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Grants from the October 15, 2000 Deadline
Alphabetical by Institution

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Applicant-Institution Subject Title-of-Study Name
Adam Mickiewicz University Cell Biology / Biochemistry Search for bio-catalytic activity of a model Mars soil. Krzysztof Langer
Allegheny College Ecology The Ecological Impacts of Fish Stocking in Alpine Lakes of Colorado Richard Schultheis
American University Chemistry Synthesis of Modified Zirconium Phosphonates: A Potential Fuel Cell Separator for Direct Methonal Fuel Cells Ezenwa Onyema
Angelo State University Physics / Astronomy Frequency Stabilization of a 780nm Diode Laser. Stephen Raif
Arizona State University Anthropology Schistosomiasis in Ancient Nubia Annalisa Alvrus
Arizona State University Ecology The role of complex life history in maintaining virulent pathogens in small host populations Jesse Brunner
Arizona State University Anthropology Community and Commodity in the Pueblo III World: Exchange and Integration in the Yellow Jacket Community, A.D. 1150-1300 Jeannette Mobley-Tanaka
Arizona State University Ecology The effect of habitat characteristics on the ecology of an infectious disease using an amphibian-virus model. Danna Schock
Arizona State University Petrology / Geochemistry Hydrogen Fluoride Production in Mine Dumps and Tailings Jason Sutter
Auburn University Hydrology / Geomorphology Hydrogeochemical environment of the coastal mixing zone within the Upper Floridan aquifer of Bay County, Florida. Jeremy McCartha
Auburn University Psychology Anti-Punishment Effects of Alcohol on Human Choice Erin Rasmussen
Australian National University Ecology Conservation biology and genetics of shy and white-capped albatrosses Cathryn Abbott
Australian National University Ecology The Pollination Dynamics of Plant Species in Fragmented Remnant Vegetation. David Duncan
Ball State University Petrology / Geochemistry Boulder Lithology Survey, Tibes Civic-Cerimonial Site, Puerto Rico Andrew Castor
Ball State University Petrology / Geochemistry Boulder Lithology Survey, Tibes Civic-Ceremonial Site, Ponce, Puerto Rico Melissa Klinder
Bath University Behavioral Ecology / Ethology Mate choice in the East African butterfly Acraea encedon: Testing a novel solution to the 'lek paradox'. James Randerson
Boise State University Behavioral Ecology / Ethology Effects of Livestock Manure on Predation Rates and Temperature Regimes of Burrowing Owl Nests: Tests of Competing Hypotheses Ryan Brady
Boise State University Cell Biology / Biochemistry Role of proteolytic processing in liquefaction of vitreous humour in aging eyes Ryan Medeck
Boston University Hydrology / Geomorphology Assessing the Uptake and Mobility of Contaminant Uranium in a Variety of Tree Species Michael Bulleri
Boston University Physiology / Functional Morphology Comparative Hearing Sensitivity of Elasmobranchs Brandon Casper
Boston University Psychology Activation of color vision areas in the brains of synesthetes: An fMRI study Julie Howard
Boston University Psychology The role of a visual motion processing area in non-word reading Carolyn Maxwell
Boston University Cell Biology / Biochemistry Gene Expression in the Eyes of Aging Rhesus Monkeys Kerryane Monahan
Boston University Cell Biology / Biochemistry Transcriptional regulation of Choline acetyltransferase in chick retina development Richa Sagar
Bowling Green State University Cell Biology / Biochemistry The role of bile salts in Salmonella typhimurium virulence. Brandy Anderson
Bowling Green State University Cell Biology / Biochemistry Identification of genes required for Salmonella invasion Felipe Bendezu
Bowling Green State University Cell Biology / Biochemistry The Role of Iron on Adherence of Salmonella Megan Miller
Bradley University Physiology / Functional Morphology Cell Volume Regulation in Sea Turtle Erythrocytes Douglas Stoller
Brigham Young University Physics / Astronomy Determination of Several Dwarf Cepheid Radii Liberty Schwendiman
Brown University Cell Biology / Biochemistry The Effect of Spaceflight on the Expression of a Foreign Protein by Genetically- and Tissue-engineered Skeletal Muscle Peter Lee
Bryn Mawr College Physiology / Functional Morphology Separation of the fused tentacles in an ommastrephid squid paralarva. Elizabeth Shea
Buenos Aires University Ecology Impact of Endophyte Infection on Plant Litter Decomposition Marina Omacini
California Institute of Technology Tectonics / Geophysics Volcanic Hazards Assessment Using Remote Sensing, Baja California, Mexico Jane Dmochowski
California Institute of Technology Engineering Optical Emission Spectroscopy of Supersonic Plasma Jets Denis Shcherbakov
California State Fullerton Ecology Comparison of feeding guilds of intertidal fishes from California and Chile: a measure of community convergence Kelly Boyle
California State University, Chico Ecology The ecology of the northwestern pond turtle (Clemmys marmorata marmorata) in the Sacramento Valley, Butte Co., California. Glen Lubcke
California State University, Fullerton Ecology Using Tree Rings to Evaluate the 100-Year History of Competition for Water in an Endangered Ecosystem and the Changes Induced by Recent Invasion of Alien Plants Christopher Eccles
Carleton College Physiology / Functional Morphology Effect of Bisphenol A on the Onset of Lupus in NZB/W mice Martina Muehlegger
Case Western Reserve University Psychology Maternal Mood and Ratings of Child Functioning Shoshana Kahana
Case Western Reserve University Petrology / Geochemistry Geochemical Fingerprinting to Differentiate among Silicified Ash Beds from the Nama Group, Namibia: A Feasibility Study Janice Poling
Chicago Medical School Psychology Temporal Lobe Radiation Doses and Memory Functions in Adults with Low-Grade Brain Tumors. Seoni Llanes-Macy
Clark University Behavioral Ecology / Ethology Environmental and genetic influences on behavior Melissa-Ann Scotti
Colorado School of Mines Chemistry Mechanisms of photo-oxidation of arsenite followed by sorption/coprecipitation with iron oxyhydroxides. Anthony Bednar
Colorado School of Mines Ecology Genetically Based Tolerance to Environmental Endocrine Disrupting Chemical Exposure in Palaemonetes pugio. Ruth Harper-Arabie
Colorado School of Mines Petrology / Geochemistry Metallogenetic study of the Jales Gold district, northern Portugal. Diogo Rosa
Columbia University Paleontology / Sedimentation The late-glacial metamorphosis of the Black Sea and its impact on early human civilizations Candace Major
Columbia University Ecology Distribution, Abundance and Feeding Ecology of the Endangered Dwarf Carnivores on Cozumel Island, Mexico. Katherine McFadden
