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October 2002 Institution

Grants from the October 15, 2002 Deadline
Alphabetical by Institution

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College /
Subject Title Student Faculty Mentor
Arizona State University Behavioral
Reproductive Success and Survivorship in tree lizards, Urosaurus ornatus Paul Hamilton Brian Sullivan
Arizona State University Cell Biology / Biochemistry Role of anti-viral OAS genes in atherosclerosis development Mark Zubriski Elliott Goldstein
Arkansas State University Ecology Interactions among contaminant and ecological stressors: a test for synergistic and antagonistic effects. Jonathan Maul Jerry Farris
Auburn University Engineering Design and Operation of a Model Micro-Pump Matthew Sweeney Jay Khodadadi
Australian National University Behavioral
Fighting in Fiddler Crabs: Why do residents win? Bob Wong Michael Jennions
Australian National University Behavioral
Are male-male signals reliable in aggressive lizard species? Louise Osborne Scott Keogh
Bates College Cell Biology / Biochemistry The Effect of Stress on the Bax to BCl2 Ratio in the Rat Hippocampus Patricia Waters Thomas Lawson
Baylor College of Medicine Physiology / Functional Morphology Personal Digital Assistant Mapping of Head and Neck Nerves using 3-D CT Reconstructions Mollie Gordon Lynn Hayman
Beritashvili Institute of Physiology Physiology / Functional Morphology Immunocytochemical study of GABA-ergic neurons synapses and receptors during different stages of epileptogenesis Tamari Bolqvadze Mzia Zhvania
Boston University Chemistry Spectroscopic Characterization of the Active Site in Binuclear, Non-heme Iron Complexes Trina Foster John Caradonna
Boston University Psychology Interaction of visual and spatial perception in Parkinson's disease Sigurros Davidsdottir Alice Cronin-Golomb
Boston University Psychology Visuospatial Functioning in HIV Saumya Sharma Alice Cronin-Golomb
Bowling Green State University Behavioral
Unilateral lesioning of chemo receptors distinguishes between rheotaxis and chemotaxis Kimberly Kraus-Epley Paul Moore
Bowling Green State University Physiology / Functional Morphology Temporal coding of odorant information in Crayfish Mary Wolf Paul Moore
Brown University Physiology / Functional Morphology Aerial and underwater flight of Thick-billed murres (Uria lomvia) Jonna Hamilton George Goslow
Bucknell University Behavioral
Seasonal bias in offspring sex ratios of Great Frigatebirds Frans Juola Donald Dearborn
California State University, Northridge Behavioral
Reproductive Behavior and Mating System of the Temperate Wrasse, Halichoeres semicinctus. Mia Adreani Larry Allen
California State University, Northridge Ecology Testing Diet Switching as a Mechanism for the Evolution of Herbivory in Lizards Diana Andres Robert Espinoza
Carleton College Chemistry Synthesis of a Ti(IV) Tetrahedral Container Cluster: On the Road to Elucidating the Mechanism of Guest Exhange for M4L6 Tetrahedral Container Clusters Amit Reddi Marion Cass
Case Western Reserve University Psychology APSD-Y and YPI vs. PCL:YV: Finding an Effective Screener for Psychopathy in Adolescence Kristen Green Eric Youngstrom
City University of New York, Graduate Center Anthropology Postcranial Skeletal Diversity and Ecomorphology of African Apes Rebecca Jabbour Eric Delson
Clemson University Systematics / Evolutionary
Genetic variation and gene flow in Mexican sailfin mollies Shala Hankison Margaret Ptacek
Columbia University Ecology Human facilitation of invasive ant spread Adrienne Romanski James Danoff-Burg
Cornell University Ecology A host shift by swallowtail butterflies: the role of plant chemistry Shannon Murphy Paul Feeny
Cornell University Ecology Mating systems and colonization ability of ferns in post-agricultural forests. Kathryn Flinn Peter Marks
Cornell University Ecology Species Interactions Along Elevational Gradients Josh Donlan Harry Greene
Dalhousie University Systematics / Evolutionary
Genetic determinants of trunk shortening in anurans Gregory Handrigan Richard Wassersug
DePaul University Behavioral
Sexual selection in threespine stickleback: a role for courtship sounds? Jennifer Talkington Timothy Sparkes
