionary Biology Determination of Selective Costs Among Synonymous Codons in Highly Expressed Genes in Escherichia coli Ronald W. DeBry
Nathan E. Head Marshall University Cell Biology / Biochemistry The Role of the Alginate Overproduction in a Cystic Fibrosis Isolate of Pseudomonas aeruginosa on Virulence in a Susceptible Mouse Model Hongwei D. Yu
Heather M. Heinz North Carolina State University Psychology Nitric oxide regulation of aggression in a coral reef fish, Thalassoma bifasciatum (Teleostei; Labridae) John R. Godwin
Matthew D. Herron University of Arizona Ecology A Comparative Study of the Evolution of Complexity in Volvocales Richard E. Michod
Rachel A. Hillyer Florida Institute of Technology Ecology Understanding the Transportation of Isoetes' Spores in Three Andean Lakes Mark B. Bush
Rami Hourani McGill University Chemistry Synthesis and applications multifunctional dendrimers containing silicon (Si) and tin (Sn) Ashok Kakkar
Chung-Jen Hsu Ohio State University Psychology Development of a Chinese Personality Assessment Scale William E. Loadman
Sheena K. Humbird Sam Houston State University Behavioral Ecology Extra-pair mating tactics in the Northern Cardinal (Cardinalis cardinalis): a test of the ‘constrained female hypothesis’ Diane L. Neudorf
Deborah A. Hutchinson Old Dominion University Ecology Maternal Provisioning of Sequestered Dietary Toxins by Rhabdophis tigrinus (Serpentes: Colubridae) Alan H. Savitzky
Sandra C. Jasinoski University of Bristol Paleontology / Sedimentation Cranial mechanics of Dicynodontia using Finite Element Analysis Michael J. Benton
Robert Javonillo George Washington University Systematics / Evolutionary Biology Molecular and Morphological Evolution of Glandulocaudine Fishes (Teleostei: Characidae) John R. Burns
Xianhua Jiang University of Vermont Engineering Learning by Observation for Robot Manipulator Yuichi Motai
Cameron E. Johnson University of Mississippi Ecology The role of zooplankton availability and heterotrophy in the recovery of cnidarian-algal symbiosis after hyperthermic bleaching Tamar L. Goulet
Christian F. Kammerer University of Chicago Systematics / Evolutionary Biology Trends in Cranial Morphology in the Non-mammalian Therapsida Neil H. Shubin
Srikrishna Kanneganti University of Virginia Physics / Astronomy A Spectroscopic Upgrade to FanCam Enabling Galactic Dynamical Studies Michael Skrutskie
Scott A. Kimball Ohio State University Behavioral Ecology Mating System Dynamics in a long-lived, socially monogamous bird: the red-tailed hawk as an experimental model Thomas C. Grubb
Espen Klausen University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Psychology Pretend Companions (Imaginary Playmates): What Roles Do They Serve? Richard H. Passman
Danielle L. Lahr University of Lousiana at Monroe Behavioral Ecology Intrauterine Position Effects on the Behavior and Reproductive Success ofCcommunal Females Loren D. Hayes
Todd A. LaMaskin University of Oregon Tectonics / Geophysics Detrital Zircon Provenance of Lower-Middle Jurassic Strata in Eastern Oregon and Western Idaho Rebecca J. Dorsey
Daniel A. Levitis University of California-Berkeley Ecology Why do frogs and birds use the same toxin? Ask the beetles Walter D. Koenig
Stacy M. Lindshield Iowa State University Anthropology The black-handed spider monkey in a mosaic landscape at El Zota Biological Field Station, Costa Rica Jill D. Pruetz
Scott D. Lundy University of Texas at Austin Engineering Functional Characterization of a Novel Acellular Peripheral Nerve Graft Christine E. Schmidt
Elizabeth M. Madin University of California-Santa Barbara Ecology Shifting baselines in coral reef ecosystems: Quantifying community structure in a trophically intact coral reef ecosystem prior to the onset of fishing Steven Gaines
