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Grants from the October 15, 2001 Deadline
Alphabetical by Institution

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College / University Subject Title Student Faculty Mentor
Arizona State University Ecology The relative influences of local and regional processes on local community structure: experimental tests of theory in flour beetle communities Justin Calabrese William Fagan
Arizona State University Anthropology Congenital Defects and Syndromes in Native South Africans Scott Burnett Brenda Baker
Arizona State University Systematics/Evolutionary Biology Tempo and Mode of HLA Evolution in the Americas Daniel Garrigan Philip Hedrick
Arizona State University Systematics/Evolutionary Biology Mosiera (Myrtaceae): Caribbean boreotropical relict or Gondwanan origin? Andrew Salywon Martin Wojciechowski
Arkansas State University Behavioral Ecology Trade-offs in Resource Allocation Between Immune Response and Reproduction in Acris crepitans, a Short-lived Frog Malcolm McCallum Stanley Trauth
Bates College Cell Biology/Biochemistry The Role of Calcium in Kainate-Induced Toxicity of Cultured Rat Forebrain Neurons Cristina Cellurale Nancy Kleckner
Boise State University Cell Biology/Biochemistry Role of MeCP2 in Neuronal Differentiation Sorcha Cusack Julie Oxford
Boise State University Engineering High Frequency Noise Characteristics of Spin-Valve GMR Devices Nathan Stutzke Susan Burkett
Boise State University Cell Biology/Biochemistry Investigating the link between oncostatin M-induced matrix metalloproteinase expression and mammary tumor cell invasion in vitro Ryan Holzer Cheryl Jorcyk
Boise State University Ecology Examining Goshawk Migration Ecology Using Stable Isotope Analysis Adam Smith Alfred Dufty
Boston University Psychology Visuospatial Deficits in Hemiparkinsonism Helen Tretiak Alice Cronin-Golomb
Boston University Anthropology Agricultural and Environmental Change in the Near East during the Bronze and Iron Ages: Applying Archaeology to Current Agricultural Development in Semi-Arid Lands Alexia Smith Julie Hansen
Bowling Green State University Behavioral Ecology Effect of Negative Incentive Contrast and Flower Complexity on Flower Constancy Faith Waldron Daniel Wiegmann
Brown University Ecology Sibling competition and inter-annual variation in seed characteristics in Liatris borealis Eric von Wettberg Johanna Schmitt
Buenos Aires University Anthropology Archaeology and radiocarbon dating in southern Patagonia Maria Cuadrado Hugo Nami
California State University - Fullerton Physiology/Functional Morphology Digestive Enzyme Activities During Ontogeny in Four Closely Related Species of Prickleback Fishes (Perciformes, Stichaeidae): Genetic Adaptation or Phenotypic Plasticity of Gut Function to Food Type? Donovan German Michael Horn
California State University - Stanislaus Tectonics/Geophysics Geochemical analysis of newly discovered pillow lava in southwest Oregon and their significance. Dennis Leikam Mario Giaramita
Case Western Reserve University Cell Biology/Biochemistry Detection of Protease-resistant Prion Protein in Blood using an Array of Antibodies Boon-Seng Wong Man-Sun Sy
Cornell University Systematics/Evolutionary Biology Molecular systematics and biogeography of rattlesnakes Duncan Reid Kelly Zamudio
Cornell University Cell Biology/Biochemistry Seasonal changes in sex steroid profiles modulate glial expression of brain aromatase in a vocal teleost Paul Forlano Andrew Bass
Cornell University Physiology/Functional Morphology Compartmentalization of the Florida manatee (Trichechus manatus latirostris) diaphragm Jennifer Dearolf John Hermanson
Cornell University Physiology/Functional Morphology Sensori-motor control of head posture in the fly Neobellieria bullata (family: Sarcophagidae) Angelique Paulk Cole Gilbert
Cornell University Engineering Bone Adaptation to Controlled Loading James Fritton Marjolein van der Meulen