Duke University Cell Biology / Biochemistry The mouse that inhaled: cannabinoid effects on reproduction George Freeman William Wetsel
Duke University Ecology Population dynamics of the leatherback (Dermochelys coriacea) sea turtle in Florida; witnessing the development of a new rookery, and a nesting range extension for this species. Kelly Stewart Larry Crowder
Duke University Psychology Tonal and Segmental Processing in Speech Perception Ho Yeung Reiko Mazuka
Duke University Systematics / Evolutionary
Evolution of sex ratio in a cosexual plant: Assessing the importance of frequency-dependent selection through both male and female components of fitness. Mario Vallejo-Marin Mark Rausher
Duke University Systematics / Evolutionary
Inferring the history of speciation in Mimulus Andrea Sweigart John Willis
East Carolina Univ. Cell Biology / Biochemistry The Possible Anti-inflammatory Effects of Cassia occidentalis Shawn Moore Gerhard Kalmus
East Carolina University Cell Biology / Biochemistry Are endothelial nitric oxide synthase and inducible nitric oxide synthase present in fish tissues and do they function in hypoxia? Robin McKeel Mary Farwell
Eastern Illinois University Ecology Genetic diversity and seed source location when restoring tallgrass prairie plant communitite. Matt Burmeister Scott Meiners
Eastern New Mexico University Behavioral
The Effects of Predation risk, Gender, Gender Interactions and Sexual Selection on Depth Choice in the Western Mosquitofish, Gambusia affinis Anthony Spitzack Marvin Lutnesky
Emporia State University Systematics / Evolutionary
Prerequisites for parasitism in order Rhabditida (Nematoda) Elizabeth Warburton Derek Zelmer
Florida Institute of Technology Ecology Vine diversity on an Andean elevational gradient Amanda Sesser Mark Bush
Florida Institute of Technology Physiology / Functional Morphology Ontogenetic development of retinal structure and function in fishes of the Subdivision Elopomorpha (Class Actinopterygii: Division Teleostei) Scott Taylor Michael Grace
Florida State University Cell Biology / Biochemistry The effects of dietary fat in almonds on plasma lipids and lipoproteins. You Jin Kim Anahita Mistry
Gannon University Behavioral
Behavior of male Zebra Cichlid, Pseudotropheus zebra, in response to visual and olfactory stimulation by females Matthew Venesky Greg Andraso
George Mason University Psychology The effects of maternal age on memory: CREB1 and the NR2B receptor subunit Laura Smith Jane Flinn
Georgia Institute of Technology Engineering Analysis of Vibration Induced Droplet Atomization for High Heat Flux Evaporative Cooling Frank Pyrtle, III. William Black
Georgia Institute of Technology Engineering Ground deformation - The importance of spatial variability in soil properties Guillermo Narsilio J. Santamarina
Georgia State University Anthropology A Locomotor Approach to Lorisidae Taxonomy Edward Rigel Frank Williams
Hamilton College Physiology / Functional Morphology Investigation of the Morphogenesis of Ephemeral Aortic Arches in Chick Embryos with Special Attention to a Role for Apoptosis in Their Removal Samuel Klempner Sue Ann Miller
Harvard University Cell Biology / Biochemistry Role of systemic and decidual iNKT cells in abortion. Nisha Nagarkatti Jack Strominger
Harvard University Systematics / Evolutionary
Mapping the long-term contributions of the skeletogenic neural crest in Bombina orientalis Joshua Gross James Hanken
Illinois State University Behavioral
Potential schooling in tadpoles of the African clawed frogs Xenopus laevis and Silurana tropicalis. Mary Lee Lauren Brown
Illinois State University Ecology Effects of Endocrine Disruptors on Plumage in the Indigo Bunting Natalie Dussourd Angelo Capparella
Illinois State University Hydrology / Geomorphology The effect of differential stream flow velocities on hyporheic interchange Timothy Sickbert Eric Peterson
Indiana University Anthropology Investigating Patterns of Interpersonal Violence at the Fisher Mounds Site (A.D. 1200-1500) Michael Strezewski Della Cook
Iowa State University Ecology Quantitative Genetic Analysis of Rooting Ability of Dormant Unrooted Hybrid Poplar Cuttings in the Lake States Ronald Zalesny, Jr. Richard Hall