Columbia University Psychology Cognitive Effects of Electroconvulsive Shock Stimulation and Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation in the Rhesus Monkey Tammy Moscrip
Concordia University Ecology The effect of food density on territory size in juvenile steelhead (Oncorhynchus mykiss) Istvan Imre
Cornell Medical College Psychology Medical Student Perceptions of Substance Abuse Policy Strategies and Treatment Shantanu Agrawal
Cornell University Behavioral Ecology / Ethology Conspecific recognition in brood parasitic cowbirds Mark Hauber
Cornell University Behavioral Ecology / Ethology Effect of nutritional stress during molt on the expression of structurally based ornamental coloration in male brown-headed cowbirds (Molothrus ater) Kevin McGraw
Duke University Anthropology A test of 'obstetric hypotheses' for explaining pubic length differences in Neandertals Michael Black
Duke University Systematics / Evolutionary Biology The evolutionary genetics of Heliconius hybrid zones Michael Blum
Duke University Ecology Measuring belowground nitrogen cycling under elevated CO2 Kirsten Hofmockel
Duke University Ecology An examination of colony-level adaptation to seasonality along a latitudinal gradient in the ant, Pheidole morrisi. Andrew Yang
Duke University Medical Center Physiology / Functional Morphology Neural Pathways that Support an ADHD Phenotype in DAT Knockout Mice Jane Trinh
East Stroudsburg University Chemistry Synthesis of Cyclophosphazenes for Electrorheological Properties Christopher Caflin
Eastern Illinois University Systematics / Evolutionary Biology Differential Susceptibility to Fascioloides Infection in Lymnaeid Snails (Mollusca: Gastropoda) as a Possible Character in Phylogeny Reconstruction Sarah Joyce
Eastern Illinois University Cell Biology / Biochemistry Reducing Kidney Stone Formation in Humans: Impact of Glycolate- and Glyoxylate- Consuming Gut Microbes Michael Lehtinen
Eastern Illinois University Ecology Use of genetic markers to evaluate pattern of dispersal of an exotic species in Illinois reservoirs Julie Mortimer
Emporia State University Ecology Utilizing the Hamilton-Zuk hypothesis as a metric of the long-term effects of enteric helminths on populations of wild turkeys (Meleagris gallopavo) Jared McJunkin
Fairfield University Cell Biology / Biochemistry Isolation of Hox-like Family Members in Sponges: Sponges as a Model System to Study Evolution of Developmental Regulatory Mechanisms Katherine Hahn
Florida Institute of Technology Cell Biology / Biochemistry Genes Involved in the Early Stages of Embryogenesis Identified by mRNA Differential Display in Somatic Embryos of Cantaloupe Dora Maul
Florida State University Systematics / Evolutionary Biology Do specializations for hypercarnivory reduce future adaptability? Jill Holliday
Franklin & Marshall College Psychology The Effects of Token Training on Young Children and Their Ability to Perform a Relational Match-To-Sample Task Lindsay Lehmann
Franklin & Marshall College Psychology The Virtual Problem: The Effects of Visual and Proprioceptive Information on Manual Dexterity in Remote Sensing Environments Erika Linnander
Gannon University Cell Biology / Biochemistry WIF-B cells grown in various concentrations of taurocholate, a physiological bile salt, display an increase in Connexin 32 expression at gap junctions. Scott Lindsay
Georgetown University Cell Biology / Biochemistry The Molecular Mechanism of Floral Color Change in Viola cornuta cv. Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow Maryam Farzad
Grove City College Chemistry The Use of Novel Transition Metal Diphosphines as Catalysts towards Addition Polymerization of Cyclic Olefins. Cory Nordman
Hofstra University Ecology Reproductive Biology of a New Species of Gulper Shark from the Cayman Trench, Jamaica, West Indies Donna McLaughlin
Hollins University Chemistry Isolation and Identification of Biologically Active compunds from a Nepalese Lichen Debra Mish
Humboldt State University Behavioral Ecology / Ethology Hematoza and Arthropod parasites of Turkey Vultures, Cathartes aura in Humbolt County Patricia Halpin
Hunter College Computer Science / Mathematics Coloring, Packing, and Covering Zhi Qiu
Idaho State University Cell Biology / Biochemistry Phytoremediation of TCE Using Hybrid Poplars Janet Bala
Illinois State University Physiology / Functional Morphology Age-Related Decline of the Immune System of Transgenic Mice Ryan Dailey
Illinois State University Cell Biology / Biochemistry Site Directed Mutagenesis of Coproporphyrinogen Oxidase Shani Gitter
Indiana State University Psychology Acetylcholine Involvement in Object Disrimination: a Microdialysis Study Michelle Noble
Indiana University Systematics / Evolutionary Biology Genetic Architecture of the Hybrid Zone Between Sympatric Species of Oriole (genus Icterus) Eva Allen
Indiana University-Bloomington Physiology / Functional Morphology Single unit activity in nucleus accumbens before and during natural reinforcement David Wood
Iowa State University Systematics / Evolutionary Biology Rates of mtDNA sequence divergence in Turtles. Curtis Eckerman
Iowa State University Ecology The Significance of Knowing Your Enemies: the Ecological and Evolutionary Implications of the Behavioral Response of Mice to Predator Cues. John Orrock
James Madison University Cell Biology / Biochemistry Specification of thyroid hormone (TH) response in neural crest-derived skeleton of the frog Xenopus laevis Anna Johnson
Lake Forest College Cell Biology / Biochemistry Notochord elongation in the chick. Katherine Healy
Lehigh University Tectonics / Geophysics Paleomagnetic study of the Perferada Formation, Baja California Jordan Vaughn
Lerner Research Institute Cell Biology / Biochemistry Investigation of the role of the interferon pathway in mammalian RNA interference Carol Sledz
Loma Linda University Cell Biology / Biochemistry Novel plasmid vector co-expressing murine IL-12 and antisense TGF-b1 Craig Seheult
Long Island University Ecology Effects of herbivorous fish and sea urchins upon the recruitment and growth of macrophytic algae and coral. Barbara Bauer
Louisiana State University Tectonics / Geophysics Cretaceous-Paleocene Evolution of the Altiplano and Eastern Cordillera, Central Andes, Bolivia Richard Fink
Louisiana State University Systematics / Evolutionary Biology On the appearance of speciation by reinforcement Daniel Ortiz
Louisiana State University Systematics / Evolutionary Biology Do genes lie? Resolving a contradiction between phylogeny and biology Christopher Witt