CUNY Hunter College Cell Biology/Biochemistry Zinc as Neuromodulator in Vertabrate Retina Stephen Redenti Richard Chappell
Duke University Ecology Effects of Anthropogenic Nitrogen Deposition on Denitrifier Community Structure Matt Wallenstein William Schlesinger
Duke University Systematics/Evolutionary Biology Speciation in the Sand Dollars Kirk Zigler David McClay
Duke University Anthropology Galloping kinetics of primates Jandy Hanna Daniel Schmitt
East Carolina University Anthropology Uwharrie Ceramic Distribution in the North Carolina Piedmont Terri Russ Isaac Daniel
East Tennessee State University Physiology/Functional Morphology The Role Of Thyroid Receptors Alpha and Beta mRNA in salamander metamorphosis Stephanie Payton Rebecca Pyles
Eastern Michigan University Ecology Bats, Insects, and Islands: Predator-prey interactions and the effect of island size on abudance and species richness. Heidi Rice Allen Kurta
Florida State University Anthropology Ancient Maya Craft Production: Figurines from Motul de San JosŽ, Guatemala Christina Halperin Antonia Foias
Free University of Brussels Paleontology/Sedimentation The potentials of high-resolution trace element and isotopic profiles in shells of the Kenyan mangrove bivalve Isognomon ephippium as a record of paleoenvironment. David Gillikin Frank Dehairs
George Washington University Anthropology The Adaptive Basis of Basicranial Flexion in Humans Robert McCarthy Daniel Lieberman
Georgetown University Behavioral Ecology Altered female bottlenose dolphin behavior (Tursiops sp.) during sexual coercion and possible counterstrategies in Shark Bay, Western Australia Jana Watson Janet Mann
Georgia Institute of Technology Ecology Molecular Characterization of Microbial Communities Associated with Gas Hydrate Ecosystems Jennifer Roberts Patricia Sobecky
Idaho State University Ecology The Effect of Moisture on Cesium Uptake by Desert Plants Lawrence Cook Richard Inouye
Indiana State University Psychology Mechanisms of Attention in an Animal Model of Alzheimer's Disease Daniel Levey Allen Butt
Indiana State University Behavioral Ecology Parental behavior and feeding biases in white-throated sparrows (Zonotrichia albicollis) Alise Baer Elaina Tuttle
Indiana State University Cell Biology/Biochemistry Induction of anti-DNA antibody with Hapten So-Yon Lim Swapan Ghosh
Indiana University Cell Biology/Biochemistry Characterization of Plasma Membrane Calcium - ATPase Pump in Normal and Diseased Corneal Epithelium Ernest Talarico, Jr. Brian Kennedy
Indiana University Psychology Neural Integration During Working Memory in Schizophrenia Patients Colleen Brenner William Hetrick
Indiana University Anthropology Testing models of Postclassic Maya migration models at Seibal and Barton Ramie: an analysis utilizing dental metric and nonmetric traits Gabriel Wrobel Della Cook
Iowa State University Systematics/Evolutionary Biology Quantitative Genetic Component to Female Nest Site Selection in Painted Trutles Julie Clark Fred Janzen
James Cook University Ecology The importance of substrate strength to the structural integrity of coral colonies Joshua Madin Terry Hughes
Johns Hopkins University Systematics/Evolutionary Biology A Reexamination of Lipotyphla and Afrotheria Based on both Molecular and Morphological Evidence Jason Mussell Kenneth Rose
Kent State University Anthropology Salivary cortisol measurements and their relationship to dominance status and tool use in capuchin monkeys (Cebus apella) Mary Ann Raghanti Marilyn Norconk
Laurentian University Ecology The effects of environmental variation on recovering zooplankton communities in historically acidified lakes. Amy Dawson Shelley Arnott
Louisiana State University Systematics/Evolutionary Biology The Use of Anonymous Nuclear Sequences in Order to Analyze Mitochondrial Versus Nuclear Sequence Data in the Rapidly Evolving Order Squamata Katherine Grams Jimmy McGuire