Iowa State University Physiology / Functional Morphology Prolactin Regulation in a Nonphotoperiodic Bird Debora Christensen Carol Vleck
James Cook University Ecology Antimicrobial Skin Peptides Defending Amphibians from an Emerging Disease, Chytridiomycosis Douglas Woodhams Ross Alford
Jefferson Medical College of Thomas Jefferson University Cell Biology / Biochemistry Chondrogenic Differentiation of Peripheral Blood Mesenchymal Stem Cells for Cartilage Repair Samuel Adams, Jr. Thomas Gill
Kenyatta University Chemistry Isolation And Characterisation Of Antimalarial Compounds From Some Medicinal Plants Used In Kenya Margaret Njuguna Sumesh Chhabra
Lehigh University Behavioral
Hormonal Influences on Role Flexibility in a Biparental Species Natalie van Breukelen Murray Itzkowitz
Lindenwood University Psychology The Perpetuation of Ageist Stereotypes in Young and Older Adults Lauren Steck Michiko Nohara-LeClair
Louisiana State University Cell Biology / Biochemistry Modulation of Adipocyte Gene Expression by Signal Transducers and Activators of Transcription Jessica Hogan Jacqueline Stephens
Louisiana State University Cell Biology / Biochemistry Lipid Transfer between Lipid Binding Proteins and Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptors Allison Joubert Vince LiCata
Louisiana State University Ecology Direct and Indirect Effects of the Surrounding Landscape on Insect Dispersal Among Patches Kyle Haynes James Cronin
Louisiana State University Ecology Seed predator avoidance by Solenophora calycosa, a neotropical shrub Jane Carlson Kyle Harms
Louisiana State University Ecology Investigations of seasonal variation in food selection by benthic meiofauna in a salt marsh using stable isotopes Padma Maddi Kevin Carman
Louisiana State University Systematics / Evolutionary
Genetics of Mate Discrimination in Drosophila Sheri Dixon Mohamed Noor
Louisiana State University Systematics / Evolutionary
Molecular Study of Cophylogeny between Sucking Lice (Phthiraptera: Anoplura) and their Heteromyid Rodent Hosts Jessica Light Mark Hafner
Marquette University Engineering Local vascular geometry and shear modulated mitotic expression after chronic stent implantation John LaDisa Said Audi
Mary Washington College Physiology / Functional Morphology Nocturnal Thermoregulation in White Throated Sparrows Emily Dilger John Temple
Merrimack College Cell Biology / Biochemistry Molecular Basis for Functional Differences in Cytochrome C Oxidase in Carcinoma versus Normal Epithelial Ryan Sullivan Josephine Modica-Napolitano
Merrimack College Cell Biology / Biochemistry Localization of Xlmyo1d in Xenopus laevis Neuronal Cells Lauren Berube Janine LeBlanc-Straceski
Merrimack College Cell Biology / Biochemistry Identification of Molecular Targets of Glucocorticoid Action in Osteoblasts Kristine Frizzell Mark Birnbaum
Miami University Petrology / Geochemistry Microbial Reduction of Iron in Sedimentary Clays Jennifer Seabaugh Hailiang Dong
Miami University Physiology / Functional Morphology Role of Na,K-ATPase alpha 4 isoform in sperm motility Santanu Chakraborty Paul James
Miami University Physiology / Functional Morphology The role of the hedgehog gene during adult muscle development in Drosophila Krishan Badrinath Joyce Fernandes
Miami University Physiology / Functional Morphology Localization and Morphological Influence of Secretory Immunoglobulin A Tiffany Klemann Marcia Lee
Miami University Systematics / Evolutionary
Organization and Evolution of the Cyp2 Gene Subfamily Cluster in Rat Haoyi Wang Susan Hoffman
Michigan State University Behavioral
Maternal investment and nestling sex ratios in house wrens Natalie Dubois Thomas Getty
Michigan Technological University Petrology / Geochemistry SO2 loss rates at volcanoes with different atmospheric conditions Lizzette Rodriguez Iain Watson
Middlebury College Chemistry Radical Alkylation of Cyclobutadieneiron Tricarbonyl and butadieneiron Tricarbonyl yong Zhang Jeffrey Byers
MIT Cell Biology / Biochemistry Expansion of Murine Whisker Stem Cells Johnathan King James Sherley
Monmouth University Cell Biology / Biochemistry Defensin mRNA Expression During Postnatal Development of the Epididymis and Testis Kristin Ragucci Michael Palladino
