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October 2003 Subject

Grants from the October 15, 2003 Deadline
Alphabetical by Subject

Anthropology Paleontology / Sedimentation
Behavioral Ecology/Ethology Petrology / Geochemistry
Cell Biology / Biochemistry Physics / Astronomy
Chemistry Physiology / Functional Morphology
Computer Science/Mathematics Psychology
Ecology Systematics / Evolutionary Biology
Engineering Tectonics / Geophysics
Hydrology / Geomorphology  

Subject Student College / University Title Mentor
Anthropology Laura Jean Alport University of Texas at Austin Fungiform papillae and the evolution of primate taste perception Deborah J Overdorff
Anthropology Deborah Lenz Cunningham University of Missouri-Columbia Postcranial proportional variation in Australopithecus Carol Ward
Anthropology Nicole Loraine Falk University of South Florida Were Pre-Inca Agriculturalists and Herders Buried Together in the Lurin Robert H. Tykot
Anthropology Suzanne Elizabeth Hagell City University of New York Graduate Center Body Size Variation and Ecology in Papio: Illuminating the Kinda Baboon (Papio hamadryas kindae) in Northwest Zambia Eric Delson
Anthropology Luca Lai University of South Florida Tracing differences in dietary patterns between inland and coastal sites in Neolithic Sardinia Robert H. Tykot
Anthropology Sarah Barbara McClure University of California, Santa Barbara Assessing Prehistoric Local Interaction Through Elemental Analysis of Ceramics Michael A. Jochim
Anthropology Tara Anne Peburn City University of New York Graduate School and University Center Cranial Architecture of the Papionini (Primates: Cercopithecidae): Analyses of Structural Variation and its Functional and Phylogenetic Implications Eric Delson
Anthropology George Herbert Perry Arizona State University Inter-Specific Variation of Tooth Development Genes in Primates Anne C Stone
Anthropology Maria Anne Serrat Kent State University Variation in mammalian proximal femoral ossification patterns C. Owen Lovejoy
Anthropology Margaret Ann Streeter University of Missouri-Columbia Histomorphometric characteristics of the sub-adult rib cortex: normal patterns of dynamic bone modeling and remodeling during growth and development Carol V Ward
Anthropology Laura Renee Vandiver University of Missouri-Columbia Gender, Perceptions of Harm, and Reported Substance Use Patterns in Alcohol and Marijuana Users in a Rural Caribbean Village Mark V. Flinn
Anthropology Hilary Catherine Young University of Calgary Foraging of Cebus capucinus on Ant-Defended Acacia Trees in Costa Rica Linda Marie Fedigan
Behavioral Ecology Juan Antonio Baeza University of Louisiana at Lafayette Experimental test of the effect of local mate competition on sex allocation in the marine shrimp Lysmata wurdemanni: a protandric simultaneous hermaphrodite with low risk of sperm competition Raymond T. Bauer
Behavioral Ecology Daniel Alan Bergman Bowling Green State University Understanding chemical communication under lotic and lentic conditions Paul Andrew Moore
Behavioral Ecology Brendan Jonathan Borrell University of California, Berkeley Nectar preferences in orchid bees: testing Baker's Viscosity Hypothesis Robert Dudley
Behavioral Ecology Emily Rebecca Cramer St Mary's College of Maryland Vocal performance and song type use in red-winged blackbirds J Jordan Price
Behavioral Ecology Amanda Lynn Ensminger University of Kentucky Mhc, mate choice, and a novel disease in house sparrows David F Westneat
Behavioral Ecology Elise Donnelly Ferree University of California Santa Cruz The influence of male attractiveness on maternal care in two populations of Oregon juncos Bruce E Lyon
Behavioral Ecology Valerie Suzanne Foster University of California, Irvine Sex allocation in zebra finches may depend upon differential costs to parents Nancy Tyler Burley
Behavioral Ecology Susan N. Gershman University of California, Riverside Multiple mating and paternity in wild-caught Gryllus vocalis field crickets Daphne Fairbairn
Behavioral Ecology Clint Dale Kelly University of Toronto at Mississauga Ejaculation strategies of males using alternative mating tactics Darryl Trevor Gwynne
Behavioral Ecology Christian Harald Krupke Washington State University Investigation of the role of intra-specific acoustic communication in mate selection of Euschistus conspersus Vince P Jones
Behavioral Ecology Danielle N. Lee University of Missouri - St. Louis Early social environment influences the development of individual behavioral differences Zuleyma Tang-Martinez
Behavioral Ecology Patrick Ray Lemons University of Nevada, Reno Long-term Fitness Consequences of Conspecific Brood Parasitism James Stone Sedinger
Behavioral Ecology Kenneth Maxwell Levenstein Arkansas State University Breeding ecology of the cooperatively polyandrous Galapagos Hawk: how many males are enough? James Cary Bednarz
Behavioral Ecology Candace Low University of California, Santa Barbara Vibrational interactions between a leaf-mining species and their parasitoids John A. Endler
Behavioral Ecology Patrice M Ludwig University of Virginia Relating phenotypic plasticity, behavioral ecology, and population dynamics in the forked fungus beetle, Bolitotherus cornutus Henry M Wilbur
Behavioral Ecology Kathleen Sheila Lynch University of Texas as Austin The role of estrogen in modulating neuronal activity of central auditory areas in female anurans Walter Wilczynski
Behavioral Ecology Elizabeth Ann Miller Wilkes University Agro-Farming by Gray Squirrels: An Experimental Approach Michael Alan Steele
Behavioral Ecology Noah Garb Perlut University of Vermont The effects of hayfield management on mating systems of Savannah sparrows (Passerculus sandwichensis) breeding in the Champlain Valley of Vermont Allan M Strong
Behavioral Ecology Mor Salomon-Botner Ben-Gurion University The role of maternal care in the evolution of sociality in the spider genus Stegodyphus (Araneae, Eresidae) Yael Lubin
Behavioral Ecology Robert William Senkiw Manitoba Contagious Communication in Black-Tailed Prairie Dogs (Cynomys ludovicianus): Do Individuals Test Their Neighbors' Awareness? James F. Hare
Behavioral Ecology Ana Kate Skemp University of Arizona Life History Tradeoffs between Learning and Senescence: Behavioral and Neuroanatomical Approaches Daniel R. Papaj
Behavioral Ecology Jennifer Laura Verdolin State University of New York at Stony Brook Variation in the social structure and mating system of Gunnisons Prairie Dogs Charles Janson
Behavioral Ecology Maren Noelani Vitousek-Bemis Princeton University Finding the Right Man: Quantifying the Costs and Benefits of Female Mate Choice in the Galapagos Marine Iguana (Amblyrhynchus cristatus) Martin C Wikelski