Louisiana State University Ecology Joint-Toxicity of Sediment Amended Cadmium and Phenanthrene in a Population of Freshwater Oligochaetes Kurt Gust John Fleeger
Louisiana State University Systematics/Evolutionary Biology Community evolution in Neotropical tanagers of the genus Tangara Kazuya Naoki James Remsen
Louisiana State University Ecology Does Spartina alterniflora influence trophic transfer of metals? Sarahfaye Mahon Kevin Carman
Louisiana State University Physiology/Functional Morphology Differential Gene Expression in Diapausing and Non-diapausing embryos of the ground cricket, Allonemobius socius Julie Reynolds Steven Hand
Louisiana State University Systematics/Evolutionary Biology Local Adaptation and the Signature of Speciation Daniel Ortiz-Barrientos Mohamed Noor
Louisiana State Universtiy Systematics/Evolutionary Biology Chromosome rearrangements and the origin of cryptic species Adam Leache Jimmy McGuire
Merrimack College Cell Biology/Biochemistry Localization of 1myr4 in Xenopus laevis embryos Angela Kulesza Janine LeBlanc-Straceski
Merrimack College Cell Biology/Biochemistry Sequencing of Xenopus laevis Myosin X1myr4 Amy O'Connell Janine LeBlanc-Straceski
Miami University Tectonics/Geophysics Tectonic and Magmatic Processes Associated with Seafloor Spreading in a Marginal Basin as Revealed in the Albanian Ophiolite Charity Phillips Yildirim Dilek
Miami University Behavioral Ecology Discrimination between own and conspecific pups under variable conditions Anne Christiansen Nancy Solomon
Miami University Physiology/Functional Morphology Investigation of Comparative Binding of Secretory IgA to Encapsulated and Nonencapsulated Strains of Cryptococcus neoformans. Emily Goll Marcia Lee
Miami University Psychology The impact of hippocampal theta-triggerring training on aging-related learning deficits Yukiko Asaka Phillip Best
Miami University Cell Biology/Biochemistry Characterization of the novel Candida albicans Lys5p Mindy Wilkes Jnanendra Bhattacharjee
Michigan State University Psychology Behavioral and Neural Correlates of Simultaneous Discrimination Learning in the Cuttlefish Sepia officinalis Miranda Karson James Atkinson
Michigan Technological University Hydrology/Geomorphology Volcano Hazards at Tungurahua Volcano, Ecuador Oscar Sorensen III William Rose
Middle Tennessee State University Physiology/Functional Morphology The effects of the inflammatory cytokine, TNF-alpha, on transformed murine beta-cells of the pancreas Jared LeBoeuf Amy Jetton
Middlebury College Cell Biology/Biochemistry A Putative Phosphorelay System Controls GtfS-Mediated Adherence of Streptococcus mutans to the Tooth Pellicle Nicholas Dutton-Swain Grace Spatafora
Middlebury College Cell Biology/Biochemistry Characterization of putative metal ion transporters (mac and mnt) as constituents of a Streptococcus mutans Dlg regulon Kelly Lauter Grace Spatafora
Middlebury College Cell Biology/Biochemistry Investigating putative cross regulation among genes necessary for Streptococcus mutans virulence. Sara Selgrade Grace Spatafora
Millsaps College Cell Biology/Biochemistry The Effects of Heavy Metals on Trout in Soda Butte Creek Barrot Lambdin Lea Sarah
Monmouth University Cell Biology/Biochemistry Androgen Regulation of RBD-1 mRNA Expression in the Rat Epididymis Tricia Mallonga Michael Palladino
National Centre for Biological Sciences Psychology Neural substrate for stress-induced anxiety. Ajai Vyas Sumantra Chattarji
Northern Arizona University Paleontology/Sedimentation The Paleoecological Record from Little Molas Lake, San Juan Mountains, CO Jaime Toney R. Scott Anderson
Northern Illinois University Cell Biology/Biochemistry Role of Nitric Oxide in Pancreatic Signaling Rhykka Panozzo Kenneth Gasser
Old Dominion University Cell Biology/Biochemistry Microchimerism for Y-chromosome Bearing Cells in Females with Pediatric Autoimmune Diseases Jennifer Blanchfield Christopher Osgood