New Mexico State University Systematics / Evolutionary
The Evolution of Sperm Precedence Leanna Birge Daniel Howard
North Carolina State University Behavioral
Mapping Nassau grouper spawning aggregations: creating baselines for conserving the sentinels of the reef James Taylor Peter Rand
North Carolina State University Chemistry Exploring Nanoscale Phenomena on Lipid-Substrate Interfaces by Advanced EPR Ali Alaouie Alex Smirnov
Northern Arizona University Behavioral
Using Stable Isotopes to Assess Diet Shift in Peromyscus spp in Response to Removal of Prairie Dogs (Cynomys gunnisoni) Shirley Bartz Lee Drickamer
Northern Arizona University Physiology / Functional Morphology Comparative analysis of gas bladder muscle functions in fishes Heidie Hornstra W. Montgomery
Ohio University Cell Biology / Biochemistry Microarray Analysis of Secondary Xylem Production Genes in Arabidopsis thaliana. Sarah Bashore Sarah Wyatt
Oklahoma State University Behavioral
Hormonal correlates of variation in collared lizard (Crotaphytus collaris) locomotor performance Jerry Husak Stanley Fox
Pace University Cell Biology / Biochemistry Does blocking PNUTs expression in breast cancer cells lead to inhibition of cancer cell growth? Andrea Szczepanski Nancy Krucher
Pennsylvania State University Physics /
Silicon Immersion Grating for High Resolution Infrared Spectroscopy Junfeng Wang Jian Ge
Queen's University Systematics / Evolutionary
An Analysis of the Genetic Uniqueness of the Warbler Populations of the Haida Gwaii Roger Bull Vicki Friesen
Rider University Physiology / Functional Morphology Activation of the Sympathetic Nervous System by Cyclophosphamide Jennifer Szczytkowski Jonathan Karp
Rutgers University Psychology Modifying auditory cortical representations through discrimination learning. Itzel Orduna Mark Gluck
Saint Louis University Engineering Controlling Vascular Smooth Muscle Cell Growth using Poly(ethylene glycol) Coatings Katherine Stuart Rebecca Willits
San Diego State University Systematics / Evolutionary
The Biogeography and Phylogenetic relationship among porpoises (Cetacea: Phocoenida) Liliana Fajardo Analissa Berta
Simon Fraser University Systematics / Evolutionary
The relative effects of sexual selection and ecological speciation on the origin and maintenance of color polymorphism in the Telmatherinid fishes of Sulawesi, Indonesia Suzanne Gray Jeffrey McKinnon
Simon Fraser University Systematics / Evolutionary
Physiology underlying the ‘cost of reproduction’: Lipoprotein lipase activity and very-low density lipoprotein particle-size distribution in energy challenged birds Katrina Salvante Tony Williams
St. Lawrence University Ecology Does habitat fragmentation alter genetic structure in small mammal populations? Jolaine Roycewicz Erika Barthelmess
St. Louis University Engineering Mechanical Investigation of Crosslinked Poly(ethylene glycol) Systems Bret Kelso Rebecca Willits
St. Mary's College of Maryland Psychology The effects of nicotine on learning set acquisition in nucleus basalis magnocellularis (NBM) lesioned rats. Jennifer Lee Aileen Bailey
St. Mary's College of Maryland Psychology Influences of the GABA pathway on Learning in nBM Lesioned Long Evans Rats Kelly Martin Aileen Bailey
Stetson University Ecology Testing the accuracy of a three-source mixing model in predicting the diet of corn snakes (Elaphe guttata) Allison Martin Terence Farrell
SUNY OSWEGO Petrology / Geochemistry Analysis of planar and linear mineral fabrics in a heterogenous ductile shear zone: southern Adirondack Mountains, New York Rachel Price David Valentino
SUNY Stony Brook Behavioral
Foraging and thermal strategies of fiddler crabs: ecological consequences of microhabitat selection Bengt Allen Jeffrey Levinton
SUNY Stony Brook Psychology Cognitive Processing of Auditory Stimuli during Sleep and Wakefulness: an Event-Related Potential Approach Lisa Harkavy-Cottone Nancy Squires
Texas A&M University Systematics / Evolutionary
Coevolution Between Endohelminth Parasites and Their Pocket Gopher Hosts Hsuan-Wien Chen Norman Dronen