Loyola University Chicago Cell Biology / Biochemistry Potential Role of T cells in Generating the Primary Antibody Repertoire in Rabbit Kathy Cho
Marshall University Cell Biology / Biochemistry Apoptosis and Disease Progression in a Mouse Model for Polycystic Kidney Disease Sarah Price
Mary Washington College Physiology / Functional Morphology Metabolism of Exogenous Biogenic Amines in Toad-Eating and Non-Toad-Eating Snakes Lauren Laitala
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Chemistry Spin-Frustration Effects on the Antiferromagnetic Coupling in Kagome Lattice Systems Bart Bartlett
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Psychology Novel Quantitative Approaches to Time-Of-Day Effects in Young and Older Adults Elizabeth Kensinger
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Engineering High frequency ultrasonic characterization of normal human skin and skin cancer in vivo Balasundar Raju
Miami University Behavioral Ecology / Ethology Pair bonding in pine voles Lisa Beeler
Miami University Behavioral Ecology / Ethology Does communal nesting improve fitness in Microtus ochrogaster when food is limiting? Loren Hayes
Miami University Physiology / Functional Morphology Focused Orientation and Distribution of Campaniform Sensilla on the Trochanters and Femora of Selected Cockroach Species (Dictyoptera) Scott King
Miami University Petrology / Geochemistry Lithium isotopes as a tracer of sediment and slab fluid recycling in the Kamchatka volcanic arc Ann Olesen
Miami University Ecology The Regulation of Ice Nucleating Activiity in Pseudomonas fluorescens by Quorum Sensing in Gynaephora groenlandica Steven Rutherford
Miami University Petrology / Geochemistry Timescales and processes involved in the eruption of a silicic magma: The Fogo A deposit, Sao Miguel, Azores Darin Snyder
Michigan State University Physiology / Functional Morphology Putative mechanisms regulating the timing of the Luteinizing Hormone surge in diurnal and nocturnal rodents. Megan Mahoney
Michigan State University Physiology / Functional Morphology Control of phase shifting in rodents: Effects of orexin and leptin Joshua Nixon
Middlebury College Physics / Astronomy Identifying UV 'Light Bulbs' for Probing Cold Material in Supernova Remnants John Colianni
Middlebury College Cell Biology / Biochemistry Characterization of a putative metal ion transport locus in Streptococcus mutans. Ben Freeman
Mississippi State University Cell Biology / Biochemistry Identification of a Novel Capsule-Associated Lipoprotein in Pasteurella multocida Mary Wade
Moss Landing Marine Labs Ecology Invasion of the Seaweed Sargassum muticum on Rocky Seashores: Consequences for Community Structure Carrie Wilson
Murray State University Ecology Fluctuating Asymmetry as an Indicator of Habitat Quality and Foraging Ability in the Tiger Salamander, Ambystoma tigrinum Amy Benson
National Experimental University of the Western Llanos, UNELLEZ Ecology Title not available Victor Junca
New York University Anthropology Assessing the Correlation between Craft Specialization and Economic Complexity during the Bronze Age in the Transcaucasus:Using Metallography and PIXE (Proton-Induced X-ray Emission Spectrometry) to Determine Standardization within Elemental Composition a Laura Tedesco
North Carolina State University Cell Biology / Biochemistry Confocal Imaging Demonstrates that the Nuclear Invaginations and Channels Found in Tobacco NT-1 Cells Originate During Cell Division Stephanie Gupton
North Carolina State University Psychology The Influence of the Far Anchor Effect on Perceived Time-to-Contact Rachelle Ornan
North Carolina State University Cell Biology / Biochemistry Measuring pH of Gravistimulated Plant Cells Sandra Straw
North Carolina State University Cell Biology / Biochemistry Changes in the microtubule pattern during Nod factor application to Alfalfa root hairs Ravisha Weerasinghe
North Dakota State University Systematics / Evolutionary Biology The White Sands pupfish (Cyprinodon tularosa) and environmental salinity: a possible case of natural selection in the wild Kelly Miller
Northern Arizona University Ecology Understanding the mechanisms generating the high species diversity in Cuatro Ciénegas, Mexico: testing for interactions among population genetic structure, hydrology and ecology Angela Moline
Northern Michigan University Psychology Activity of Hypericum perforatum (Saint John's wort) on Brain Stimulation Induced Aggression Brian Piper
Northwestern University Physiology / Functional Morphology Craniodental Form, Function and the Evolution of Dietary Preferences in Metatherians Aaron Hogue
Northwestern University Anthropology Metabolic adaptation to cold stress in the Yakut of Siberia James Snodgrass
Ohio University Ecology Genetic Diversity and Microsite Characterization of the Rare 'Monkeyface Orchid', Platanthera integrilabia (Orchidaceae), in the Southeastern United States Inna Birchenko
Ohio University Systematics / Evolutionary Biology Evolution of chondrocranial morphology in Rana larvae: A morphometric study Peter Larson
Ohio University Ecology The role of fire and weevil (Curculio) populations in oak regeneration in mixed-oak forests. Cynthia Riccardi
Oklahoma State University Cell Biology / Biochemistry Role and characterization of the tick salivary gland phospholipase A2 Jose Garcia-Garcia
Oregon State University Ecology Physiological mechansims of invasion by Rubus Susan McDowell
Oregon State University Cell Biology / Biochemistry Uncovering the Mechanism of OX40 Costimulation in T cells Amy Weatherill
Pennsylvania State University Cell Biology / Biochemistry Expression of parathyroid hormone receptor (PTH-R) on an osteoblast cell line Jennifer Ford
Pennsylvania State University Physiology / Functional Morphology Time Regularity of Tremor in Parkinson's Disease David Vaillancourt
Plattsburgh State University Cell Biology / Biochemistry Production and Selection of Chalmydomonas Alterntive Oxidase Mutant Christopher Hamm
Pomona College Hydrology / Geomorphology The development of deformations band in the San Mateo sandstone in relationship to the Cristianitos Fault, San Onofre Beach, CA Laura Bauleke
Princeton University Behavioral Ecology / Ethology Metabolic costs of an immune response and the effects of elevated testosterone. Lynn Martin
Purdue University Ecology Relating dispersal abilities of three species of tree squirrels to range expansion and structure of local communities Jacob Goheen
Rutgers University Petrology / Geochemistry Geochemical correlation of Olduvai Gorge tuffs using melt inclusions in feldspar Lindsay McHenry