Old Dominion University Hydrology/Geomorphology Cuatro Cienegas Eric Seavey Kevin Johannesson
Oregon State University Ecology Are there differences in the influence of recruitment versus post-recruitment processes on barnacle population dynamics at sites that differ dramatically in the amount of recruitment? Christopher Krenz Bruce Menge
Pacific University Ecology Bromeliad Microcosm: An investigation of the island biogeography theory Clinton Francis Pam Lopez
Pennsylvania State University Ecology Linkages between terrestrial and aquatic systems: do inputs of terrestrial matter influence aquatic food webs? Michael Rubbo Joseph Kiesecker
Princeton University Behavioral Ecology Sexual cannibalism and soft copulation in an orb-web spider: male fitness perspectives Jennifer Maupin Daniel Rubenstein
Purdue University Behavioral Ecology Costs of pair bond maintenance among downy woodpeckers during winter James Kellam Jeffrey Lucas
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Engineering A Novel, Versatile, Strictly Physical Method For Making Nanoparticles And Nanoparticle-In-Polymer Composites Gunaranjan Viswanathan Bruce Nauman
San Diego State University Cell Biology/Biochemistry Repression of MMP-1 by the Novel Protein p21Snft Kristen Bower Kathleen McGuire
Southern Illinois University - Carbondale Physiology/Functional Morphology Comparative developmental and ultrastructural studies of the specialized parenchyma and/or hydrolyzed cells in bryophytes Yuki Kobiyama Barbara Crandall-Stotler
Southern Illinois University - Carbondale Anthropology A Biological Distance Analysis of the Juhle Site Ossuaries (18CH89) Dane Magoon Robert Corruccini
Southern Oregon University Ecology The Effects of Salmon Carcasses on Stream Nutrients: Is the Lack of Salmon Carcasses in Historic Salmonid Strams resulting in Nutrient Limitation? Denise Dammann Michael Parker
St. Mary's College of Maryland Cell Biology/Biochemistry The role of individual differences in hypothalamic stress hormones in vulnerability to tardive dyskinesia Julie Nealon Susan Bachus
St. Mary's College of Maryland Psychology Serine Racemase Expression in the Entorhinal Cortex in Schizophrenia and in a Rat Model of Tardive Dyskinesia. Sara Sukontarak Susan Bachus
St. Mary's College of Maryland Behavioral Ecology Humoral immunocompetence in White-throated sparrows (Zonotrichia albicollis): Testing the immunocompetence handicap hypothesis Robyn Novak Elaina Tuttle
Stanford University Physiology/Functional Morphology Temporal resolution of the eyes of a box jellyfish, Tripedalia cystophora Melissa Coates Stuart Thompson
SUNY, Binghamton University Anthropology Testing the Validity of Ceramic Seriation-Based Chronologies in the Central Andes: Carbon Dating the Pre-Hispanic Occupation at the Site of „awinpukyo (Ayacucho, Peru) Juan Leoni Charles Cobb
SUNY-Stony Brook Ecology Effect of an Herbicide-resistance Mutation on the Production of Defensive Compounds Aaron Gassmann Douglas Futuyma
SUNY-Stony Brook Chemistry Functionalization of Nanostructures Sarbajit Banerjee Stanislaus Wong
Texas Christian University Psychology Representational Momentum and Representational Gravity Effects on Visual and Visuomotor Reproductions Michael Motes Timothy Hubbard
Tulane University Anthropology New Investigations in the Lapedo Valley, Portugal Vance Hutchinson Trenton Holliday
Tulane University Petrology/Geochemistry Speciation of Sr in Particulates from the Mississippi River Mixing Zone: Constraining Sr Geochemistry in the Coastal Environment Yingfeng Xu Franco Marcantonio
Tulane Univesity Petrology/Geochemistry Sources of organic carbon to the Louisisana shelf: spatial and benthic-coupling dynamics Laura Wysocki Thomas Bianchi
Universidad de las Americas-Puebla Behavioral Ecology Comparison of the Blue-footed Booby (Sula nebouxii) Mating Behaviour Between a High Density and a Low Density Site Patricia Celis Constantino Macias