The University of Illinois at Chicago Cell Biology / Biochemistry Engineered Polymer Surfaces for Controlling Cellular Response Catherine Clark Richard Gemeinhart
Truman State University Cell Biology / Biochemistry Optimization of a Mixed Culture System for Microglia and Neurons Using Immortalized Cell Lines Cheri Dunham Cynthia Cooper
Tulane University Behavioral
Inbreeding and sexual selection in small populations: an investigation using stalk-eyed flies (Diptera: Diopsidae) Simon Lailvaux Irschick Duncan
Tulane University Ecology Is variation in concentration of secondary metabolites in a tropical understory shrub determined by genetic or environmental factors? Rita Brauner Lee Dyer
Tulane University Physiology / Functional Morphology How do snakes limit their drag profile during aquatic feeding? A cranial kinematic analysis Shawn Vincent Duncan Irschick
U.T.S.A. Cell Biology / Biochemistry The Role of IgA in Inflammatory Bowel Disease Candice Dubose Bernard Arulanandam
UNC-Chapel Hill Petrology / Geochemistry Using Magma Sheets to Constrain Pluton Emplacement Mechanisms Susanne McDowell Drew Coleman
UNC-Charlotte Cell Biology / Biochemistry Intracellular S. aureus Induces Immune Modulator Expression Michael Reott Michael Hudson
Universidad Autónoma del Estado de Hidalgo Ecology Unravelling the physiological effects of and resistance to eugregarine parasites on damselfly hosts Jorge Canales-Lazcano Alejandro Córdoba-Aguilar
Universidad de Buenos Aires Cell Biology / Biochemistry Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and Immunological Status Valeria Sander Alicia Motta
Universidad de Buenos Aires Cell Biology / Biochemistry Aluminum Interference With Erythropoietin-Prevented Apoptosis Daniela Vittori Alcira Nesse
Universidad de Buenos Aires Physiology / Functional Morphology Food deprivation effect on the ovulatory process Ernesto Roman Alicia Faletti
Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México Behavioral
Cost of spermatophore production in the scorpion Vaejovis puntatus Jorge Contreras-Garduño Alejandro Córdoba-Aguilar
Universidad Nacional de La Pampa Ecology Bird assemblages in fragmented forests in eastern La Pampa province, Argentina Ramón Sosa Maria Martín
Universidad Nacional del Comahue Systematics / Evolutionary
Geographical Variation In The Seed Dispersal Of The Mistletoe Tristerix Corymbosus In Southern South America: Birds Versus Mammals Guillermo Amico Marcelo Aizen
University at Albany, SUNY Psychology Cue-reactivity in People Who Gamble Julie Hartley Edelgard Wulfert
University of Adelaide/Royal Adelaide Hospital Physiology / Functional Morphology Colonic afferent response to 5-HT in normal and inflamed states Jonathan Coldwell Ashley Blackshaw
University of Alabama Petrology / Geochemistry Quaternary Magmas of the Raffuse Creek / Mamquam River James Powell, Jr Nathan Green
University of Arizona Systematics / Evolutionary
Introduced Plants and Native Insects: a Case Study in Population Genetics Jeffrey Oliver David Maddison
University of Bridgeport Computer
Science / Mathematics
Experimental robot musician Bei Wang Tarek Sobh
University of Buenos Aires Cell Biology / Biochemistry Nitric oxide system in rat corpus luteum Alejandra Estévez Margarita Vega
University of Buenos Aires Cell Biology / Biochemistry Aluminum-Induced Apoptosis In Neuronal Cells Nicolás Pregi Alcira Nesse
University of Buenos Aires Physiology / Functional Morphology Interaction between nitric oxide and cytokines in salivary glands of NOD mice Valeria Roca Claudia Perez Leiros
University of Buenos Aires Psychology Possible role of progesterone in phospholipase A2 activity regulation Mariana Farina Ana Franchi
University of Buenos Aires - Faculty of Agronomy Ecology Fungal Endophytes Impact On Host-Plant Recruitment Under Different Litter And Water Conditions Marina Omacini Enrique Chaneton
University of California - Davis Ecology Ecological Impacts of Predator Evolution Evan Preisser Donald Strong
University of California, Berkeley Ecology Microbial signaling influences soil nitrogen mineralization and plant nitrogen availability. Kristen DeAngelis Mary Firestone
University of California, Berkeley Ecology Community Dynamics: How Vegetative Invasion of California Grasslands May Affect Thier Arthropod Inhabitants Natalie Robinson Jeffrey Corbin