Rutgers University Petrology / Geochemistry The Mineral Chemistry and Evolutionary History of South-Eastern Ngorongoro Volcanic Highland, Tanzania. Godwin Mollel
Rutgers University Physics / Astronomy Effect of Negative Chemical Pressure on a geometrically frustrated Antiferromagnet, Zn_Cr_2O_4 William Ratcliff II
Rutgers University Physics / Astronomy Studying the highest energy cosmic rays with the 'High Resolution Fly's Eye' experiment (HiRes) Andreas Zech
Saint Louis University Cell Biology / Biochemistry The role of the aryl hydrocarbon receptor in the regulation of interleukin-1B in differentiating human keratinocytes Derek Henley
Saint Louis University Ecology Pollination of the Greater Antillean passionflower, Passiflora penduliflora, by the Greater Antillean Long Tongued Bat, Monophyllus redmani Elma Kay
San Diego State University Systematics / Evolutionary Biology Parallel Evolution of Coastal Dune Phenotypes in Two Jumping Spiders (Habronattus amicus and H. ustulatus~ Araneae: Salticidae) Michael Lowder
San Diego State University Systematics / Evolutionary Biology Phylogeography and geographic variation in the sidewinder (Crotalus cerastes) as inferred by mitochondrial DNA Andrew Pece
Scripps College Cell Biology / Biochemistry Is hDBP2 the human homologue of the spliceosome binding protein Prp2 of Saccharomyces cerevisiae? Susan Hodes
Smith College Paleontology / Sedimentation Carbon-Isotope Stratigraphy of the Gorge Formation (Upper Cambrian), Northwestern Vermont Malkah Spivak-Birndorf
Southern Illinois University Ecology The Influence of Size on Rosette Survival: A Life Stage Demography Study of Boltonia decurrens, an Endangered Floodplain Plant. Teresa Cochran
Southern Illinois University Ecology A paleolimnological test of the flood pulse hypothesis: Nutrient load dynamics and species diversity. Michelle Crenshaw
Southern Illinois University Carbonda Psychology Executive functioning in preschool children born preterm Melissa Meade
Southwest Texas State University Ecology The relationship between parasitoid attack phenology and gall development phenology in determining natural enemy community structure and composition of Belonocnema treatae on Quercus fusiformis Myra Hall
Southwest Texas State University Systematics / Evolutionary Biology Sex determination,in Belonocnema treatae: linking sexual and asexual generations James Russell
St. Mary's College of Maryland Ecology The role of epibiont sponges and their microbial symbionts in the nutrient limited Rhizophora mangle stands. Denise Akob
St. Mary's College of Maryland Behavioral Ecology / Ethology Territoriality in Zonotrichia albicollis (White-throated Sparrows): Spatial Correlates of Reproductive Behavior Vincent Formica
St. Mary's College of Maryland Systematics / Evolutionary Biology Determination of the Phylogenetic Relationship Between the Three Forms of the Brown Alga, Lobophora variegata. Kelly McGarvey
Stanford Medical School Cell Biology / Biochemistry High-Resolution Tracking of Rac GTPase Activity and Regulation During Establishment of Epithelial Cell-Cell Contact Jason Ehrlich
Stevens Institute of Technology Cell Biology / Biochemistry Kinetics of Retinoid Metabolism by Alcohol Dehydrogenase Martha Foley
SUNY at Stony Brook Ecology Assessing the mechanisms of the impact of an invasive tree species on native forest communities Wei Fang
SUNY at Stony Brook Anthropology The Function and Evolution of Mammalian Postorbital Bars Christopher Heesy
SUNY, Binghamton University Anthropology Tools of Memory: Investigation of the Context of Information Storage in Early Mesopotamia Sarah Costello
Temple University School of Medicine Physiology / Functional Morphology Neonatal Lung Protective Strategy: Cytoprotective Effects of Liquid Ventilation Beth Nordby
Texas A&M University, Corpus Christi Physiology / Functional Morphology The Effects of Ginkgo biloba on Embryological Development. Michael Floissac
Texas A&M University, Corpus Christi Cell Biology / Biochemistry Germination Studies of Salicornia bigelovii by Botanical Histology Methods Eric Madrid
Texas Christian University Physics / Astronomy Characterizing the Properties of Isolated Elliptical Galaxies Christian Aars
Texas Tech University Physiology / Functional Morphology Hormonal regulation of intestinal hexose transport in Caco-2 cells Dustyn Webb
The Field Museum Systematics / Evolutionary Biology Evolution of group I introns in symbiotic fungi. Valérie Reeb
The Pennsylvania State University Ecology Title not available Caroline Loop
The University of Arizona Systematics / Evolutionary Biology The Physiology and Fitness Effects of Nutrient Storage in Grasshoppers. Daniel Hahn
The University of Florida Physiology / Functional Morphology Swamps and faunal diversification: Hypoxia-induced variation among zygopteran populations Christine Apodaca
The University of Portland Physiology / Functional Morphology Pectoralis muscle contractile activity in zebra finch (Taenopygia guttata)during flight. Lisa Puccinelli
Thomas Jefferson University Cell Biology / Biochemistry Functional Analysis of GDF5 and Connexin 43 in Mouse Limb Development Cynthia Coleman
Towson University Cell Biology / Biochemistry Molecular Genetic Characterization of a Tomato Plasma Membrane Proton ATPase Christopher Phillips
Towson University Ecology Habitat Characterization of Eucycea junaluska Elizabeth Rauleson
Towson University Physics / Astronomy Direct Measurements of Phase Transitions in Silicon Using X-Ray Microbeam and Atomic Force Microscope Techniques Joshua Robinson
Tufts University Physics / Astronomy Core Kinematics of Nearby Giant Spiral Galaxies Eric Murphy
Tulane Medical School Physiology / Functional Morphology Sound-induced translocation of the PDZ domain proteins PICK1 and GRIP1 in the central auditory pathways of the rat. Andrew McInvale
Universidad Autónoma del Edo Systematics / Evolutionary Biology Possible benefits of multiple mating for damselfly females Narim Romo-Beltran
University at Albany Petrology / Geochemistry Solid Phase Mercury Speciation in the Sediments of a Small Urban Watershed Barbara Fletcher
University at Albany Tectonics / Geophysics Emplacement History of the Coast Range Ophiolite Adam Schoonmaker
University at Albany Petrology / Geochemistry Investigating the Significance of Grain and Phase Boundary Migration In Igneous Crystal-Melt Systems Elizabeth Scott
University of Arkansas Ecology When the cupboards are bare: The effect of seasonality on an ant-plant mutualism in a tropical dry forest. Victor Carmona
University Hospital Zurich Cell Biology / Biochemistry Interaction of Disease-associated Prion Protein with Plasminogen Christiane Rockl