Behavioral Ecology Pamela D. Widder Oklahoma State University Sub-Lethal Effects of Environmentally Relevant Levels of an Organophosphate Pesticide on Amphibian Larvae Joseph R. Bidwell
Behavioral Ecology David Robert Wilson University of Manitoba Ultrasonic communication in Richardson's ground squirrels (Spermophilus richardsonii) James F. Hare
Behavioral Ecology Kerri Margaret Wrinn University of Cincinnati The effects of leg loss and regeneration on prey capture in wolf spiders George William Uetz
Behavioral Ecology Julie Kirsten Young Utah State University Spatial ecology of coyotes John Anthony Shivik
Behavioral Ecology Sara Rebecca Zimnavoda Long Island University, CW Post Effects of the Environment on Diamondback terrapin Hatchling Behavior Matthew Jay Draud
Cell Biology / Biochemistry Angel Anthony Alvarez University of Illinois at Chicago Differentiation of human mesenchymal stem cells into retinal cells Kiminobu Sugaya
Cell Biology / Biochemistry Nicolas G Azios University of Texas at Austin Effects of Resveratrol from Red Wine on Metastatic Breast Cancer Surangani Flanagan Dharmawardhane
Cell Biology / Biochemistry Corinne Anya Balint Middlebury College Investigating a putative role for FimA in Streptococcus mutans adherence to endothelial cells Grace Ann Spatafora
Cell Biology / Biochemistry Lindsay Rachel Barclay Albertson College of Idaho Differential Cell Sensitivity to Cadmium: A Study of Apoptosis Sara Jane Heggland
Cell Biology / Biochemistry John Michael Buchner University of Georgia In vitro DNA binding studies of the Novel Site-Specific Recombinase, Piv Anna Cecilia Karls
Cell Biology / Biochemistry Irina Ciubotaru University of North Carolina at Greensboro The effect of EPA / DHA on the activation of transcription factors involved in the CRP gene expression Rosemary C. Wander
Cell Biology / Biochemistry Jeffrey Scott Coker North Carolina State University Accumulation of V-ATPase transcripts in tomato leaves during a systemic wound response Eric Davies
Cell Biology / Biochemistry Rebecca Lyn Coppins University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Controlling the Regioselectivity of RNA Ligation with DNA Enzymes Scott Korey Silverman
Cell Biology / Biochemistry Erin Lynn Crowgey Miami University Understanding the Roles of Hsp70 and Hsp90 in Protein Deficient Mice John R. Stevenson
Cell Biology / Biochemistry Jenna Flora DuMond University of North Carolina at Charlotte Inhibition of Glycosylasparaginase John M. Risley
Cell Biology / Biochemistry Robert Gregory Ellis-Hutchings University of California-Davis Effects of Polybrominated Diphenyl Ether Exposure on Biochemical Indicators of Nervous System Development Carl L Keen
Cell Biology / Biochemistry Elizabeth Paige Falwell Virginia Tech Fibrosarcoma-induced dysregulation of interleukin activity and modulation through paclitaxel (Taxol™)-mediated signal transduction Klaus Dieter Elgert
Cell Biology / Biochemistry Ryan Nicholas Fiorini Medical University of South Carolina Pharmacological Alterations of Hepatic Steatosis for Successful Transplantation Kenneth David Chavin
Cell Biology / Biochemistry Bryan Christopher Fuchs St. Louis University Link between ASCT2, cell swelling, Bad phosphorylation and cancer cell survival Barrie Patrick Bode
Cell Biology / Biochemistry Smita Gopinath Mount Holyoke College RT-PCR analysis of select genes in BL / 6 and BALB / c Sharon A Stranford
Cell Biology / Biochemistry Nathaniel Edwards Head Marshall University Inhibition of Pseudomonas aeruginosa Biofilms in Cystic Fibrosis Hongwei Yu
Cell Biology / Biochemistry Sherry Tomiko Hikita University of California, Santa Barbara Investigation of the Role of Osteopontin in Experimental Autoimmune Uveitis Dennis O Clegg
Cell Biology / Biochemistry Andrea Jean Hoffmeister San Francisco State University Specificity of histone lysine acetylation in the human beta-globin region Michael Alan Goldman
Cell Biology / Biochemistry Steven Akira Kawamoto Ohio State University Elucidating the mechanism of inhibition of bacterial RNase P by aminoglycoside derivatives Venkat Gopalan
Cell Biology / Biochemistry Sara Michelle Kienzle Michigan State University Escherichia coli Adherence in Secondary Environments Thomas S. Whittam
Cell Biology / Biochemistry Gage Koehler Indianapolis University / Purdue University Expression and characteristic study of cold regulated proteins in roots Stephen Randall
Cell Biology / Biochemistry Mark Andrew Kroenke University of Rochester The effects of IFN-beta on MIP-1alpha and RANTES secretion in multiple sclerosis Benjamin Matthew Segal
Cell Biology / Biochemistry Jae-Kyung Lee University of North Texas Health Science Center Characterization of a novel CD2 receptor, CS1 on human Natural Killer cells Porunelloor A. Mathew
Cell Biology / Biochemistry Lei Li University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Acute regulation of Acyl-CoA synthetase 1 by phosphorylation Rosalind A Coleman
Cell Biology / Biochemistry Carolina Griselda Luchetti Universidad de Buenos Aires Insulin Resistance in the Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Alicia Beatriz Motta
Cell Biology / Biochemistry Gaurangi Vinaykumar Malthankar Idaho State University Investigation of Relation between Energy-Metabolism and Cell Death in Rat Hippocampal Slice Cultures Exposed to Kainate Excitotoxicity James C.K. Lai
Cell Biology / Biochemistry Paula Sofìa Nieto School of Chemistry, National University of Córdoba Expression of the Photopigment Melanopsin in Chicken Retinal Cells (RGCs) Mario Eduardo Guido
Cell Biology / Biochemistry Stephenson Wuyika Nkinin University of Cincinnati Prevalence of Pneumocystis jirovecii Infections in Cameroon Edna S. Kaneshiro
Cell Biology / Biochemistry Sarah Ruth Null Indiana State University Characterization of the mccC-like gene of plasmid pHPM8 and determination of microcin production by Helicobacter pylori HPM8 H Kathleen Dannelly
Cell Biology / Biochemistry Dawn Marie O'Dee Miami University Does Corticosterone Inhibition of Cytokine Production Block Macrophage Activation in Protein Malnourished Mice? John R. Stevenson
Cell Biology / Biochemistry Chris Lawrence Pagliarulo University of Arizona Mechanisms enabling salt tolerant plants to grow in saline environments Karen Sue Schumaker
Cell Biology / Biochemistry Gitika Panicker University of Alabama at Birmingham Identification of genes expressed in Vibrio vulnificus in its quiescent and active state Asim K Bej