University of California, Los Angeles Paleontology / Sedimentation Multi-Spectrum Analysis of Chemical Changes Caused by Fossilization Andrew Czaja J. Schopf
University of California, San Diego Systematics / Evolutionary
The History of Self-Incompatibility in Solanaceae Boris Igic Joshua Kohn
University of California-Santa Barbara Behavioral
An investigation of the proximate factors that influence begging behavior in the Brown-headed Cowbird. James Rivers Stephen Rothstein
University of Chicago Anthropology Fruits, fingers, and form: Functional significance of Meissner's corpuscles Joscelyn Hoffmann Russell Tuttle
University of Cincinnati Chemistry Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy for Ultra-Sensitive Electrochemical Immunoassay Jennifer Thomas William Heineman
University of Cincinnati Engineering Novel Chemical Oxidation Process For Water Purification Georgios Anipsitakis Dionysios Dionysiou
University of Cincinnati Engineering Use of Water-immiscible Room Temperature Ionic Liquids for Extraction and In-situ Destruction of Halogenated organics Qiaolin Yang Dionysios Dionysiou
University of Cincinnati Hydrology / Geomorphology Paleoclimate of the Last Transition, Champaign Co., Ohio Katherine Glover Thomas Lowell
University of Colorado at Boulder Anthropology Identifying Patterns of Aggregation in Ceramic Production Using Stylistic and Compositional Analyses Curtis Nepstad-Thornberry Doug Bamforth
University of Colorado at Boulder Behavioral
Geographic Variation in Constricting Behavior of Western Terrestrial Garter Snakes (Thamnophis elegans) Matthew Bealor Alan de Queiroz
University of Colorado, Boulder Psychology Comparing Group Interventions for a University-based Diversion Program Heather LaChance Kent Hutchison
University of Connecticut Systematics / Evolutionary
Testing the parallel speciation hypothesis in scincid lizards of the Eumeces skiltonianus species group Jonathan Richmond Elizabeth Jockusch
University of Delaware Ecology The Ecological Conditions of Stormwater Management Ponds in New Castle County, Delaware, with Reference to Macroinvertebrate Community Metrics Roland Wall Roland Roth
University of Denver Computer
Science / Mathematics
Efficient management of mobility in mobile commerce Hailin Wu Lee Kyungsook
University of Florida Physiology / Functional Morphology Compensatory growth and life history trade-offs in Hemidactylus garnotii Alison McCombe Karen Bjorndal
University of Florida Psychology Children With Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: The Role of Neurological Dysfunction in Deficits of Planning and Problem Solving Dana Byrd William Berg
University of Florida Systematics / Evolutionary
Conservation genetics with a phylogenetic approach in the Mentheae Christine Edwards Douglas Soltis
University of Georgia Cell Biology / Biochemistry Survivin Expression in Canine Lymphoma Melanie Johnson Elizabeth Howerth
University of Georgia Ecology The effects of N deposition on nutrient acquisition of ectomycorrhizal fungi; ombrotrophic bogs as model systems Nina Wurzburger Ron Hendrick
University of Georgia Ecology Ecological Stoichiometry of a detritus-based stream food web Wyatt Cross Amy Rosemond
University of Georgia Physiology / Functional Morphology Voltage-gated sodium channel modulation of NMDA receptor signaling. Shashank Dravid Thomas Murray
University of Georgia Psychology Inflammation-Induced Neuronal Activity is Suppressed by a Peripheral Cannabinoid Mechanism Andrea Nackley Andrea Hohmann
University of Georgia Psychology The Use of an Interactive 2D Display to Guide Actions in 3D by Capuchin Monkeys Katherine Leighty Dorothy Fragaszy
University of Hawaii at Manoa Ecology Impact Of Alien Slugs On Native Seedling Survival In Tropical Rainforest, Hawaii Stephanie Joe Curtis Daehler
University of Illinois Ecology Invasibility of Hawaiian forests to exotic birds Jeffrey Foster Scott Robinson
University of Illinois - Urbana Cell Biology / Biochemistry Deoxyribozymes that Ligate RNA Kelly Hoadley Scott Silverman
