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Expanding the Global Network of Scientists and Engineers (Español)

Founded in 1886, Sigma Xi is one of the oldest and largest scientific honor societies in the world. A vital part of its mission is to foster worldwide interactions among scientists and engineers through a network of more than 500 Sigma Xi chapters at major research universities, teaching colleges, government laboratories and industry research centers. Working in all fields of science and engineering, Sigma Xi's more than 70,000 members represent more than 100 different countries.

Membership in Sigma Xi is meant to foster a sense of companionship among colleagues who, no matter what their field of study, share a common interest in promoting research in science and engineering. Because science is a global activity, Sigma Xi's goals are to:

  • Help coordinate and emphasize the global voice of scientific and engineering research
  • Improve the global network of scientists and engineers across disciplines and to encourage interdisciplinary dialogue
  • Facilitate greater cooperation and sense of community among scientists and engineers globally, and especially to increase our ability to bring scientists of developing nations more effectively into international scientific and engineering endeavors
  • Provide encouragement, companionship and support to younger scientists and engineers around the world

Sigma Xi Chapter Activities
Sigma Xi's chapters constitute a unique network that supports and promotes the health of the research enterprise through a variety of local activities. Many chapters promote excellence in research and education by honoring local science and mathematics teachers, holding public forums on important issues, organizing research symposia, sponsoring scholarships and participating in many other activities.

The Packard Initiative
An exciting new program aimed at promoting international science-networking opportunities with a focus on scientists in developing countries is being funded by a three-year grant from the David and Lucile Packard Foundation. The Packard Initiative is designed to create networks of scientists and engineers in developing countries and to foster long-term partnerships of those communities, established Sigma Xi chapters, and scientists and engineers throughout the world. The initiative will provide financial assistance for those groups interested in developing local and global networking opportunities as well as exploring the establishment of Sigma Xi chapters at their institutions or in their countries. Up to US$2500 may be awarded to support, among other things, student awards and research grants, Internet access, initial membership dues, lecture programs, science fairs, and research symposia.

For More Information Contact:

Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Society
P. O. Box 13975
3106 East NC Highway 54
Research Triangle Park, NC 27709 USA
Telephone: 919-547-5246
Fax: 919-547-5263
E-mail: executiveoffice@sigmaxi.org


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