Shenandoah R. Marr University of Hawaii at Hilo Ecology Role of Parasites in the Invasional Success of the Puerto Rican tree frog Eleutherodactylus coqui (Amphibia) in Hawaii William J. Mautz
Jordan M. Marshall University of Tennessee-Knoxville Ecology Competition Between Seedlings of Three Native Hardwoods with Different Strategies and Microstegium vimineum Under Contrasting Light Regimes David S. Buckley
Silvana Marten-Rodriguez University of Maryland , College Park Ecology Pollen or resource limitation in island plants: are specialized species more pollen limited than their generalized relatives? Charles B. Fenster
Erin E. Mastrantonio University of Virginia Physics / Astronomy A New Approach to High Energy Neutrino Detection by Means of the Askaryan Effect Richard F. Bradley
Michi Matsukura University of Iowa Psychology Attentional Effects in Visual Short-Term Memory: Protection or Comparison? Shaun P. Vecera
Lisa E. Mayhew University of Idaho Petrology / Geochemistry Microbial populations in extreme environments: investigations and characterizations of the geochemistry and microbiology of Galápagos Islandfumaroles Dennis J. Geist
Jolly Mazumdar University of Georgia Cell Biology / Biochemistry The Functional Analysis of the Fatty Acid Biosynthesis Pathways in the Apicomplexan Parasite, Toxoplasma gondii Boris Striepen
Sean P. McBride Miami University Ohio Physics / Astronomy Study of Displacive Phase Transition in Zircon and Hafnon Herbert Jaeger
Thomas A. McCloskey University of California-Santa Barbara Cell Biology / Biochemistry From worms to humans: examining the mechanism by which the conserved apoptotic suppressor ICD-3 acts Joel H. Rothman
Tricia L. Meredith Florida Atlantic University Physiology / Functional Morphology Olfaction in two shark species Stephen M. Kajiura
Elisabeth A. Mills Indiana University Bloomington Physics / Astronomy A Compositional Analysis of the Billion-Year-Old Open Cluster NGC6811, its Constituent Stars and the Galaxy in Which it Resides Constantine P. Deliyannis
Jorge A. Montenegro Southern Illinois University-Carbondale Anthropology Interregional Interaction and Sociopolitical Change on the Peruvian Far North Coast Izumi Shimada
Rosa A. Moscarella Michigan State University Systematics / Evolutionary Biology Genetic consequences of climate change on Peromyscus leucopus noveboracensis Barbara L. Lundrigan
Samuel Mutiti Miami University Ohio Hydrology / Geomorphology Determining the susceptibility of drinking water sources to virus contamination: effectiveness of river bank filtration Jonathan Levy
Brian Niebergal University of Calgary Physics / Astronomy Synchrotron emission from Special Relativistic Magneto-HydroDynamic (SRMHD) simulations of pulsar wind nebulae Denis A. Leahy
Mary I. O'Connor University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Ecology Does omnivory drive the cascading effects of diverse predator assemblages on plant community diversity and biomass? John F. Bruno
Brigid C. ODonnell University of Connecticut Systematics / Evolutionary Biology Gill Development in Mayflies: A Molecular Perspective on Appendage Development in a Non-Model Insect Elizabeth L. Jockusch
Lucretia E. Olson University of California - Los Angeles Behavioral Ecology Fitness consequences of solitary versus group living for male yellow-bellied marmots (Marmota flaviventris) Daniel T. Blumstein
Shawn C. Oppegard Illinois Wesleyan University Engineering The Role of Transitional Shear Stress in the Development of Intimal Hyperplasia in Arterio-Venous Grafts Susan M. McCormick
Miguel A. Pabon Utah State University Cell Biology / Biochemistry Stereochemistry of Proton Addition to a N2 analog Catalyzed by Ala Nitrogenase: A 2D-NMR (COSY) Structural Study Lance C. Seefeldt