Cell Biology / Biochemistry Cecilia Poderoso University of Buenos Aires School of Medicine Differential mitochondrial ERK1 / 2 trafficking during proliferative and steroidogenic responses in MA-10 cells Ernesto Jorge Podesta
Cell Biology / Biochemistry Jennifer Sparkman Pressley Virginia Tech Contributions of T Cell Subsets to Tumor Immunity: Implications for Tumor Vaccine Development Klaus Dieter Elgert
Cell Biology / Biochemistry Muthuramanan Rameswaran Widener University Is Atrazine an innate immune system disruptor in adult Northern Leopard Frogs (Rana pipiens)? Itzick Vatnick
Cell Biology / Biochemistry Elena A Repnikova Texas A&M University Investigation of bystander cell induction in low-LET irradiated human fibroblasts John R Ford
Cell Biology / Biochemistry Lynn J. Richter Plattsburgh State University Isolation and Sequencing of the Nitric Oxide Synthase Gene in Paramecium tetraurelia Nancy L. Elwess
Cell Biology / Biochemistry Jason Peter Roth Utah State University Detection of HPIV-3 Accessory Proteins Dale L Barnard
Cell Biology / Biochemistry Joanna Marie Rueth University of Wisconsin Madison Sequence specific effects of nucleoside analogs on the Hepatitis C Virus Rob Striker
Cell Biology / Biochemistry Lisa M Sanders Texas A&M University Oxidative environment of the colon vs small intestine: relationship to cancer susceptibility Joanne R Lupton
Cell Biology / Biochemistry Soma Sarkar University of North Caroilna at Wilmington Aerobic scope and lactate production in mice with an inherited capacity for hypoxic exercise Stephen T Kinsey
Cell Biology / Biochemistry Sharmilee P Sawant University of Louisiana at Monroe Molecular mechanisms of development of diabetes in type 2 diabetic rats Harihara M Mehendale
Cell Biology / Biochemistry Matthew aaron Smart Merrimack College A Molecular Basis For The Functional Differences in Cytochrome c Oxidase In Human Prostate Carcinoma Versus Control Epithelial Cells Josephine Modica-Napolitano
Cell Biology / Biochemistry Jason Smucny Amherst College Role of Glutamate Receptor Trafficking in Horizontal Optokinetic Nystagmus in Frog Stephen A. George
Cell Biology / Biochemistry Thynn KALAYAR Thane Northern Illinois University The role of Antizyme Inhibitor in regulation of cellular polyamines John L. A. Mitchell
Cell Biology / Biochemistry Shiva Kumar Tyagarajan Pennsylvania State University Examining the Role of JCV Proteins in Cellular Oncogenicity Richard John Frisque
Cell Biology / Biochemistry Julie Beth Wahlstrand Carleton College Effects of Bisphenol A on Chromatin Remodeling of the Interferon-Gamma Promoter Debby Rae Walser-Kuntz
Cell Biology / Biochemistry Mutegi Rosemary Wanja Kenyatta University Molecular Characterization of Transgenic Sweet Potatoes Following Genetic Transformation with Viral Coat Protein Genes Nkanata Mburugu Gitonga
Cell Biology / Biochemistry Kristy DeRhea Wendt University of Missouri, Columbia Characterization of retinal degeneration in a mouse model of the Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinoses Martin L Katz
Cell Biology / Biochemistry Jeremy Alan Wickenheiser University of California at Santa Barbara An Identification and Investigation of CED-4 Mediated Apoptotic Suppressors in Caenorhabditis elegans Joel H Rothman
Cell Biology / Biochemistry Katherine Reneau Willcox University of California, Riverside Role of Threonine 55 Phosphorylation in Apoptosis Xuan Liu
Cell Biology / Biochemistry Alfred Joseph Zullo Purdue University BATF Transgenic Mice: Investigating the role of AP-1 in NKT cell development Elizabeth Jane Taparowsky
Chemistry Eric Jovan Austria University of Colorado Determination of Catechins in Over-The-Counter Dietary Supplements David J Weiss
Chemistry Guy William Dadson California State University, Fullerton Spectroscopic and Kinetic Studies of Atmospheric Radicals Scott Hewitt
Chemistry Emily Michele Haas Gettysburg College Photodissociation Dynamics of Acetaldehyde Michael Richard Wedlock
Chemistry Jess H Jacobs Jacksonville University Fuel Cell Teaching Package David N Bohenke
Chemistry Karen Jean Lipscomb Indiana State University Synthesis of Epiquinamide Richard Wayne Fitch
Chemistry Virginia Gail McHugh-Kurtz Northern Illinois University A Systematic Comparison of Alkaloidal Profiles of Coca Tea Hans T. Beck
Chemistry James Wanjohi Ndiritu Kenyatta university The stability of beta-carotene in dehydrated dark-green leafy vegetables stored in presence of an oxygen absorber Hudson Nyambaka
Chemistry Jelena Petrovic Saint Francis University Effects of Solution Composition on Adsorbed Cytochrome c Electrochemistry Rose A. Clark
Chemistry R. Bryan Sears Georgia Southern University Investigation of Adenochrome: A Possible Iron Chelation Therapy Drug C. Michele Davis
Computer Science / Mathematics Xiaohui Cui University of Louisville Collaboratively searching and operating with multiple robots using local communication Adel S. Elmaghraby
Computer Science / Mathematics Weilin Williams Fu San Francisco A Pen Input ER Design Tool Marguerite Murphy
Ecology Salvatore Joseph Agosta University of Pennsylvania Tritrophic interactions in a tropical dry forest: Influence of the parasitoid Enicospilus lebophagus (Hymenoptera) on host plant suitability for Rothschildia lebeau (Lepidoptera: Saturniidae) Arthur E Dunham
Ecology Barry Wilmer Alto University of Florida The effects of larval competition on vector competence of mosquitoes Aedes albopictus and Ae aegypti for dengue virus Leon Philip Lounibos
Ecology Lorenzo Alvarez Centro de Investigación Cientifica y de Educación Superior de Ensenada Influence of substrata over structure of fish communities in Cabo Pulmo coral reef, BCS Mexico Luis Eduardo Calderon
Ecology David E Ausband University of Montana Assessing the success of reintroducing swift fox to the Blackfeet Indian Reservation, Montana Kerry R Foresman
Ecology Jill Anne Awkerman Wake Forest University Comprehensive Distribution of Waved Albatrosses within the Galapagos Marine Reserve David John Anderson
Ecology Lynne Rae Baker University of Minnesota-Twin Cities Conservation Status of the Sclater's Guenon (Cercopithecus sclateri) in Southern Nigeria David Lance Garshelis
Ecology Kristin Ann Bakkegard Utah State University The genetics of colonization of two amphibian species after the 1980 eruption of Mount St Helens Edmund D Brodie, Jr
Ecology Nabin Baral Florida International University Naural Resources Use and Conservation Attitudes of Local People in the Western Terai Landscape Complex, Nepal Jeol T. Heinen
Ecology María Noelia Barrios Universidad Nacional del Comhue Historical deer abundance, patterns of damage and deer use in native forests on Isla Victoria, Patagonia, Argentina Thomas Kitzberger