University of Akron Ecology Field measures of relative survivorship of males and hermaphrodites of the androdioecious Clam Shrimp Eulimnadia texana. Richard Bernhardt
University of Akron Hydrology / Geomorphology Evaluation of the cycloid as a function for describing longitudinal stream profiles Arpita Nandi
University of Alabama, Birmingham Cell Biology / Biochemistry The role of oseopontin in tumorigenesis Gong Feng
University of Alabama, Birmingham Physiology / Functional Morphology Aromatase and SF-1 Expression Analysis in a Reptile with Temperature-Dependent Sex Determination. Chris Murdock
University of Alabama, Birmingham Engineering Mechanical Properties of Polyethylene Knee Implants Shanna Woodard
University of Alberta Cell Biology / Biochemistry Isolation and Functional Study of Oculoglycan Protein James Friedman
University of Alberta Anthropology Variation in Food Processing Techniques Among White-Faced Capuchins (Cebus capucinus) Robert O'Malley
University of Arizona Ecology Demographic and phylogenetic analyses of life history evolution in the bird-cage evening primroses (Oenothera, Sect. Anogra Onagraceae): the annual vs. perennial habit. Margaret Evans
University of Arizona Systematics / Evolutionary Biology Classifying Asexual Species: A Look at the Bdelloid Rotifer Linnea Herbertson
University of Arizona Systematics / Evolutionary Biology Mitochondrial variation in the gynodioecous Bouteloua chondrosioides Laura Zahn
University of Arkansas Ecology Among and within population variation in diet composition of pigmy rattlesnakes (Sistrurus miliarius)in Central Florida: A dietary analysis using stable isotope techniques. Melissa Pilgrim
University of Arkansas Behavioral Ecology / Ethology Some Effects of an Altered Fire Regime on Greater Prairie Chicken Populations at Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve Benjamin Thatcher
University of California Ecology Understanding the population consequences of heterogeneity in movement behavior in brown trout Kurt Anderson
University of California Psychology Influence of Language on Unconscious Gender Categorization Karen Cheng
University of California Behavioral Ecology / Ethology A Test of the Territory Bequeathal Hypothesis in Female Dusky-footed Woodrats (Neotoma fuscipes) Mary McEachern
University of California Systematics / Evolutionary Biology Patterns of sperm precedence between Zimbabawe and Cosmopolitan populations of D. melanogaster Tamara Panhuis
University of California Ecology Trophic ecology of the Chinese mitten crab: using stable isotopes to discern food web impacts of a non-native species Deborah Rudnick
University of California Behavioral Ecology / Ethology Mating Systems and Sex Differences in Immunity in Insects Andrew Stoehr
University of California Cell Biology / Biochemistry Effects of Zinc Deficiency on Protein Kinase C and Iron Status Susan Wu
University of California Davis Ecology Stable Isotope Sclerochronology of the Limpet Maccintockia scabra Sarah Gilman
University of California Davis Behavioral Ecology / Ethology Development of Anti-Predator Behavior in the Black-tailed prairie dog (Cynomys ludovicianus) as it applies to reintroduction strategies Debra Shier
University of California Santa Cruz Ecology Variation in Larval Supply at Different Spatial Scales And its Effect on Population Structure. Cristin Vaughan
University of California, Berkeley Ecology Non-Zooplankton Feeding and Fosilization Potential of Jellyfish: A case for the relationship between modern jellyfish and ancient medusoids Ben Elitzur
University of California, Berkeley Paleontology / Sedimentation Determining the ecology of late Neogene ungulates: evidence from morphology and stable isotopes Robert Feranec
University of California, Berkeley Psychology Deficits of Attention and Emotion in Schizophrenia Marja Germans
University of California, Berkeley Ecology Fisher population monitoring in the Southern Sierra Nevada Mark Jordan
University of California, Berkeley Behavioral Ecology / Ethology Cooperation in Reproductive Coalitions of Wild Turkeys Alan Krakauer
University of California, Berkeley Physiology / Functional Morphology Computer simulation of tree frog gliding Michael McCay
University of California, Berkeley Ecology The role of disturbance in the persistence of endangered plants in

central coastal California

Jodi McGraw
University of California, Berkeley Systematics / Evolutionary Biology The evolution of enucleated red blood cells in plethodontid salamanders Rachel Mueller
University of California, Berkeley Behavioral Ecology / Ethology Social organization of California voles (Microtus californicus): implications for the evolution of mammalian sociality Maria Soares
University of California, Berkeley Ecology Short-term Adaptation to Mercury by the Oligochaete Sparganophilus Doris Vidal
University of California, Davis Chemistry Synthesis of N,N'b,b -Tetramethyltryptophan (TMT) Patrick Berget
University of California, Davis Ecology Is plant competition different when plants are connected by a common mycorrhizal network? An investigation using ponderosa pine, Douglas fir, and Rhizopogon species. Jason Hoeksema
University of California, Davis Cell Biology / Biochemistry Potential Role of Zinc in Osteoblast Differentiation and Matrix Mineralization Veronica Lopez
University of California, Davis Ecology El Nino and biodiversity: the role of resource pulsing in small mammal community structure of the Colorado Desert Mary Orland
University of California, Irvine Systematics / Evolutionary Biology Evolution of Late Life Casandra Rauser
University of California, Los Angeles Psychology A longitudinal examination of disclosure processes and mental and physical health outcomes for individuals with stigmatized identities Kristin Beals
University of California, Los Angeles Behavioral Ecology / Ethology Testing reproductive skew models in a co-operatively breeding bird, the Galápagos mockingbirds (Nesomimus spp.) Ilonka von Lippke de Maxson
University of California, Santa Barbara Ecology The evolutionary response of plants to root herbivory Sean Watts
University of California, Santa Cruz Ecology Foraging Ecology and Critical Habitat of the Endangered Akiapolaau (Hemignathus munroi) Liba Pejchar
University of California,Davis Chemistry Effects of Meso Substituents on Porphyrin Degradation Heather Kalish
University of Chicago Systematics / Evolutionary Biology Does intraspecific variation matter for macroevolution? A test in the deep-sea ostracode genus Poseidonamicus. Gene Hunt
University of Cincinnati Cell Biology / Biochemistry Role of Oxidative DNA Damage in Chloracetanilide Herbicide Carcinogenesis Dawn Burman