Universidad Nacional de San Luis Ecology Water availability and minimum water requirement of the Gray Fox (Pseudalopex griseus)in a desert habitat. Maria Nu–ez Antonio Mangione
Universidad Nacional de Tucuman, Argentina Ecology Forest As Source Of Pollination Services In A The Premontane Subtropical Forest, Argentina Natacha Chacoff Marcelo Aizen
Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia Cell Biology/Biochemistry Effect of Uncaria tomentosa on the Production of Tumor Factor Necrosis - alpha and PGE2 in a in vivo model. Percy Rojas Jose Aguilar
Universit of Queensland Physiology/Functional Morphology Colour Perception & The Development Of Vision In Elasmobranchs Thomas Lisney Shaun Collin
UniversitŽ Louis Pasteur Cell Biology/Biochemistry Membrane Microparticles and Prions Corinne Kunzelmann-Marche Jean-Marie Freyssinet
University of Arizona Anthropology Ontogeny of Positional Behavior and Limb Use in Three Sympatric New World Primates. Michelle Bezanson John Olsen
University of Arizona Ecology The ecology of introduced Abert's squirrels: Ponderosa pine obligates or conifer generalists? Andrew Edelman John Koprowski
University of Arkansas - Fayetteville Ecology Temporal and spatial variability of the response of microbial activity to elevated atmospheric CO2 in an intact Mojave Desert ecosystem Sean Schaeffer R. Dave Evans
University of Berne - Switzerland Hydrology/Geomorphology Surface exposure dating of the ice extent in the western and central Swiss Alps during the Last Glacial Maximum Meredith Kelly Christian Schluechter
University of Buenos Aires Systematics/Evolutionary Biology Molecular evolution of highly repeated DNA sequences. Claudio Slamovits M Rossi
University of California - Davis Behavioral Ecology Infrared Radiation as a New Modality of Animal Communication Aaron Rundus Donald Owings
University of California - Davis Systematics/Evolutionary Biology Re-evaluating sympatric speciation in the Cameroon crater lakes Daniel Bolnick Peter Wainwright
University of California - Davis Ecology The effects of parasites on genetic diversity in natural populations Holly Ganz Hugh Dingle
University of California - Irvine Psychology Mechanisms of Stereoptic Motion Standstill Chia-huei Tseng George Sperling
University of California - Riverside Ecology Transfer of selenium in insect herbivores to the third trophic level: Bioaccumulation in a model predator Danel Vickerman John Trumble
University of California - San Francisco Cell Biology/Biochemistry The Recurrence Rate of Trichiasis Trachoma Post-Surgery: Does the presence of active Chlamydial trachomatis infection at the time of surgery correlate with higher rates of recurrence? Hung Pham Deborah Dean
University of California - Santa Barbara Tectonics/Geophysics Foreland to hinterland regional variation in pressure–temperature–deformation histories of the Norwegian UHP–HP terrane Emily Walsh Bradley Hacker
University of California - Santa Barbara Paleontology/Sedimentation Phylogenetic Placement of the Malagasy Rhynchosaur (Basal Isalo II Unit, Southwestern Madagascar) Robin Whatley Andre Wyss
University of Cambridge Anthropology Female sexual signaling and reproduction strategies in chimpanzees Sean O'Hara Phyllis Lee
University of Cape Town Ecology Great White Shark (Carcharodon carcharias) Population Study using Photographic Identification as a Long-Term and Non-Invasive Identification Technique Michael Scholl Charles Griffiths
University of Charleston Systematics/Evolutionary Biology The effects of maternal care on dispersal and population genetic structure of two Haustorid amphipod species Mary Jones Scott France
University of Chicago Psychology Puberty & Aging in Social Isolation: An Animal Model of Stress, Immunity, and Disease in Psychosocial Context Gretchen Hermes Martha McClintock
University of Chicago Systematics/Evolutionary Biology Developemental Systematics: Synthesizing Phylogenetic and Ontogenetic Information in the Malacostraca (Crustacea) Courtney Babbitt Nipam Patel