Ecology Anthony John Baumert University of Pittsburgh A novel evaluation of a proposed mechanism of competition can resource consumption predict patterns of abundance? Walter P. Carson
Ecology Jake John Beaulieu University of Notre Dame Effects of nitrate and land use on N2O production from denitrification in aquatic sediments Jennifer Tank
Ecology Joshua Benjamin Benoit Wittenberg University Investigating antimycotics for biological control of ticks Jay Yoder
Ecology Sarah Kosting Berke University of South Carolina Decorating for the Invertebrate Ball: The Whys and Wherefores of Behavioral Evolution Sarah Ann Woodin
Ecology Lori Ann Blanc Virginia Tech University Experimental study of the longleaf pine cavity-nesting bird community: the role of the red-cockaded woodpecker Jeffrey R Walters
Ecology David Robert Brown Tulane University Sex-biased winter distribution of a monomorphic songbird at multiple spatial scales Thomas, W., Sherry,
Ecology Denise Ann Bruesewitz University of Notre Dame Effect of zebra mussels (Dreissena polymorpha) on the fate of dissolved inorganic nitrogen Jennifer L. Tank
Ecology Amy J Burgin Michigan State University Nitrate removal in aquatic ecosystems Stephen K Hamilton
Ecology Jane Elizabeth Carlson Louisiana State University The adaptive significance of female-biased nectar rewards in a neotropical herb Kyle Edward Harms
Ecology Samantha Katherine Chapman Northern Arizona University Legacy Effects of Drought on Forest Ecosystem Nutrient Fluxes George, W, Koch,
Ecology Stephanie Ming Hei Cheng University of Alberta Microbial Community Analysis in a High Arctic Glacier Julia M Foght
Ecology Leslie Wetherill Cook Davidson College Effects of the Pesticide Malathion on the Development of Zebrafish, Brachydanio rerio Barbara Mary Lom
Ecology Lisa Heather Crampton University of Nevada Reno Phainopepla Population Dynamics and Genetic Structure in Fragmented Habitats Mary M Peacock
Ecology Alison Margaret Derry Queen's University Rapid Evolution of Zooplankton Following Environmental Change Shelley Elizabeth Arnott
Ecology Sarah Elizabeth Diamond Bucknell University Mordellistena convicta: Did nutritional variation facilitate a host shift from stems to galls? Warren G Abrahamson
Ecology Tracy Lynn DiMezzo Unversity of Illinois at Springfield Uptake Anaylsis of Fluorescently-labeled Organic Phosphate Substrates by Aquatic Hydrophobic Bacteria Michael Joseph Lemke
Ecology Michael Roy Disney Oklahoma State University Mesocarnivore Abundance in Oak Forest Patches: A Comparison of Scent Station and Live-Trapping Techniques Eric Charles Hellgren
Ecology Mathew Edwin Dornbush Iowa State University Species-Specific Impacts on Grassland Biogeochemistry Mediated Through Plant-Microbe Interactions James W Raich
Ecology Justin Lamar Edge Berry College Population Study of Eastern Coyotes (Canis latrans) in Northwest Georgia Christopher Bruce Mowry
Ecology Damon Thomas Ely University of Georgia Export of stream organic matter during storms as an indicator of recovery from logging disturbance James Bruce Wallace
Ecology Michelle Allayne Evans-White University of Notre Dame Ecological stoichiometry in benthic aquatic ecosystems Gary A Lamberti
Ecology Laurie de los Ángeles Fajardo Instituto Venezolano de Investigaciones Científicas Tropical dry forest restoration on Isla de Margarita, Venezuela Jon Paul Rodríguez
Ecology Tara Starr Fletcher University of Washington Factors driving Hedera hibernica (English ivy) invasion in Pacific Northwest forests Roger del Moral
Ecology Alex Caroline Gilman University of California - Los Angeles Species range and diversity across tropical envrionmental gradients Philip W Rundel
Ecology Timothy Earl Goode University of Illinois at Springfield The functional significance and abundance of ammonia-oxidizing bacteria on the Illinois River floodplain Michael Joseph Lemke
Ecology Barbara Pamela Graff School of Agronomy. University of Buenos Aires. Impact of Selective Grazing on Plant - Plant Interactions: The Role of the Spatial Pattern Martin Roberto Aguiar
Ecology Joshua Edwards Grainer James Madison Universirty Influence of predatory brook trout on algal biomass and leaf decomposition rate in streams Kevin Scott Simon
Ecology Bree Ann Hardcastle University of California - Santa Cruz Effects of Serpentine-Associated Edaphic Variation on a Plant / Pathogen Interaction Gregory S. Gilbert
Ecology Laurel Mae Hartley Colorado State University Effects of Prairie Dogs on Plant Community Composition and Nutrient Cycling on the Shortgrass Steppe James K. Detling
Ecology Christopher David Heckel Georgia Southern University Effects of invasive vines and pollinators on seed production in the endangered Trillium reliquum Lissa M. Leege
Ecology Christopher Michael Holbrook University of Maine Diet of endangered Atlantic salmon and potential competitors in a Maine stream Michael T. Kinnison
Ecology Agata Ewa Kamler San Francisco State University Analysis of the coastal distribution of Distichlis spicata, a C4 grass: a focus on microhabitat and competition Virgil Thomas Parker
Ecology Brian Patrick Kinlan University of California Santa Barbara Linking environmental forcing, dispersal and patch dynamics in kelp forest communities Steven D Gaines
Ecology Katrina Klugh West Virginia University Identification of a novel aluminum resistance mechanism of mycorrhizal plants Jonathan Cumming
Ecology Rochelle Grover Labiosa Stanford University The Red Sea Paradox: A highly productive oligotrophic region? Kevin Robert Arrigo
Ecology Melanie A Link-Perez Miami University Using distance-similarity relations to evaluate the importance of ecological drift Martin Henry H Stevens
Ecology Elena Maria Lopez University of Colorado at Boulder Effects of aquatic exposure to methoprene on amphibian development David O. Norris
Ecology Ryan Walker McEwan Ohio University A dendroecological analysis of remnant oak-ash savannas in the Bluegrass Region of central Kentucky Brian C. McCarthy
Ecology Richard Morgan Mitchell Auburn University The Role of a Top Omnivore in Three Coastal Plain Headwater Streams Jack William Feminella
Ecology Jennifer Marie Moody-Weis University of Kansas Large-scale abundance, colonization, and extinction patterns of the annual sunflower (Helianthus annuus) Helen Miller Alexander
Ecology Julian Martin Norghauer University of Toronto The Role of Predation and Herbivory in the Regeneration Ecology of Big Leaf Mahogany (Swietenia macrophylla KING) Jay R. Malcolm
Ecology C. E. Timothy Paine Louisiana State University Testing the key assumptions of recruitment limitation Kyle Edward Harms