University of Illinois at Chicago Ecology Respiratory Control of Ecosystem Carbon Cycling using Elevated CO2 and Stable Isotopes Rebecca Trueman Miquel Gonzalez-Meler
University Of Illinois at Chicago Physiology / Functional Morphology A Microfluidics Device for Chemically Communicating with Neural Tissues: Evaluation Using Cultured PC-12 Cells Deepak Lamba David Schneeweis
University of Illinois at Chicago Psychology Affective Influences on People's Perceptions of Fairness Elizabeth Mullen Linda Skitka
University of Kansas Ecology Spatial & temporal .geostatistical modeling of forest biophysical characteristics in the Yellowstone Central Plateau Ludmila Moskal Mark Jakubauskas
University of Louisville Psychology Evaluation and localization of ethanol's effects on the developing retina Gary Yarbrough Heywood Petry
University of Louisville Systematics / Evolutionary
The effect of stress and life history on senescence in guppies (Poecilia reticulata). Patricia Sevene-Adams Lee Dugatkin
University of Maine Tectonics / Geophysics Host-rock response to dike-fed magma chamber growth Christopher Gerbi Scott Johnson
University of Maine Tectonics / Geophysics Study of the Main Martir thrust, northern Baja California, Mexico Erwin Melis Scott Johnson
University of Manitoba Cell Biology / Biochemistry Connexins in Zebrafish Lens Development and Function Shaohong Cheng Gunnar Valdimarsson
University of Massachusetts, Amherst Physiology / Functional Morphology Function of segmented muscle during swimming in the salamander, Siren lacertina. Manny Azizi Elizabeth Brainerd
University of Massachusetts-Amherst Paleontology / Sedimentation Hydrothermal Alteration of Seawater Chemistry and Mid-Cretaceous Plankton Evolution Adam MacConnell R. Mark Leckie
University of Mississippi Ecology Pheromonal Signals: Implications for Sex Change in the Bridled Goby Kristen Marsh Marc Slattery
University of Missouri - St. Louis Behavioral
Extra-pair fertilizations in waved albatrosses: a test of the related cuckold hypothesis Kathryn Huyvaert Patricia Parker
University of Missouri-St. Louis Systematics / Evolutionary
Host-parasite population genetics: a model coEvolutionary
system in the Galapagos
Noah Whiteman Patricia Parker
University of Missouri-St. Louis Systematics / Evolutionary
Molecular Systematics and Phylogeography of Buarremon Brush-finches (Aves, Emberizinae) in the Neotropics Carlos Cadena Bette Loiselle
University of Montana Physiology / Functional Morphology Costs of Limb Regeneration in Walking-Sticks Tara Prestholdt Douglas Emlen
University of Montana Systematics / Evolutionary
The influence of maternal effects on a sexually-selected trait in the leaf-footed bug, Leptoscelis tricolor Westwood (Hemiptera: Coreidae) Christine Miller Douglas Emlen
University of Montana, Missoula Ecology Frugivore Diversity and Fig Tree Dispersal Jedediah Brodie John Maron
University of Nevada, Las Vegas Physiology / Functional Morphology Ubiquitin dynamics in estivating snails Safdar Qureshi Frank van Breukelen
University of New Mexico Anthropology Genetic contributions to cranial phenotypic variation: heritability estimates from documented skeletal populations in Bavaria Elizabeth Carson Osbjorn Pearson
University of New Mexico Ecology Experimental community ecology using Panamanian Drosophila: searching for general principles Allen Hurlbert James Brown
University of New Mexico Tectonics / Geophysics Tectonic Vertical Axis Rotation Estimates from Ignimbrites, Candelaria Hills, west Central Nevada Michael Petronis John Geissman
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Ecology The effects of short-term physiological stress on an organism’s long-term fitness. Tara Fitzhenry Robert Podolsky
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Systematics / Evolutionary
Mimicry Patterns in Allopatry - Gene Flow and Range Expansion George Harper David Pfennig
University of North Carolina at Charlotte Cell Biology / Biochemistry Staphylococcus aureus Genes Induced during Osteoblast Infection Jeremy Miller Micheal Hudson
University of North Carolina at Wilmington Systematics / Evolutionary
Social interactions based on male size and melanism in the eastern mosquitofish (Gambusia holbrooki) Michael Simone Bruce Katherine