Emily M. Peterman University of California-Santa Barbara Petrology / Geochemistry Refining Monazite Petrochronology as a Tool for Understanding Tectonic Processes Bradley R. Hacker
Lori Pfaff Baylor University Ecology Determination of the Effects of Apicomplexan Parasitism (Ascogregarina) on the Vector Mosquitoes Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus Warren K. Hartberg
William L. Powell Texas Tech University Physics / Astronomy Globular Star Cluster Tidal Streams: An Observational Study Ronald J. Wilhelm
Jill C. Preston University of Missouri-St. Louis Systematics / Evolutionary Biology Duplication and diversification of APETALA1 / FRUITFULL-like genes in grasses (Poaceae) Elizabeth A. Kellogg
Audrey D. Reznik-Jose University of Alberta Petrology / Geochemistry Molybdenum Isotopes as an Indicator of Past Changes in the Redox Conditions of the Santa Barbara Basin , California Aaron J. Pietruszka
Julie P. Rieder Utah State University Ecology Does the invasive annual yellow starthistle (Centaurea solstitialis) self-fertilize? Linking litter decomposition with inorganic soil nitrogen levels in the field Edward W. Evans
Dustin R. Rubenstein Cornell University Behavioral Ecology Sexual Conflict and Estrapair Paternity in the Plural Cooperatively Breeding Superb Starling, (Lamprotornis superbus) Paul W. Sherman
Justin E. Ruflin Massachusetts Institute of Technology Engineering Investigation of a Fluidized-Bed Alkaline Fuel Cell Electrode Utilizing PFC Emulsions Ernest G. Cravalho
Ashley J. Ruiter New Mexico State University Physics / Astronomy Gravitational Waves - What Will We See With LISA? Krzysztof Belczynski
Mor Salomon-Botner Ben-Gurion University of the Negev Behavioral Ecology Cooperative brood-care in the social spider Stegodyphus dumicola (Araneae, Eresidae) Yael Lubin
Robert L. Schubert Ohio State University Anthropology Regional Variation in Positional Behavior and Skeletal Morphology in Two Populations of Japanese Macaque (Macaca fuscata) William S. McGraw
Erik A. Scott Central Washington University Tectonics / Geophysics Identifying and dating the penultimate earthquake along the Owens Valley fault, California Jeffrey Lee
Brent J. Sewall University of California-Davis Ecology Foraging theory and primate frugivores: An empirical study in northern Madagascar Dirk H. Van Vuren
Kimberly A. Sewright University of Massachusetts Amherst Physiology / Functional Morphology HGF / c-met Binding in Satellite Cells During Skeletal Muscle Regeneration Priscilla M. Clarkson
Christopher Shacklady State University of West Georgia Chemistry Sonophotolytic degradation of azo-dyes Anne C. Gaquere
Juan Carlos Silva University of Tennessee Knoxville Paleontology / Sedimentation Modeling changes in global oxygen levels during the lower Paleozoic explosion of animal life Linda C. Kah
Sonal Singhal Washington University in St. Louis Behavioral Ecology Sleeping Behavior in Anolis Lizards Jonathan B. Losos
Christopher R. Smith University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Behavioral Ecology Harvester Ant Thermoregulation Andrew Suarez
Stephen F. Spear Washington State University Ecology Evaluating Impacts of Timber Harvesting on a Stream-associated Amphibian using a Landscape Genetic Approach Andrew T. Storfer
Kelly R. Stewart Duke University Ecology Defining critical internesting habitat for endangered leatherback sea turtles using Global Positioning Systems and Argossatellites Larry B. Crowder
Timothy D. Swain Florida State University Systematics / Evolutionary Biology The evolution of zoanthid symbioses Janie L. Wulff
Debarati M. Tagore Yale University Chemistry Protein Recognition by Dynamic Combinatorial Libraries of Bivalent Oligonucleotide-linked Organic Fragments Andew D. Hamilton