Ecology Thomas Lee Parchman New Mexico State University Coevolution on the Island of Hispaniola Between Crossbills and the Hispaniolan Pine Craig Warren Benkman
Ecology Stephen Porder Stanford University Erosion, landscape development, and nutrient availability in tropical ecosystems Peter M Vitousek
Ecology Nichole Noel Price University of California, Santa Barbara Indirect effects of herbivory on the recruitment of hard corals in Moorea, French Polynesia Russell J Schmitt
Ecology Megan Marie Reese St. Cloud State University Impact of marine reserves vs non-protected areas using otolith growth analy Gregory W Stunz
Ecology Erin Alison Scheessele Oregon State University Effect of Ultraviolet-B (UV-B) Radiated Food on LIfe History Traits of Amphibians Andrew R. Blaustein
Ecology Anja Martina Schiller Evergreen State College The role of remnant trees in the restoration of abandoned pastures in Costa Rica John T Longino
Ecology Scott Reid Schlossberg University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Loss of an Ecosystem Dominant: Impacts on Animal Communities Jeff Brawn
Ecology Ginny Anne Short University of California, Riverside Metapopulation Dynamics of the Western Burrowing Owl (Speotyto cunicularia hypugaea) John T. Rotenberry
Ecology Adam John Storch State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry Predator-Prey Interactions: Effects of an Exotic Invertebrate on Planktivore Consumption Kimberly Linn Schulz
Ecology Lina Taneva University of Illinois at Chicago Responses of forest soil respiration to elevated CO2 Miquel A Gonzalez-Meler
Ecology Audrey Rebecca Taylor University of Alaska Fairbanks Pre-migratory habitat use and physiology of shorebirds staging on Alaska's North Slope Abby N Powell
Ecology Carolina Trochine Bariloche University Regional Centre. Comahue National University The effect of Turbellaria and Hirudinea predators in north Patagonian piedmont and high altitude ponds Beatriz Estela Modenutti
Ecology Briggs S Venetia University Of Miami Sexual selection and larval performance of Neotropical frogs in the Chiquibul Forest Reserve, Belize Julian C Lee
Ecology Michael Scott Wetz Oregon State University Release of dissolved organic matter by coastal diatoms Patricia Wheeler
Ecology Stefan Woltmann Tulane University Factors influencing local extinction of tropical understory forest birds in fragmented landscapes Tom, W., Sherry,
Ecology Riqing Yu Louisiana State University Metal Bioavailability of Natural Microbial Assemblage in Saltmarsh Sediment to Amphipod Leptocheirus plumulosus Influenced by Eutrophication John W. Fleeger
Engineering Scot David Bohnenstiehl Montana Tech of the University of Montana Photolysis of Titanium Tetrachloride Larry G Twidwell
Engineering Laura Ashley Buchanan University of Kentucky Effect of Chemical Composition and Crystalline Structure on Protein Adsorption Ahmed R El-Ghannam
Engineering Dezba Gannett Coughlin University of California - Berkeley Effects of Elastin and Collagen on Local Residual Strains Lisa Pruitt
Engineering Matthew Joseph Demmer St. Louis University Spontaneous Formation of Hydroxyapatite on Alkali treated Titanium Marcel E Roy
Engineering Mandar V. Deshpande University of Illinois at Chicago Characterization of Photostrictive PLZT Material for Developing a Light Driven Micro-fluidic dispenser for a Chemical based Visual Prosthesis Saggere Laxman
Engineering Jeremiah Scott Hill Louisiana Tech University Ultrawideband Biomedical Research Kit Rastko R. Selmic
Engineering Jesse Shay Little Stony Brook University Flexion Creep of the Human Lumbar Facet Joint Capsule Partap Singh Khalsa
Engineering Samrat Mukherjee Lehigh University Fabricating and characterizing a "micro sized" membrane reactor- a thrust towards realizing miniaturized fuel processors Mayuresh V. Kothare
Engineering Liang Tang University of Louisville Real-time, Fiber Optic, Multi-analyte Immuno-biosensor for Accurate Anticoagulant Deficiency Diagnosis Kyung A. Kang
Engineering Matthew David Wood St. Louis University Electrical stimulation on patterned surfaces affects DRG neurite extension Rebecca Kuntz Willits
Hydrology / Geomorphology Amy Lynn Brock University of Nevada, Las Vegas Development a stage IV calcium carbonate soil at Mormon Mesa, Nevada Brenda J Buck
Hydrology / Geomorphology Chris l Burcher Virginia Tech Landscape transformations: Geomorphological effects on macroinvertebrates in suburbanizing streams E F Benfield
Hydrology / Geomorphology Deron Torrey Carter Central Washington University The catastrophic draining of Lake Alvord: hydrologic reconstruction and cosmogenic 3He ages of outburst flood deposits, Owyhee River basin, Oregon Lisa Louise Ely
Hydrology / Geomorphology Timothy Leighton Cook University of Delaware Suspended-Sediment Dynamics in the Turbidity Maximum of the Upper Delaware Estuary Christopher K Sommerfield
Hydrology / Geomorphology Allison Leigh Craig Clemson University The effect of vegetation disturbance on the temperature of a stream Lawrence Murdoch
Hydrology / Geomorphology Anna Agassiz Felton Bates College Organic Carbon Cycling in Laminated Sediments from Coastal Lacustrine and Marine Environments, Eastern Canadian Arctic Michael J. Retelle
Hydrology / Geomorphology Steven Edward Kroll Northern Illinois University Influence of Oxygenates on the Fate and Transport of BTEX Compounds in Fine-Grained Soils Melissa E. Lenczewski
Hydrology / Geomorphology Silvia Elena Newell Smith College Hydrology of a Cloud Forest in Monteverde, Costa Rica Amy Larson Rhodes
Hydrology / Geomorphology Thomas Grant Pypker Oregon State University The role of epiphytes in the interception and evaporation of rainfall Barbara Jane Bond
Hydrology / Geomorphology Cristituto Jr. Patindol Tomarong College of Science, University of the Philippines-Diliman Unusually High Methane Gas Emissions in the Notorious Payatas Open Dump in Metro Manila, Philippines Carlo Abundo Arcilla
Paleontology / Sedimentation Steve Nelson Guggino University of South Florida Constraining model predictions for Pangaean climate across the Permian-Pennsylvanian boundary: Evidence from brachiopod sclerochronology Peter Juergen Harries
Paleontology / Sedimentation Samantha Sara Brittany Hopkins University of California, Berkeley Variation in oxygen stable isotope ratios as a proxy for water usage in small mammals Anthony D. Barnosky
Paleontology / Sedimentation Terry Elisabeth Lancaster Kent State University / Northeastern Ohio Universities College of Medicine Evolutionary Adaptations to Life in Water: Brain and Body Size Estimation in Aquatic Mammals Johannes G.M. Thewissen