University Of Cincinnati Cell Biology / Biochemistry The Histological Evaluation of Spermatogenesis and Germinal Epithelial Organization in 3 Reptilian Representatives: Evolutionary and Histopathological Implications Kevin Gribbins
University of Cincinnati Cell Biology / Biochemistry Development of a phospholipase A2 inhibition assay as a tool to determine the mechanism of adaptive immunity in Periplaneta americana (the American cockroach) David Willhite
University of Colorado Cell Biology / Biochemistry Identification of ESX-Regulated Genes that Promote Breast Cell Transformation Gerald Cappetta
University of Colorado Ecology Urban Sprawl in Colorado's Front Range: Measuring Productivity and Carbon Storage Nancy Golubiewski
University of Colorado Ecology Tracing the fate of nitrogen in a wind-disturbed and salvage logged forest using nitrogen isotopes. Cristina Rumbaitis-del Rio
University of Connecticut Ecology Accumulation and fate of paralytic shellfish poisoning toxins in the planktonic copepods Acartia hudsonica and Centropages hamatus: Biogeographical differences and implications for trophic transfer Sheean Haley
University of Connecticut Behavioral Ecology / Ethology Are aggressive calls more similar in structure than advertisement calls in chorus frogs, genus Pseudacris? Patrick Owen
University of Delaware Cell Biology / Biochemistry Mechanisms of crystallin level expression Jennifer Remington
University of Florida Physiology / Functional Morphology Estrogenic effect on uterine prostanoid system inthe periimplantation cow. Hilary Binta
University of Florida Ecology Palatability and chemical defense of Pteraster tesselatus (Echinodermata: Asteroidea) eggs and juveniles Jonathan Cowart
University of Florida Ecology Factors affecting the sex-determining response to incubation temperature in leopard geckos, Eublepharis macularius, a temperature-dependent sex-determining species Daniel Janes
University of Florida Physiology / Functional Morphology Effects of Compensatory Growth on Body Composition and Organ Growth in the Freshwater Turtle, Trachemys scripta elegans Alison McCombe
University of Florida Systematics / Evolutionary Biology Phylogenetic Relationships Within Passiflora L. section Cieca Mast. (Passifloraceae) Based on Molecular and Morphological Evidence Kristen Porter-Utley
University of Georgia Ecology Testing models of seed dispersal in Jacaranda copaia (Bignoniaceae): a genetic approach. Frank Jones
University of Georgia Tectonics / Geophysics Inner Piedmont Crustal Structure Using Wide-Angle Reflection Profiling Jennifer Kucinskis
University of Georgia Anthropology Women and Conservation: Influence of Fishing and Tourism on Environmental Knowledge and Perceptions of Conservation in Baja California Sur, Mexico Eileen Mueller
University of Georgia Ecology Radiation Induced Mutations in Cattails from Chornobyl Olga Tsyusko
University of Goettingen Systematics / Evolutionary Biology Loss of splicing abilities in the ancient tRNA-Leu (UAA) intron David Fewer
University of Guam Ecology Studies of Aposematism in phylidiid nudibranchs Raphael Ritson-Williams
University of Hawaii Behavioral Ecology / Ethology Test of an optimal foraging model for herbivorous coral reef fishes Eric Conklin
University of Hawaii at Manoa Behavioral Ecology / Ethology Use of Stable Isotope Ratios to Track Altitudinal Movements of Hawaiian Birds Gustav Bodner
University of Idaho Petrology / Geochemistry The Lung: A Reaction Chamber for Minerals Anne Taunton
University of Illinois Paleontology / Sedimentation Migration patterns and genetic history of Picea mariana and Picea glauca: a molecular genetic approach Lynn Anderson
University of Illinois Cell Biology / Biochemistry Evaluation of the apoptotic activity of the phytoalexin, resveratrol, on murine and human melanoma. Todd Johnson
University of Illinois Behavioral Ecology / Ethology Hormonal Control of Alternative Mating Strategies in Marine Iguanas Karin Nelson
University of Illinois, Chicago Ecology Effects of multiple AM fungal partners on host plant productivity Antonio Golubski
University of Illinois, Urbana Ecology Ecological interactions between two species of gall wasps (Hymenoptera: Cynipidae: Antistrophus), their host plants (Asteraceae: Silphium), and parasitoids (Hymenoptera: Eurytomidae) John Tooker
University of Kansas Physiology / Functional Morphology Propagation of waves during water strider locomotion and communication Jason Botz
University of Kansas Anthropology Origin of the Aleut People Rohina Rubicz
University of Kansas Tectonics / Geophysics Cosmogenic Nuclide Dating of Pleistocene Alluvium near the Carrara Fault in the Amargosa Desert, Nye County Nevada Christopher Spies
University of Kentucky Behavioral Ecology / Ethology Genetically variable offspring as a benefit for multiple mating by female Colorado potato beetles (_Leptinotarsa decemlineata_). Damon Orsetti
University of Leeds Systematics / Evolutionary Biology Effects of fragmented habitats on species of Sabethes mosquitoes Pedro Miguel Pedro
University of Louisiana Ecology The influence of white plumage on the ecology of wading birds in coastal Louisiana Michael Green
University of Louisiana, Lafayette Physiology / Functional Morphology Physiological and Morphological Changes in Theobroma cacao due to In-vitro Infection of Crinipellis perniciosa Aruna Kilaru
University of Louisiana, Monroe Cell Biology / Biochemistry Assessment of gene expression using a custom designed gene array in enhanced liver tissue repair response in calorically restricted rats. Udayan Apte
University of Louisville Physiology / Functional Morphology Do interneurons affect the transfer of retinal infromation in the Y visual pathway? Aygul Datskovskaia
University of Louisville Cell Biology / Biochemistry Differential expression of fungal genes during discrete stages of disease in the host-pathogen model Silene latifolia-Microbotryum violaceum Carolyn Hughes
University of Louisville Physiology / Functional Morphology Physiological basis for motion vision enhancement Haidong Lu
University of Louisville Cell Biology / Biochemistry Nitric oxide involvement in zebrafish brain development Leah Shepherd
University of Manitoba Behavioral Ecology / Ethology The elucidation of cowbird reproductive strategies Kevin Ellison
University of Maryland Petrology / Geochemistry Crystal size distribution analysis: A means for interpreting igneous textures Laura Baker
University of Maryland Ecology Risk due to exposure to pesticides in orchards: characterization by development of exposure profiles for the songbird community Shannon Borges