University of Chicago Systematics/Evolutionary Biology The effect of pharyngeal jaw performance on oral jaw evolution William Cooper Mark Westneat
University of Chicago Physiology/Functional Morphology Biomechanics and Ecological Morphology of Scale-Feeding in Characin Fishes Jeff Janovetz Mark Westneat
University of Chicago Paleontology/Sedimentation Evolution of Locomotion in the Non-Mammalian Synapsids (AMNIOTA:SYNAPSIDA) Allison Beck Michael LaBarbera
University of Cincinnati Engineering Destruction of organic pollutants in coal conversion in wastewater by electrochemical process Pablo Campo-Moreno George Sorial
University of Cincinnati Ecology A sibling species complex in a coral-reef-dwelling comatulid crinoid in the southern Caribbean Allison Cornett David Meyer
University of Cincinnati Chemistry Electrochemical Characterization of a Two-Electron Reagent Hershel Jude William Connick
University of Colorado - Boulder Psychology Neuropeptide Y Response to Yohimbine Challenge John McGeary Kent Hutchison
University of Colorado - Boulder Engineering GPS Bistatic Radar for Soil Moisture Remote Sensing Dallas Masters Penina Axelrad
University of Colorado - Denver Anthropology Comparison of the Traditional U.S. Planning Paradigm with a Navajo (Dine') Community Planning Paradigm--emphasizing concepts of the environment and sustainability Sue Wolf Ray Studer
University of Connecticut Physiology/Functional Morphology Functional Components of Insect Capture in Hummingbirds Gregor Yanega Margaret Rubega
University of Florida Systematics/Evolutionary Biology Evolution of fruit traits in Ficus (Moracea) : a phylogenetic approach Silvia Lomascolo David Dilcher
University of Florida Cell Biology/Biochemistry Abnormalities in cerebral ventricles and subcommissural organ in H-Tx rats with inherited fetal-onset hydrocephalus. Kathleen Somera Hazel Jones
University of Florida Cell Biology/Biochemistry The role of thyroid hormones in echinoderm development: Developmental plasticity and life history evolution Andreas Heyland David Julian
University of Hawaii at Manoa Behavioral Ecology Audiometric and Genetic Analysis of a Melon-headed Whale (Peponocephala electra) Michelle Yuen Paul Nachtigall
University of Illinois Behavioral Ecology Relationships Between Feeding Ecology and Delayed Maturation in Squirrel Monkeys Anita Stone Paul Garber
University of Illinois - Chicago Anthropology Molecular Analysis of the Taita and their Coastal Neighbors in the Tsavo Region, Kenya Kara Babrowski Sloan Williams
University of Illinois - Chicago Petrology/Geochemistry Geodynamic significance of the late Tertiary Central Spain volcanic province: a geochemical approach Juan Ruiz Martin Flower
University of Illinois - Chicago Physiology/Functional Morphology Calcium Regulation of H+ Flux from Retinal Horizontal Cells: a Collaborative Study Anthony Molina Robert Malchow
University of Illinois - Urbana-Champaign Ecology Differences in microhabitat use among multiple predator species: Implications for prey communities Heather Vance Daniel Soluk
University of Iowa Systematics/Evolutionary Biology Evolution of Milk gene family Anna Williford Barbara Stay
University of Louisiana - Lafayette Behavioral Ecology Sexual coercion by females in the salamander species Plethodon cinereus Ethan Prosen Robert Jaeger
University of Louisiana - Monroe Cell Biology/Biochemistry Role of PPAR-a activation in diabetes-induced protection against acetaminophen hepatotoxicity Kartik Shankar Harihara Mehendale
University of Louisville Behavioral Ecology The Effect of Predation Risk on Territory Establishment in a cichlid fish (Steatocranus casuarius) Justin LaManna Perri Eason
University of Massachuessets - Amherst Physiology/Functional Morphology Mechanism of Male Infertility in Nhlh2 Knockout Mice Sarah Johnson Deborah Good