Paleontology / Sedimentation Amelia Carol Robinson University of California, Davis Integrated Analysis of Organic Matter-Clay Mineral Relationships in Kaolinite-Rich Sediments: Implications for their Stability and Reactivity in Continental Margin Sediments Isabel Patricia Montanez
Paleontology / Sedimentation Jessica Hope Whiteside Columbia University Magnitude and duration of a Triassic-Jurassic supergreenhouse Paul Eric Olsen
Petrology / Geochemistry Lucas Jordan Benedict State University of New York at Albany K-Bentonites of the Devonian: Complexity of Altered Volcanic Ashes in the Appalachian Basin Charles A. Ver Straeten
Petrology / Geochemistry Madalyn Suzanne Blondes Yale University Temporal-compositional trends within single eruptions in the Big Pine Volcanic Field, CA Peter William Reiners
Petrology / Geochemistry Ninad Ravi Bondre Miami University of Ohio Field relations, petrography, and geochemistry of dikes and associated lava flows around Sangamner: Implications for the plumbing system of the Deccan Volcanic Province, India William K Hart
Petrology / Geochemistry Jennifer Maniago Catoc University of the Philippines Mineralization and Fluid Inclusion Study of the Buenas-Tinago and Balite Vein Systems in Mt Diwata (Diwalwal) Area, Monkayo, Compostela Valley, Mindanao Rosana Dacanay Balangue-Tarriela
Petrology / Geochemistry Christine Forsythe Conrad College of William and Mary Planar Oxides as a Novel Approach to Understanding Metal Sorption in Natural Systems Michael J. Kelley
Petrology / Geochemistry Ryan Lee Fimmen Duke University Reforestation effects on soil iron dynamics in northwestern South Carolina Dharni Vasudevan
Petrology / Geochemistry Alison Jane Gillespie Western Washington University The potential for mass balance and paleoclimate records in ice cores of small mid-latitude glaciers Douglas H. Clark
Petrology / Geochemistry Sarah Davidson Newell University of Florida Relative changes in C3 and C4 biomass recorded by carbon isotopes of lipid biomarkers in the Maya Lowlands of Peten, Guatemala David A Hodell
Petrology / Geochemistry Frederick Kenneh Partey Miami University Tracing the source of fluorine in the fluorite deposits of the Rio Grande rift Elisabeth Widom
Petrology / Geochemistry Christopher Jon Pellowski South Dakota School of Mines and Technology Application of visible and near-infrared spectroscopic methods for identification of lateral and vertical zonation relative to hydrothermal mineralization Colin James Paterson
Petrology / Geochemistry Morgan Louise Perrone New Mexico State University Experimental determination of the biogenicity of moonmilk in Spider Cave of Carlsbad Caverns National Park, New Mexico using isotopic and major and trace element analyses Katherine Anne Giles
Petrology / Geochemistry Emily Margaret Peterman Middlebury College Deciphering Ordovician history of rocks from the Liberty -Orrington Belt, south-central Maine David P West
Petrology / Geochemistry Lizzette Alexandra Rodriguez Michigan Technological University SO2 conversion rates at Lascar volcano, Chile I. Matthew Watson
Petrology / Geochemistry Wesley K Sherlock Southern Oregon University Biological and environmental impact of sulfide oxidation from mine tailings of the Blue Ledge Mine, Siskiyou County, California William S Elliott
Petrology / Geochemistry Zachary Nathan Walke Southern Oregon University Possible left-lateral motion of Emigrant Lake Fault supported by associated intrusive dikes Jad Alan D'Allura
Petrology / Geochemistry Michael Anatolievich Zuykov V.G.Khlopin Radium Institute Distribution and behaviour of 241Am within shells of freshwater mollusks: a complex biomeralogical study John Michael Hanchar
Physics / Astronomy Carrie Marie Anderson New Mexico State University Haze Distribution in Titan's Lower Atmosphere Nancy Janet Chanover
Physics / Astronomy Claudio Cabello Soto Saint Louis University- Madrid Campus Observation of Asteroidal Occultations in Spain Juan Jose Moreno Garcia
Physics / Astronomy Jeremy Todd Dobler University of Arizona Novel Alternating Frequency Doppler Lidar Instrument for Wind Measurements in the Lower Troposphere John A. Reagan
Physics / Astronomy Rachel Page Dudik George Mason University A Multi-wavelength Investigation of LINER Galaxies Shobita Satyapal
Physics / Astronomy Jacqueline Michelle Dunn Texas Christian University Environmental Influences on Dwarf Irregular Galaxies Pamela M Marcum
Physics / Astronomy Armin Thomas Ellis Dartmouth College Auroral Imaging from Space Marc R. Lessard
Physics / Astronomy Jessica Kristin Gambill George Mason University Models of multiwavelength jets in active galactic nuclei Rita M Sambruna
Physics / Astronomy Joseph William Gangestad Williams College Making the Most Accurate Measurements of the June 8, 2004, Transit of Venus, and Overcoming the Black Drop Effect Jay M. Pasachoff
Physics / Astronomy Gabriela Ysabel García Universidad de Los Andes Analysis of Photometric Observations of RR Lyrae Stars in the Globular Cluster M15 Patricia Rosenzweig
Physics / Astronomy Tricia Ann Johnson University of North Dakota Observations of Gamma-Ray Burst Afterglows Timothy Raymond Young
Physics / Astronomy Colby Allen Jurgenson University of Denver InfraRed Spectropolarimetry of Evolved Stars: Sifting Through Cosmic Dust Robert Stencel
Physics / Astronomy Glenn George Kacprzak New Mexico State University Halo gas and Stellar Kinematics of Intermediate Redshift Galaxies Chris Churchill
Physics / Astronomy Aaron Benjamin Kaczowka Worcester Polytechnic Institute Shear Stiffness of Carbon Nanotubes Nancy Anne Burnham
Physics / Astronomy Vishnu Vardhan Kanupuru University of North Dakota Estimating Rotational Periods of Near-Earth Asteroids From Lightcurves Timothy R Young
Physics / Astronomy Jessica E Krick University of Michigan Intracluster Planetary Nebulae as a Tool for Understanding Galaxy Evolution in Nearby Clusters Rebecca A Bernstein
Physics / Astronomy Crystal Nicole LeCrone Rose-Hulman Asteroid Photometry: An Undergraduate Research Project in Astronomy Sudipa M. Kirtley
Physics / Astronomy Sabrina Laleh Pakzad University of Virginia Figure Rotation in Triaxial Elliptical Galaxies Martin Bureau
Physics / Astronomy Luis Omar Porras-Sánchez Universidad de Los Andes Analysis of Photometric Observations of Cepheids Stars in the Andromeda Galaxy (M31) Patricia Rosenzweig
Physics / Astronomy Paul Brandon Rimmer University of Colorado at Denver Optical Imaging and Analysis of Selected Quasars and Quasar Jets Alberto Sadun
Physics / Astronomy Farbod Shafiei Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis Near Field Scanning Optical Microscopy Based Apparatus to Measure Quantum Dots Mutual Interaction Ricardo Decca
