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Get Help Talking Science with the Media

Evolution, climate change, genetic engineering, fuel options—Public understanding of science has never been more important, and it remains a pillar of Sigma Xi's mission. Conveying the insights and impacts of science and engineering to the media is a crucial link in this transaction.

In their new book, A Scientist’s Guide to Talking with the Media, Richard Hayes and Daniel Grossman draw on their expertise in public relations and journalism to help researchers communicate their ideas accurately and effectively to a wider audience. The authors provide tips on how to translate abstract concepts into concrete metaphors, craft sound bites, and prepare for interviews. For those looking for a higher profile, the authors explain how to become a reporter’s trusted source—the first card in the Rolodex—on controversial issues.

"Hayes and Grossman's book should be read by every researcher who wants to play an active role in helping the public understand science. More than just a "how to" manual, the book is a vital resource that removes the mysteries of working with journalists—a result that can only benefit society."—Richard Hill, Science writer, The Oregonian, and 2006 Sigma Xi Honorary Member

"This book is essential medicine for the pandemic of scientific illiteracy. The architects of the explosive growth of science-based technology must communicate as never before and there is now a lucid guide."—Leon Lederman, 1988 Nobel Prize in Physics

"This is an invaluable guide for scientists seeking to learn how to better communicate with—and through—the media. The book gives the kind of insight into news operations that will allow researchers to better understand the process and to feel more comfortable talking with reporters."—Deborah Blum, 1992 Pulitzer Prize winner and 1993 Sigma Xi Honorary Member


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