University of Massachusetts Systematics/Evolutionary Biology Substrate Use in Bottom-Walking Fish Andrea Ward Elizabeth Brainerd
University of Massachusetts - Amherst Behavioral Ecology Vocal communication in mixed-species flocks Eben Goodale Donald Kroodsma
University of Massachusetts - Boston Ecology Investigation of hybridization between the invasive plant Fallopia japonica (Japanese Knotweed) and its introduced non-native congeners Jennifer Forman Rick Kesseli
University of Massachusetts - Boston Cell Biology/Biochemistry A Genetic Screen for Loci Involved in the Repression of Arabidopsis Cyclin B1;1 Expression in a det1 Mutant Background James Stark Adan Colon-Carmona
University of Miami Physiology/Functional Morphology Maintaining glutamate homeostasis during long-term anoxia John Thompson Peter Lutz
University of Michigan Anthropology Dating Nineteenth-century Hispanic and Apache Indian Archaeological Sites in Northern New Mexico Using Dendrochronology Sunday Eiselt John Speth
University of Minnesota Physiology/Functional Morphology The Effects of Flight-Feather Molt on Wing-Propelled Diving Eli Bridge William Schmid
University of Missouri - Columbia Physiology/Functional Morphology Embryonic stem cells as a mechanism of repair for neurodegenerative disorders of the mouse retina Jason Meyer Mark Kirk
University of Missouri - Columbia Psychology Perception vs. reality: Perceived tone duration as a function of tone onset asynchrony Jeffrey Sable Nelson Cowan
University of Nebraska Ecology Anthropogenic vs. Natural Nitrogen Supply: Does the source matter for microbial community composition and functioning? Kate Bradley Johannes Knops
University of Nebraska - Lincoln Ecology Effects of Native Herbivores on Bull Thistle Invasion Lauren Young Svata Louda
University of Nevada - Las Vegas Hydrology/Geomorphology A comparative scanning electron microscopy study assessing the micromorphology of glaciated clasts of different lithologies. John Van Hoesen Richard Orndorff
University of Nevada - Las Vegas Ecology Growth and gas exchange of the Mojave Desert annual Camissonia claviformis under global change David Housman Dawn Neuman
University of New South Wales Behavioral Ecology The costs of sexual harassmenton female mate choice in wild guppies Megan Head Rob Brooks
University of New South Wales Physics/Astronomy A search for variations in the fundamental constants of Nature Michael Murphy John Webb
University of North Carolina - Wilmington Chemistry Determination and isolation of bioactive principles in Lumbee medicinal plants Brandon Burke Pamela Seaton
University of North Carolina - Wilmington Chemistry Isolation and structural determination of Bioactive compounds in Zingiberaceae Ninitha Tharalla Pamela Seaton
University of Pennsylvania Ecology Sources and causes of life history variation between habitats: A reciprocal transplant experiment Stanley Kemp Arthur Dunham
University of Southern Mississippi Anthropology Old and Full of Days: Aging Human Remains at Tipu Using Principles of Oral Biology April Vega Marie Danforth
University of Southern Mississippi Anthropology Non-metric Skeletal Traits: Activity-related or Genetic? Kristi Turner Edwin Jackson
University of Texas - El Paso Psychology Monolingual and Bilingual Juror's Processing and Memory for Trial Facts Scott Culhane Harmon Hosch
University of Toronto Systematics/Evolutionary Biology Genetic interactions among reunited populations Johan Lindell Robert Murphy
University of Toronto Ecology The influence of water quality and biotic interactions on recovery from acidification Jessie Binks Gary Sprules
University of Toronto Anthropology Assessment of Age and Sex from Chest Plate X-Rays in a Sri Lankan Autopsy Sample Cheryl Katzmarzyk Susan Pfeiffer
University of Utah Ecology Contolling forces of herbivores in a tropical forest under natural changes in producitity Lora Richards Phyllis Coley
University of Virginia Physics/Astronomy Searching for Local Dark Matter with the Fan Mountain Observatory Bench Spectrograph Jeffrey Crane Steven Majewski