Physics / Astronomy David Samuel Smith University of Texas at Austin Cosmic Rays and the Mutational History of Habitable Planets John M Scalo
Physics / Astronomy Ezequiel Treister Yale University A survey for obscured AGNs Claudia Megan Urry
Physics / Astronomy Matthew David Truch Brown University To design and build a low-cost sun sensor for a balloon-borne telescope Gregory S Tucker
Physics / Astronomy John Patrick Wisniewski University of Toledo Searching for Circumstellar Disks Around Be Stars in Clusters Karen S Bjorkman
Physiology / Functional Morphology Rachelle Marie Belanger Bowling Green State University The spatial representation of odor expression patterns in the olfactory lobe of male (Orconectes rusticus) in response to female pheromones Paul Andrew Moore
Physiology / Functional Morphology Dieldrich Salomon Bermudez University of Florida Variation in Stress levels of Juvenile Alligators Louis J Guillette
Physiology / Functional Morphology Marica Caroline Bernstein University of Cincinnati The effects of life-long protein malnutrition on maternal and infant behaviors Rebecca Z German
Physiology / Functional Morphology Kristin L. Bishop Brown University Aerodynamic Force Generation by Stationary and Flapping Flexible Wings Sharon M. Swartz
Physiology / Functional Morphology Lisa Marie DeLucia Hobart and William Smith Colleges Comparison of Ultraviolet Visual Capabilities in Xenopus laevis and Ambystoma tigrinum Mark E. Deutschlander
Physiology / Functional Morphology David Harry Dommer Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Characterization of the Magnetoreception Mechanism of Drosophila melanogaster John B Phillips
Physiology / Functional Morphology Robin Christine Dunkin University of North Carolina at Wilmington Ontogenetic Changes in the Thermal and Buoyant Properties of Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphin Blubber (Tursiops truncatus D Ann Pabst
Physiology / Functional Morphology Melanie Rae Frazier University of Washington Into thin air: The paradox of flying insects at high altitude Raymond B Huey
Physiology / Functional Morphology Kathryn Elizabeth Gardner Cornell Univeristy Caste Determination in the Bumble bee Bombus impatiens and the social parasite Bombus citrinus (Hymenoptera: Apidae) Nicholas W Calderone
Physiology / Functional Morphology Jeong Seok Han University of Texas Medical Branch Role of CGRP in pain-related behavior and plasticity in the amygdala Volker Neugebauer
Physiology / Functional Morphology Adam John Kuperavage Pennsylvania State University Biomechanical Insights into early Hominid Locomotion Robert Barry Eckhardt
Physiology / Functional Morphology Nicholas Anthony Lesica Harvard University The Effects of Natural Stimuli on the Response Properties of Cortical Neurons Garrett B Stanley
Physiology / Functional Morphology Emily Chan Marquez Boston University The effects of estradiol and environmental contaminants on the reproductive development of the Red-sided garter snake (Thamnophis sirtalis) and the Corn snake (Elaphe guttata) Ian Peter Callard
Physiology / Functional Morphology Karen Patricia Maruska University of Hawaii at Manoa Neuropeptide modulation of auditory and lateral line systems in coral reef fishes Timothy Carl Tricas
Physiology / Functional Morphology Erin Maureen Meagher University of North Carolina at Wilmington Investigating seasonal changes in the thermal biology of wild bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) D. Ann Pabst
Physiology / Functional Morphology Biren Ashok Patel Stony Brook University Bone Density in the Primate Wrist Susan G. Larson
Physiology / Functional Morphology Melinda D. Roberts Appalachian State University Why Do Wildflowers Wilt in Saturated Soils? Are Hydraulic Insufficiencies the Cause? Howard S. Neufeld
Physiology / Functional Morphology Constance Lynn Rogers-Lowery Wake Forest University Role of Skin Mucus Proteases in Acquired Resistance of a Host Fish to Ectoparasitic Glochidia Larvae of a Freshwater Mussel Ronald V. Dimock
Physiology / Functional Morphology Jason Wayne Ross Oklahoma State University Analysis and Characterization of a Novel Gene During Porcine Embryo Development and Implantation Rodney D Geisert
Physiology / Functional Morphology Brian K Schilling University of Memphis Myosin Heavy Chain Expression and Muscle Performance in Humans Andrew C Fry
Physiology / Functional Morphology Diego Sustaita California State University, Northridge An Ecomorphological Comparison of Prey Handling and Feeding Capabilities of North American Hawks and Falcons Fritz Hertel
Physiology / Functional Morphology Suprawee Tepsuporn Mount Holyoke College Strain-Specific Differential Gene Expression in a Mouse Model of AIDS Using DNA Microarrays Sharon A Stranford
Physiology / Functional Morphology Julie Mei-Fen Wu University of Maryland Assessing the Clomiphene Citrate Challenge Test (CCCT) in Nonhuman Primates Mary Ann Ottinger
Psychology Ursula Simone Anderson Georgia Institute of Technology Same / Different Tactile Discrimination Learning in African Elephants Marcus Jackson Marr
Psychology Kimberly Jean Berry University of Arkansas at Little Rock The Effects of Accutane on Anxiety in Male & Female Rats Using the Elevated Plus Maze Sherry A. Ferguson
Psychology Jaime Anne Blandino Georgia State University Depression in Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Adults: Mechanisms of Increased Risk Lawrence P. Riso
Psychology Deviney Marie Chaponis Wake Forest University Transfer of Learned Forget Cues in an Animal Memory Task Karen L. Roper
Psychology Melissa Ann Dakin Colorado State University Color vision variation during pregnancy Vicki J Volbrecht
Psychology S. Gwynn Dillard North Carolina State University Breaking the Sound Barrier: Can Young Children Use Newly Acquired Words to Describe Preverbal Memories? Lynne Baker-Ward
Psychology Holger Bernd Harald Elischberger University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Examining the Linkages Among Knowledge, Memory, and Suggestibility Peter A Ornstein
Psychology Hsiao-Ping Georges Han Florida International University Borderline Personality Disorder Features in Nonclinical Young Adults: Associations with Differentiation of Self and Relational Aggression Marilyn Jean Montgomery
Psychology Jennifer Elizabeth Heffler St. Lawrence University Tympanic Gas Bladders and Hydrostatic Pressure Transduction in G petersii Peter Cain
Psychology Brian David Hunter University of North Florida Fathers' Physiological Responses to Child-related Stimuli Gabriel Ybarra
Psychology Dunja Lund University of Florida The Roles of Frequency and Recency in Forming and Retrieving New Connections Lise Abrams
