Welcome to Keyed In, the blog of Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Honor Society. This will be the go-to place for Sigma Xi members and others to learn about what’s happening in the science and engineering industry. We will share thoughts and perspectives related to Sigma Xi’s mission, including ideas that deal with the health of the research enterprise, integrity in science and engineering, and public understanding of science, as they contribute to improving the human condition. We will give updates about the remarkable work conducted by Sigma Xi chapters, which are spread across the globe. We will report on trends in research and anticipate where the industry is going. And, we will offer advice to young scientists and engineers. Our ultimate goal is to provide useful information that will lead to a more connected and more effective research community.

  • It’s Time to Restore Scientific Integrity

    by Jamie Vernon | Nov 11, 2020
    Sigma Xi Speaks logo
    Jamie Vernon, Sigma Xi CEO, discusses how the system has proven to be imperfectly safeguarded and how protections must be established to preserve scientific integrity.
  • 2020 October Madness: Raffle Winners

    by Lindsay Holton | Oct 16, 2020
    The winner of a free year of Sigma Xi membership dues or a year in the Sigma Xi Affiliate Circle is announced as the conclusion of the 2020 run of October Madness, the Nobel Prize prediction contest.
  • 2020 October Madness: Announcement of Champions

    by Lindsay Holton | Oct 01, 2020
    Champion Bracket Physiology or Medicine
    The people have spoken about who they predict will win the 2020 Nobel Prizes in chemistry, physics, and physiology or medicine!
  • COVID-19 Poses Mental Health Challenges within the Research Community

    by Jamie Vernon | Sep 29, 2020
    Sigma Xi Speaks logo
    Anecdotal evidence suggests that COVID-19 is adding to an already prevalent problem and that students, researchers, and educators are facing a mental health crisis.
  • 2020 October Madness: The Finals

    by Lindsay Holton | Sep 25, 2020
    Finals Bracket Physics
    We're down to the finals of Sigma Xi's Nobel Prize prediction contest, October Madness! Vote through September 30 to pick our champions.
  • 2020 October Madness: Final 4

    by Lindsay Holton | Sep 18, 2020
    Final 4 Bracket Chemistry
    We're down to the Final 4 of Sigma Xi's Nobel Prize prediction contest, October Madness! Vote to make sure your top picks make it to the finals.
  • 2020 October Madness: Elite 8

    by Lindsay Holton | Sep 14, 2020
    1Bracket Chemistry
    Voting is open for the 2020 Nobel Prize prediction contest, October Madness! Voting for this round is open through September 17.
  • Call for Nominations: October Madness 2020

    by Lindsay Holton | Sep 14, 2020
    2019 Bracket Result Chemistry
    Sigma Xi's Nobel Prize prediction contest is back and needs your nominations by September 2, 2020!
  • Disproportionate Effects of COVID-19 Within Research

    by Jamie Vernon | Aug 24, 2020
    Female Scientist in the lab
    Studies indicate that the pandemic isn’t affecting all researchers equally.
  • Advice for Virtual Research Presentations

    by Heather Thorstensen | Aug 20, 2020
    VS3 top student presenters
    Students and Sigma Xi members share their advice for students presenting at the virtual Student Research Conference this November.
  • Keynote Preview: Every Brain Needs Music

    by Heather Thorstensen | Aug 14, 2020
    Every Brain Needs Music
    Neuroscientist Larry Sherman will be a keynote speaker at the virtual Sigma Xi Annual Meeting and Student Research Conference to share what neuroscience tell us about what music does to the human brain.
  • Member Writes Children's Book about Viruses

    by Heather Thorstensen | Aug 04, 2020
    What is a Virus?
    A new book by Sigma Xi member Hannah Margolis helps children and parents learn the basics of viruses as we all face SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. The book is available for free online.
  • Sigma Xi Steps Up to Support the Research Community

    by Jamie Vernon | Jul 21, 2020
    2016 Annual Meeting Plenary Session
    Sigma Xi took multiple actions this month to address issues on behalf of its members and the scientific community. Issues addressed include an Immigration and Customs Enforcement policy that would have affected international students, helping the public understand COVID-19, supporting evidence-based public health guidance, and restricting Facebook advertising.
  • Sigma Xi Supports the #ShutDownSTEM Initative

    by Heather Thorstensen | Jun 11, 2020
    Sigma Xi Supports the ShutDownSTEM Initiative
    Sigma Xi members share what they did on June 10 to address racial inequalities.
  • Life Lessons from a Research Career

    by Geraldine Richmond | May 26, 2020
    Geraldine Richmond
    National Medal of Science Recipient and Sigma Xi President Geraldine Richmond shares five things she has learned about life and having a research career.
  • Q & A with a Seeker of Genius

    by Heather Thorstensen | May 21, 2020
    Rachael Cusick
    Rachael Cusick, an associate producer at Radiolab, spent a year searching for genius. The result is RadioLab Presents: G, a documentary series on the concept of intelligence.
  • How Does Discipline Integration Make Research (and Life) Better?

    by Jamie Vernon | Apr 21, 2020
    Just as the current physical distancing disrupts our natural state of socialized work, higher education has been experiencing a longer period of distancing of its own, one of discipline distancing. As we have each become more specialized, have we moved away from teaching and working in a way that provides the most opportunity for students, scientists, and engineers to advance new knowledge that will improve our world?
  • How to Build Your Best Student Research Showcase Presentation

    by Heather Thorstensen | Apr 07, 2020
    Janelle Simmons
    Students who plan to participate in the Student Research Showcase can get tips for building their websites.
  • Information Sharing During Public Health Emergencies

    by Brian W. Langloss | Apr 01, 2020
    Misinformation has spread online during the coronavirus outbreak
    As the world struggles to contain the economic, political, social, and health impacts of the new coronavirus, it is also wrestling with how both online censorship and the open internet have helped the spread of the virus. Duke University's Center on Science & Technology Policy has created a policy brief that provides recommendations for addressing this and the next pandemic.
  • How Scientists and Engineers Who Aren't on the Front Lines of the Coronavirus Outbreak Can Help

    by Heather Thorstensen | Mar 30, 2020
    Healthcare worker in surgical mask
    Even if your specific science, technology, engineering, or math isn’t on the front lines of the coronavirus outbreak, you can still contribute to the world’s efforts against COVID-19.

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