Mizuki Takahashi University of Memphis Ecology Phylogeography and the role of life cycle polyphenism in the ecological divergence of the Eastern Newt, Notophthalmus viridescens Matthew J. Parris
Aron R. Taylor California State University-Fullerton Tectonics / Geophysics Geomorphological evolution of San Juan Creek, Orange County , California: Implications for tectonic deformation of the Santa Ana Mountainfoothills Phil A. Armstrong
Fatima Toor Princeton University Engineering Silicon / Silcon-Germanium Quantum Cascade Lasers Claire F. Gmachl
Jaime M. Ullinger Ohio State University Anthropology A Bioarchaeological Analysis of "Urbanism" in Early Bronze Age Southern Levant Clark S. Larsen
Ted Uyeno University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Physiology / Functional Morphology Testing a functional model of a new joint type: the octopus buccal mass muscle articulation William M. Kier
Ilke N. van Hazel University of Toronto Systematics / Evolutionary Biology Characterizing Bowerbird SWS1 Visual Pigments: A Comparative Analysis of Vertebrate UV / violet Vision Belinda S. Chang
Melissa S. Vasquez University of Puget Sound Ecology The role of UV radiation in habitat selection of the seastar Pisaster ochraceus Jennifer Burnaford
Tatiana Vasquez University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Behavioral Ecology Direct and Indirect Benefits: Relative Importance to a Female's Mate Choice Karin S. Pfennig
Eric L. Vawdrey Utah State University Chemistry Pyrotechnic effects upon air particle composition Phillip J. Silva
Catherine E. Wagner Cornell University Systematics / Evolutionary Biology Genetic and Morphological Diversification among Lake Tanganyikan Endemics: Gastropods and Cichlid Fishes Compared Amy R. McCune
Robin Warne University of New Mexico Ecology Life history strategies and the integration of pulsed resources at multiple timescales Blair O. Wolf
Stephen M. Wedig University of California - Los Angeles Computer Science / Mathematics A Human Inspired System for Computational Language Acquisition Michael G. Dyer
Michael S. Wetz Oregon State University Ecology Cycling of coastal phytoplankton derived dissolved and particulate organic matter Patricia A. Wheeler
Rebecca J. White Ohio State University Psychology The Influence of Automatic Processes upon Decision Making Strategy Thomas E. Nygren
Luke A. Wiley Southern Illinois University at Carbondale Physiology / Functional Morphology Adrenergic receptor regulation of angiopoietin-1 (Ang.1) gene expression in human retinal endothelial cells (hRECs) Jena J. Steinle
David J. Williams Oklahoma State University Engineering Ozone Transport Mechanisms within the Atmospheric Boundary Layer Dee A. Sanders
Kelli D. Willson Louisiana State University-Baton Rouge Hydrology / Geomorphology Microbially Mediated Carbonate Dissolution in the Edwards Aquifer of Central Texas Annette Engel
Robert A. Wittenmyer University of Texas at Austin Physics / Astronomy A Search for Multi-Planet Systems William D. Cochran
Zoey P. Zahorodny University of North Carolina at Wilmington Physiology / Functional Morphology Ontogeny and organization of acoustic lipid in the jaw fats of the bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops truncatus) Heather N. Koopman
Mike J. Zawaski University of Northern Colorado Physics / Astronomy A Survey of Inca Monuments to Identify Possible Astronomical Alignments with Inca-Made and Natural Features Richard D. Dietz
Leandro Zuberman Universidad de Buenos Aires Computer Science / Mathematics Self similarity in Harmonic Analysis. Othonormal basis and frames in L^2-fractal spaces Ursula M. Molter
Michael Zwolak California Institute of Technology Physics / Astronomy Entanglement and Correlations Low-Dimensional Quantum Systems Guifre Vidal

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