Sigma Xi Speaks: June 2016

by User Not Found | Jun 21, 2016

Help Build the Voice for Credible Research

This is a guest post by Sigma Xi Executive Director and CEO John C. Nemeth.

John NemethMany members want Sigma Xi to be the voice for credible research in the United States. And it should. Supporting the public’s understanding of research and influencing policy is central to Sigma Xi’s mission.

I need your help to create that voice on a national, and even international, scale. You are Sigma Xi’s voice in your local area and beyond. If you learn of an interesting study or research finding, pass it on through social media, send an email, or bring it up in conversation.

I encourage you and yours to subscribe to Sigma Xi SmartBrief, if you haven’t already. It will give you plenty of news to share. It is an email sent daily, Monday through Friday, with research news from sources such as Discover, the BBC, and The Washington Post. Anyone can subscribe and it’s free. Many count it as a major membership benefit.

Very importantly, please invite your family, friends, and elected officials to subscribe to Sigma Xi SmartBrief.  We have a letter that you may send on behalf of Sigma Xi to invite them to subscribe.

As researchers, we need the public’s support so they trust our findings and fund our projects. The more that people know what research does for them, the more likely they are to be research supporters. Collectively, we can demonstrate how research plays a critical role in all of our lives.

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John C. Nemeth, PhD
Sigma Xi Executive Director and CEO

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