University of Maryland Ecology Responses of herbivorous insects to stressed host plants: an experimental field test of the plant stress hypothesis Andrea Huberty
University of Maryland Hydrology / Geomorphology Seasonal Sulfur Isotope Signatures in Polar and Tropical Snow Pits: An Assessment of Seasonal Sulfur Sources Jacqueline Mann
University of Maryland Ecology Trade-offs in root foraging ability Michael Peek
University of Maryland, Baltimore County Cell Biology / Biochemistry Affinity Labeling the Anti-tumor Target Enzyme Glyoxalase I Vatsala Sagar
University of Massachusetts Physiology / Functional Morphology Role of Oct-1 Transcription Factor in Estradiol-Induced Expression of the LHRH Gene Edward Hudgens
University of Massachusetts Ecology Factors Influencing Survival and Reproduction of Virginia Opossums at Their Northern Distributional Limit Laurel Kellogg
University of Massachusetts Physiology / Functional Morphology Abdominal pressure during locomotion in lizards Celeste Kidd
University of Massachusetts Paleontology / Sedimentation Benthic Foraminiferal Stable Isotope Stratigraphy of ODP Site 806 (Ontong Java Plateau), Middle to Late Miocene Stephen Nathan
University of Massachusetts, Boston Systematics / Evolutionary Biology Origin of the deep-sea protobranch subfamily Ledellinae in the Atlantic Ocean Elizabeth Boyle
University of Michigan Ecology Mycorrhizal fungi have both direct and indirect effects on plant community composition Victoria Allison
University of Michigan Anthropology Rethinking Community: Resource Allocations Among Yucatec Maya Migrants Maria Castellanos
University of Michigan Behavioral Ecology / Ethology Effects of captivity on behavior of the oldfield mouse, Peromyscus polionotus M McPhee
University of Minnesota Physics / Astronomy Large Focal Plane Bolometer Arrays for Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation Observations Melissa Eblen
University of Minnesota Ecology Peltigera, a Terricolous, Nitrogen-Fixing Lichen in Northern Forests: A Study of Its Influence on Soil Nitrogen Processes. Rebecca Knowles
University of Mississippi Behavioral Ecology / Ethology Does the major histocompatibility complex (MHC) influence kin recognition in Wild Turkeys (Meleagris gallopavo)? Leigh Truong
University of Missouri, Columbia Anthropology Functional analysis and evolutionary polarity of early hominid upper-limb morphology. Michelle Drapeau
University of Natal, Pietermaritzburg Behavioral Ecology / Ethology Resources and the negotiation of grooming relationships in Old-World monkeys Hallam Payne
University of New Hampshire Psychology Measuring and Describing the Life Space of the Emotionally Intelligent Marc Brackett
University of New Hampshire Physiology / Functional Morphology Are matrix metalloproteinase 2 (MMP2) and tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinases 2 (TIMP2) coordinately expressed with membrane type 1 metalloproteinase (MT1-MMP) in the bovine corpus luteum (CL) during the estrous cycle? Bo Zhang
University of New Hamsphire Systematics / Evolutionary Biology Function and Distribution of Helicoidal Muscles in Gastrotricha Rick Hochberg
University of New Mexico Anthropology The Production of Architectural Artifacts: An Analysis of Cliff-Dwellings in the Northern Sierra, Sonora, Mexico. Elizabeth Bagwell
University of New Mexico Anthropology Documenting Exposure to Endemic Human Pathogens among the Endangered Macaca nigra in Sulawesi, Indonesia Lisa Jones-Engel
University of North Carolina Behavioral Ecology / Ethology Evolution of Elaborate Female Signals in the Northern Cardinal Joanna Vondrasek
University of North Carolina, Charlotte Cell Biology / Biochemistry Production of Inflammatory Mediators by S. aureus-infected Osteoblasts Emily Alexander
University of North Carolina, Charlotte Cell Biology / Biochemistry Staphylococcus aureus attachment to osteoblasts in bone disease Cara Ferguson
University of North Carolina, Wilmington Physiology / Functional Morphology Sodium Transport and Permeability in Juvenile Blue Crabs. Susan Pate
University of North Carolina, Wilmington Physiology / Functional Morphology The Neurophysiologycal Basis Of Antennular Flicking in the Blue Crab, Callinectes sapidus. Brad Rosov
University of North Dakota Cell Biology / Biochemistry The Role of Lumican in Scleral Extracellular Matrix Bobbie Austin
University of Northern Colorado Physics / Astronomy Peerless Structure Northeastern Montana, A Probable Mid-Ordovician Impact Event Jocelyne Comstock
University of Pennsylvania Ecology Recruitment dynamics of the barnacle Semibalanus balanoides: effects of macroalgae and conspecifics. Kathy Hancock
University of Pennsylvania Paleontology / Sedimentation Growth, Skeletal Maturity, and Periosteal Aging in the American Alligator (Alligator mississippiensis) Allison Tumarkin
University of Pittsburgh Physiology / Functional Morphology Neural Basis of Lateral Mirror Image Confusion: Testing the Anatomical Theory Julianne Rollenhagen
University of Rhode Island Physiology / Functional Morphology Identification of the Satiety Molecule that Inhibits Feeding in 'Hydra attenuata'. Albert Scappaticci
University of San Diego Ecology A Life History Study of the San Diego Fairy Shrimp Branchinecta sandiegonensis: Growth and Fecundity under Different Temperature Regimes Janette Holtz
University of South Dakota Physiology / Functional Morphology Limits and constraints to torpor in thirteen-lined ground squirrels. Jennifer Jenkins
University of South Florida Systematics / Evolutionary Biology Evolution of the Corona Complex in the Genus Melongena(Gastropoda:Melongenidae): Evidence from Internal Transcribed Spacer Regions and Microsatellite Data. Kenneth Hayes
University of Southern California Psychology Time-dependent effects of vasopressin on the extinction of a conditioned taste avoidance. UnJa Hayes
University of Southern California Tectonics / Geophysics An Evaluation of the Primary Fabric Ellipsoid for the Subaqueous Volcanics and Volcaniclastics of the Alisitos Formation, Baja California, Mexico Paul Wetmore
University of Southern Mississippi Cell Biology / Biochemistry X-ray Crystal Structure Determination of Glutaminyl Cyclase (QC) Rachell Booth
University of Southern Mississippi Chemistry Measurement of Ferroelectric Polarization in Polymer Stabilized Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal Composite Materials Demetrius McCormick
University of Tennessee Systematics / Evolutionary Biology Population Genetic Structuring of the Brazilian free-tailed bat, Tadarida brasiliensis Amy Russell