University of Virginia Cell Biology/Biochemistry Correlation of Hepatitis C Virus Infection with CD81 in Hepatic Allografts Minh Dinh Timothy Pruett
University of Washington Behavioral Ecology Does Testosterone Modulate Sickness Behavior in Birds? Noah Owen-Ashley John Wingfield
University of Washington Ecology Remote Sensing of Carbon and Light Dynamics in Tropical Forests: The Importance of Mid-Infrared Light Stephanie Bohlman Thomas Hinckley
University of Wisconsin Anthropology Spatial and temporal distribution of plant use by sympatric humans and chimpanzees in Mali Chris Duvall Matthew Turner
University of Wisconsin - La Crosse Physics/Astronomy High Resolution Spectroscopy of Partially Deuterated Methanol Isotopes John Sullivan Gubbi Sudhakaran
University of Wisconsin - Madison Anthropology Pots and politics: Petrographic analysis of local and Inka ceramics of the Colca valley, Peru Steven Wernke Frank Salomon
University of Wisconsin - Madison Ecology The Biogeography of Rhexia virginica in the Great Lakes Region David Rogers Donald Waller
University of Wisconsin - Whitewater Cell Biology/Biochemistry Development and validation of a partial genomic library of Cyclospora cayetanensis, a newly emerging human parasite Wendy Majewski Claudia Olivier
Univesity of Florida Ecology The effects of larval competition on vector competence of container dwelling mosquitoes Aedes albopictus and A. aegypti Barry Alto Leon Lounibos
Utah State University Paleontology/Sedimentation Evaluation of Chela Formation in the Kambala-Livuite Area, Southern Block 0, Cabinda, Angola Alba Dias dos Santos Bradley Ritts
Utah State University Tectonics/Geophysics Characterization of Triassic strata, western Ordos basin, north-central China: implications for Mesozoic tectonics of China Lynde Nanson Bradley Ritts
Vanderbilt University Petrology/Geochemistry Characterizing the effects of hydrothermal alteration during contact metamorphism: In-situ oxygen isotope analyses and Th-Pb dating of monazite at Birch Creek pluton, White Mountains, CA Miranda Loflin Calvin Miller
Vanderbilt University Anthropology The Investigation of Ancient Maya Economic Systems Through a Jade Workshop at Cancuen, Guatemala Brigitte Kovacevich Arthur Demarest
Virginia Tech Cell Biology/Biochemistry Isolation and Characterization of Alpha and Beta Tubulin genes in thePrimitive Matthew Arnold Frederick Singer
Virginia Tech Cell Biology/Biochemistry Effect of Growth Surface on IGFBP Expression in Bovine Aortic Endothelial Cells Julie Davis Kimberly Williams
Virginia Tech Cell Biology/Biochemistry The role of the sigma 70 subunit of RNA polymerase during transcriptional activation of the lux operon Deborah Johnson Ann Stevens
Virginia Tech Cell Biology/Biochemistry Engineering an beta-O-glucosidase to beta-S-glucosidase and vice-versa Shivanjali Joshi Asim Esen
Washington State University Anthropology Identifying Changes in Prehistoric Exchange Networks through Examination of Non-plastic Ceramic Tempering Materials Diane Curewitz Timothy Kohler
Widener University Physiology/Functional Morphology Longitudinal variation of Troponin T isoforms in rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) and its relation to muscle activation Nicholas Caputo Frances Weaver
Wright State University Ecology The Effects of Salicylic Acid on Induced Resistance in Arabidopsis thaliana Caleb Slemmons Don Cipollini
Yale University Anthropology Reproductive Ecology of Immune Function: Life History Determinants of Immuno-Endocrine Interactions During Plasmodium Infection in Male Non-Human Primates Michael Muehlenbein Richard Bribiescas
Yale University Physiology/Functional Morphology Exploring the functional significance of the Wigglesworthia glossinidia symbiosis in tsetse (Diptera: Glossinidae). Rita Rio Serap Aksoy


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