Psychology David Aaron Moscovitch Boston University Self-discrepancies in social phobia: The interaction of perceived abilities and performance standards Stefan G. Hofmann
Psychology Jason Paris Marywood University Sex Hormones, Cognition, and Academic Choices Sharon Ramos Goyette
Psychology Konstantinos Pothakos State University of New York at Stony Brook Interactions of tissue plasminogen activator (tPA) and brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) in the context of hippocampal learning John K Robinson
Psychology Danielle Renee Reis Florida Atlantic University Learning Second Language Vocabulary: Evidence from American Students Learning French Shelia Marie Kennison
Psychology Sara Jill Rotter University of Florida Implicit and Explicit Retrieval of Spelling in Young and Older Adults Lise Abrams
Psychology Cristina Marie Shafer Rutgers University Schemas of Asthma Management Howard Leventhal
Psychology Deborah Janet Silverman Brown University Automatic Reading in the Periphery: Potential Rehabilitation Techniques for Macular Degeneration Patients Leslie Welch
Psychology Ayako Janet Tomiyama University of California, Los Angeles Dieting, stress, and obesity: Biological stress mediators Traci Mann
Psychology Candace Monique Turner Washington College The Relationship Between Testosterone and Cortisol Levels and Aggression in Male Children with ADHD Michael Kerchner
Psychology Rebecca Jane VonDerHeide University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth ERP Correlates of Hemispheric Cooperation in Adults with ADHD Barry Haimson
Systematics / Evolutionary Biology Peter James Adam University of California, Los Angeles Marine Mammal Feeding Guild Structure and Changeover Through the Cenozoic Blaire Van Valkenburgh
Systematics / Evolutionary Biology Mohannad Ghazi AL-Saghir Virginia Tech A molecular approach to define genetic pools in crops: A case study in peanut Khidir W. Hilu
Systematics / Evolutionary Biology Brian C Barringer Cornell University Polyploidy, Inbreeding Depression, and the Evolution of Mating Systems in Flowering Plants Monica A Geber
Systematics / Evolutionary Biology Matthew David Carling Louisiana State University Testing alternative hypotheses of South American divergence: a multi-locus approach Robb Thomas Brumfield
Systematics / Evolutionary Biology Mollie Frances Cashner Tulane University The evolution of reproductive symbiosis within a subgenus of North American minnows [Notropis(Hydrophlox)] Henry L. Bart
Systematics / Evolutionary Biology Brian Alan Counterman Louisiana State University The evolution of X chromosome inactivation in Drosophila Mohamed A.F. Noor
Systematics / Evolutionary Biology Catherine Rachel Darst University of Texas, Austin Evolutionary and Ecological Dynamics of a Poison Frog Mimicry Complex David C Cannatella
Systematics / Evolutionary Biology Kirsten Chuchvara Davis University of San Diego Population genetic variability in the San Diego fairy shrimp, Branchinecta sandiegonensis: insights from microsatellite DNA analysis Marie Ann Simovich
Systematics / Evolutionary Biology Suzanne Marie Gray Simon Fraser University The origin and maintenance of male color polymorphism in the Telmatherinid fishes of Sulawesi, Indonesia Jeffrey S McKinnon
Systematics / Evolutionary Biology Jeremy Joseph Kirchman University of Florida Evolution of flightless rails in Oceania: a molecular and morphological study of Gallirallus David W. Steadman
Systematics / Evolutionary Biology Susanne Jane Lockhart University of California, Santa Cruz Phylogeny, reproduction and parasitism in cidaroid echinoids of the Antarctic John Stuart Pearse
Systematics / Evolutionary Biology Paul Robert Martin University of Washington Latitudinal variation in speciation rates Joshua J Tewksbury
Systematics / Evolutionary Biology Justin Scott McAlister University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Testing for costs of phenotypic plasticity during development of Lytechinus variegatus Robert D Podolsky
Systematics / Evolutionary Biology Matthew John Medeiros University of California, Berkeley How many times has winglessness evolved in cave-dwelling Hawaiian moths? Robert Dudley
Systematics / Evolutionary Biology Jacqueline Emmanuel Moustakas University of California, Berkeley Evolution and Development of Skeletogenic Tissues in Reptiles Kevin Padian
Systematics / Evolutionary Biology John Robert Paul University of Pittsburgh Commonness and Rarity in Mesoamerican Psychotria Species: Tests of Evolutionary Hypotheses in a Phylogenetic Framework Stephen J Tonsor
Systematics / Evolutionary Biology Katie Nelle Provost College of William and Mary Sexual Conflict under Stress: A molecular approach to quantifying the effects of mating on Hsp70 expression in Drosophila melanogaster George W. Gilchrist
Systematics / Evolutionary Biology Jeffrey Stuart Ross-Ibarra University of Georgia Genetics of tomatillo (Physalis philadelphica), a new model species for the study of domestication James L. Hamrick
Systematics / Evolutionary Biology Erica Ann Swenson Albertson College of Idaho Characterization of Oak Associated Chanterelle Species Using Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism Analysis of the nrDNA Internal Transcribed Spacer Susan Margaret Dunham
Systematics / Evolutionary Biology Daniel Augustus Warner University of Sydney The adaptive significance of temperature-dependent sex determination in reptiles Richard Shine
Tectonics / Geophysics Kurtis Charles Burmeister University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Magnetic Susceptibility anisotropy Analysis of rocks associated with deformation in the Appalachian fold-thrust belt, New York Stephen Marshak
Tectonics / Geophysics Kurt Lang Frankel University of Southern California Earthquake recurrence intervals and fault slip rates on the northern Death Valley-Furnace Creek and Fish Lake Valley fault zones James F. Dolan
Tectonics / Geophysics Shelley A Judge Ohio State University The Origin and Evolution of the Wasatch Monocline, Central Utah Lawrence A krissek.1@osu.edu
Tectonics / Geophysics Matthew Samuel Malinowski State University of New York at Buffalo Energy and soil-moisture effects on nonlinear deformation associated with near-surface seismic reflection sources Gregory S Baker
Tectonics / Geophysics David Haruo Shimabukuro University of California, Berkeley Provenance study of Eocene-Oligocene fluvial gravels in the Great Basin: Implications for pre-extension paleogeography and syn-extensional drainage evolution Walter Alvarez


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