University of Texas Systematics / Evolutionary Biology Genetic relatedness of stygobites as a tool for determining aquifer connectedness Jean Krejca
University of Texas, Austin Physiology / Functional Morphology Decoupling physiological and physical effects of temperature on development Brendan Borrell
University of Texas, Austin Ecology Temporal and spatial patterns of population growth of juniper (Juniperus ashei) in the savannas of the Edwards Plateau, Texas Jill Noel
University of Texas, El Paso Ecology Analysis of stress protein induction in rotifers inhabiting the Rio Grande Judith Rios
University of Toledo Cell Biology / Biochemistry Characterizing regions of cauliflower mosaic virus gene VI product that interact with viral coat protein Michael Hapiak
University of Toronto Psychology Inhibition and Facilitation of Return in Location and Feature Tasks Alan Castel
University of Vermont Hydrology / Geomorphology Military Impacts on the Stability of Desert SurfacesA study of the Impacts of Vehicles on Desert Piedmonts Lyman Persico
University of Wisconsin Systematics / Evolutionary Biology Genetic Architecture of Sympatric Speciation Gregory Gelembiuk
University of Wisconsin Tectonics / Geophysics Petrofabrics in the lower continental crust : Mount Hay, Arunta Block, Central Australia Cheryl Waters
University of Wisconsin, Green Bay Psychology Prenatal Prediction of Positive Paternal Involvement Michele Moldenhauer
University of Wisconsin, La Crosse Physics / Astronomy The Search for New Short Wavelength Laser Emissions from Optically Pumped Methonal Isotopes Michael Lauters
University of Wisconsin, Madison Hydrology / Geomorphology Using Cosmogenic Exposure Ages to Construct A Glacial Chronology for Mid-Latitude South America. Daniel Douglass
University of Wisconsin, Madison Anthropology The Magdalena Teitapac Mapping Project: An archaeological study of a prehispanic hilltop village Lane Fargher
University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee Psychology Examination of Exercise on Cerebellar Cell Death Following Bilateral Sensorimotor Cortex Ablation Andrew Clithero
University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee Psychology The Effects of Alcohol and Expectancy on the Emotional Stroop Effect in College Students with Social Anxiety Melissa Norberg
University of Wisconsin, Platteville Systematics / Evolutionary Biology Species Cocepts in the Moss Parasites Eocronatium David Hartmann
University of Wyoming Ecology Effect of Matrix Composition on Gene Flow among Subpopulations of Boreal Owls in North America Marni Koopman
University of Wyoming Ecology Linking species behavior and ecosystem processes: does fish activity influence organic matter transport and the movement of energy in stream ecosystems? Brad Taylor
USDA, Agricultural Research Service Cell Biology / Biochemistry Development of competitive quantitative RT-PCR protocol for the detection of turkey astrovirus Matthew Koci
Vanderbilt University Behavioral Ecology / Ethology Impact of a third trophic level on the dynamics of an obligate mutualism Beau Crabb
Vanderbilt University Petrology / Geochemistry Eruptive history and syn-and-post-volcanic tectonism of the Union Pass volcanic center, Arizona Nicholas Lang
Virginia Polytechnic Institute Cell Biology / Biochemistry Characterization and Expression of Flavonol Synthase Isozymes in Arabidopsis thaliana Daniel Owens
Virginia Polytechnic Institute Cell Biology / Biochemistry Use of FRET to study the interactions between enzymes of the Arabidopsis flavonoid biosynthetic pathway Elizabeth Tucker
Virginia Tech Ecology Role of ecological factors in the susceptibility of eastern hemlock to the hemlock woolly adelgid, and the rate of tree decline following infestation. Jennifer Burleigh
Virginia Tech Cell Biology / Biochemistry Characterization of Flavonoid 3' Hydroxylase (F3'H) in the flavonoid biosynthetic pathway of Arabidopsis thaliana Lori Hill
Virginia Tech Behavioral Ecology / Ethology An analysis and comparison of Anolis porcatus headbob displays to A. carolinensis Josiah Hills
Virginia Tech Cell Biology / Biochemistry Does alteration of myo-inositol synthesis affect plant growth and development? Katherine Hubbard
Virginia Tech Cell Biology / Biochemistry Genome Analysis of Transgenic Potato Alexander Johnson
Virginia Tech Cell Biology / Biochemistry Identification of a Novel Peptidoglycan Glycosyl Transferase in Bacillus subtilis Derrell McPherson
Virginia Tech Systematics / Evolutionary Biology A study of speciation in the waterlily genus Nymphaea based on molecular, morphological, and ecological information. Kristi Niehaus
Virginia Tech. Cell Biology / Biochemistry Analysis of the transparent testa Mutants of Arabidopsis thaliana for a Substrate Regulated Feedback Mechanism of Protein Expression. Michelle Barthet
Wake Forest University Physiology / Functional Morphology Effects of aging on dendritic morphology Joshua Grill
Washington State University Behavioral Ecology / Ethology Investigatin of environmental variable which cause variation in yolk androgen levels in avian eggs Amy Poopatanapong
Washington University Psychology Verbal and Spatial Working Memory in Young and Old Lisa Emery
Washington University Behavioral Ecology / Ethology The Role of Mating Structure in Eusociality: Challenging the Notion of an Inbred Naked Mole Rat (Heterocephalus glaber) Jon Hess
Weber State University Physiology / Functional Morphology A biomechanical and immunohistochemical study of gliding flight in albatrosses. Eric Stakebake
West Virginia University Physics / Astronomy A Search for Dwarf Novae in Globular Cluster 47Tuc Melanie Blackburn
Western Washington University Ecology Effects of Established Atlantic Smooth Cordgrass (Spartina alterniflora) and Subsequent Removal on Epifaunal Macroinvertebrates Keeley O'Connell
Wright State University Cell Biology / Biochemistry Genetic Delineation of Higher Taxa in Phylactolaemate Bryozoans Michael Lore
Yale University Anthropology Monkeys on the Fringe: Terminal Branch Use in Arboreal Primates Gary Aronsen
Yale University Cell Biology / Biochemistry Total Synthesis of Fellutamide B and Analysis of its Mechanism to Induce Nerve Growth Factor Secretion Stanley Lo
Yale University Chemistry Time-resolved terahertz spectroscopy of transient photoconductivity in dye-sensitized titanium dioxide thin films Gordon Turner
Yale University Engineering Noise Attenuation Using a Parabolic Muffler Jonathan Zalben
York University Behavioral Ecology / Ethology Singing and territorial behaviour of a tropical passering, the White-bellied Antbird ~(Myrmeciza longipes) Bradley Fedy


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