University of North Carolina Greensboro Cell Biology / Biochemistry How does curcumin cause death in colon cancer cells? David Scott George Loo
University of North Texas Health Science Center Cell Biology / Biochemistry The role of NRAGE in photoreceptor cell death Bhooma Srinivasan Rouel Roque
University of Notre Dame Psychology Boundaries of Geometric Perception Krupa Hegde Robert West
University of Rochester Physiology / Functional Morphology Ethanol Regulates the Subcellular Distribution of Proteins in the Liver Involved in Messenger RNA Processing. David Lehmann Harold Smith
University of Southern California Psychology Intergroup Aggression Douglas Stenstrom Miller Norman
University of Southern Mississippi Anthropology Health in the City: What Teeth of the Tikal Maya Tell Us Erin Villarraga Marie Danforth
University of Texas at Austin Systematics / Evolutionary
A Phylogenetic and Biogeographic study of Bellflowers in the Southern Hemisphere and on Oceanic Islands, with insights to plant conservation programs. Helen Cortes Robert Jansen
University of Toronto Ecology Community genetics of Oenothera biennis (Onagraceae) and its associated insects: testing how plant genes and insect communities interact Marc Johnson Anurag Agrawal
University of Utah Ecology Effects of productivity on resource availability and predator pressure of herbivores Lora Richards Phyllis Coley
University of Vermont Engineering An Investigation of Propagation Characteristics for Naturally Occurring Environments at ISM Frequency Bands John Murch Jeff Frolik
University of Washington Physiology / Functional Morphology Visual control of flight in the hawk moth Manduca sexta Jordanna Sprayberry Thomas Daniel
University of Wisconsin-Madison Ecology Temporal Dynamics of Jack Pine (Pinus banksiana Lamb.) Barrens in the Northwest Wisconsin Sand Plains David Alexander Sara Hotchkiss
Villanova University Ecology Do extra-pair fertilizations confound patterns of reproductive success in a chickadee hybrid zone? Matthew Reudink Robert Curry
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Ecology Do the effects of anthropogenic soil disturbances inhibit in situ mycorrhizal activity and revegetation efforts? Rebecca Abler Orson Miller
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Physiology / Functional Morphology Investigating the physiological mechanism(s) of the magnetic sense in laboratory mice, strain C57BL/6J. Nicole Edgar John Phillips
Virginia Tech Cell Biology / Biochemistry Regulation of Alkaline Phosphatase during development of Dictyostelium Bradley Joyce Charles Rutherford
Virginia Tech Tectonics / Geophysics Geometry, kinematics and age of the northern half of the White Mountain Shear Zone, eastern California and Nevada Walter Sullivan Richard Law
Washington State University Spokane Cell Biology / Biochemistry Effects of a Complementary / Alternative Yoga Program on Nuclear NF-kB in Lymphocytes of Women With Breast Cancer Michelle Crowe Sally Blank
Waynesburgh College Behavioral
Habitat preference of naive clownfish (Amphiprion sp.), with implications for our understanding of stock enhancement, biodiversity and habitat loss. John DeVilbiss Ralph Turingan
Western Michigan University Ecology Environmental stress, biomarkers, and disease in benthic stream invertebrates Stephanie Swart Steve Kohler
Wheaton College Cell Biology / Biochemistry Variation in Phaeomoniella chlamydospora Isolates Among New England Vineyards Using Molecular Techniques Robin Brese Barbara Brennessel
Wheaton College Cell Biology / Biochemistry Assay of Angiogenesis by 13-Hydroxyoctadecadienoic Acid (13-HODE) using RNA extraction and Northern Blot Analysis Monica Voudris Barbara Brennessel
Widener University Physiology / Functional Morphology Determination of Myosin Light Chain 2 Isoform Expressions in Red Muscle of Juvenile Rainbow Trout Oncorhynchus mykiss Jonathan Schiavi Frances Weaver
Williams College Physics /
Understanding Coronal Heating at the Total Solar Eclipse David Ticehurst Jay Pasachoff
Worcester Polytechnic Institute Physics /
Mechanical Photoresponse of Wild-Type Bacteriorhodopsin Waddell Jack Nancy Burnham


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