Welcome to Keyed In, the blog of Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Honor Society. This will be the go-to place for Sigma Xi members and others to learn about what’s happening in the science and engineering industry. We will share thoughts and perspectives related to Sigma Xi’s mission, including ideas that deal with the health of the research enterprise, integrity in science and engineering, and public understanding of science, as they contribute to improving the human condition. We will give updates about the remarkable work conducted by Sigma Xi chapters, which are spread across the globe. We will report on trends in research and anticipate where the industry is going. And, we will offer advice to young scientists and engineers. Our ultimate goal is to provide useful information that will lead to a more connected and more effective research community.

  • How Do We Know that Human Activities Have Affected Global Climate?

    by Ben Santer | Nov 11, 2019
    climate model resized
    Ben Santer's early research contributed to the historic 1995 conclusion of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change: “the balance of evidence suggests a discernible human influence on global climate.” He provides background information on the research surrounding the global climate.
  • The Role of Natural Climate Solutions in Fighting Climate Change

    by A. E. Sutton-Grier | Nov 08, 2019
    Figure2 banner
    Sigma Xi 2019 Young Investigator Award recipient Ariana Sutton-Grier describes research into natural solutions that can be components to climate change mitigation.
  • The Power of Diversity

    by Geraldine Richmond | Oct 28, 2019
    From the President
    Why is diversity so important in science and technology? This question, whether asked or implied, is one we need to counter at all levels. Our growing diversity in science and engineering is our strength.
  • A Perspective on Research and Teaching Pedagogy Based on Circular Economy and Sustainability

    by Surojit Gupta | Oct 25, 2019
    Surojit Gupta
    Member Surojit Gupta describes the concept of Circular Economy, an economic model based on designing out waste and pollution, reusing materials, and regenerating natural systems. He also shares his research on innovative novel additive manufacturing and sustainable technologies.
  • 2019 October Madness: Drawing Winner

    by Lindsay Holton | Oct 15, 2019
    The winner of a free year of Sigma Xi membership dues or a year in the Sigma Xi Affiliate Circle is announced.
  • Proposed Changes to Science Education, and What You Can Do About Them

    by Jamie Vernon | Oct 15, 2019
    Protect science education
    State and local legislators across the United States are threatening science education and alarming teachers by pursuing legislation that challenges fundamental scientific concepts, such as evolution and climate science.
  • 2019 October Madness: Announcement of Champions

    by Lindsay Holton | Oct 03, 2019
    2019 Bracket Results Physiology or Medicine
    The people have spoken about who they predict will win the 2019 Nobel Prizes in chemistry, physics, and physiology or medicine!
  • 2019 October Madness: The Finals

    by Lindsay Holton | Oct 01, 2019
    We're down to the finals of Sigma Xi's Nobel Prize prediction contest, October Madness! Vote through October 3 to pick our champions.
  • The Catalyst for Interdisciplinary Research

    by Jamie Vernon | Sep 25, 2019
    2018 Student Poster Session
    Recent emphasis on interdisciplinary research by funders, editors, and policymakers has ignited discussions about the challenges and opportunities of interdisciplinarity. All recognize that interdisciplinarity promotes integrative knowledge and innovation. This presents an opportunity for Sigma Xi's multidisciplinary membership to inspire and support interdisciplinary collaborations.
  • 2019 October Madness: Final 4

    by Lindsay Holton | Sep 25, 2019
    2019 Final Four Bracket Chemistry
    We're down to the Final 4 of Sigma Xi's Nobel Prize prediction contest, October Madness! Vote to make sure your top picks make it to the finals.
  • 2019 October Madness: Elite 8

    by Lindsay Holton | Sep 20, 2019
    Voting is open for the 2019 Nobel Prize prediction contest, October Madness! Voting for this round is open through September 24.
  • Call for Nominations: October Madness 2019

    by Lindsay Holton | Sep 11, 2019
    Champion Bracket Physics 2018
    Sigma Xi's Nobel Prize prediction contest is back and needs your nominations by September 18, 2019!
  • Overcoming Politics and Misconduct to Build Public Trust in Science

    by Jamie Vernon | Aug 28, 2019
    Ethics Word Cloud
    Sigma Xi Executive Director and CEO Jamie Vernon shares his insights about a new report on the American public’s trust in scientists, and areas of opportunity for organizations like Sigma Xi to build public trust. We're ready to move forward: the Board of Directors has approved the establishment of the Committee on Scientific Conduct and Professional Ethics.
  • Advice for Poster Presentations

    by Heather Thorstensen | Aug 12, 2019
    2018 Student Research Conference Presenter
    Sigma Xi members in The Lab online community recently shared advice for students giving their first research poster presentation.
  • Chesapeake Chapter Tradition Supports High School Students

    by Heather Thorstensen | Jul 29, 2019
    Jayce Turner and Michael Simini
    When Jayce Turner receives his high school diploma next year, he will wear the Sigma Xi blue and white graduation cords around his neck, a sign of support from the world’s largest scientific and engineering research honor society.
  • 6 Ways to Improve Your Leadership Skills for Research

    by Jamie Vernon | Jul 16, 2019
    Geese in formation-someone has to lead!
    As scientists and engineers, we tend to already be a group of quick learners, creative thinkers, and persistent problem solvers, but there is something else that can make each of us a more valuable and effective researcher: leadership skills.
  • Three Things Sigma Xi Can Do for You

    by Jamie Vernon | Jun 18, 2019
    Three Things Sigma Xi Can Do for You
    The honor of your nomination to Sigma Xi membership is just the beginning of what Sigma Xi can do for you.
  • How Do We Define Research Excellence?

    by Jamie Vernon | May 21, 2019
    Membership Certificate
    As an honor society, Sigma Xi welcomes scientists and engineers as new members to recognize their excellence, or their potential to conduct excellent research. But, how should we define research excellence? And, what’s the point?
  • 10 Key Findings from the IPBES Global Assessment

    by Sigma Xi Staff | May 15, 2019
    Sierra Nevada Bighorn Sheep, an endangered species
    Last week, a report from the United Nations gave precise detail about how nature and its critical contributions to people are deteriorating worldwide.
  • Shutdown Story: NSF Graduate Fellowship Program Reviewer's Concerns

    by Heather Thorstensen | Mar 11, 2019
    Office Desk
    A member serving as an application reviewer for the National Science Foundation’s (NSF) Graduate Research Fellowship Program has raised concerns about the consequences to the program from the 2018–2019 government shutdown.

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