Meet Your Fellow Companions

The honor of membership into Sigma Xi spans disciplines and courses of research study. Each month in Sigma Xi Today, we will be highlighting a different "Fellow Companion"—asking them about their work and what the Sigma Xi honor has meant for their career.

The dates in parentheses next to the members' name is the year he or she joined Sigma Xi.

Dhruvajyoti Roy (SX 2015): Improving disease diagnoses

Robert E. Kahn (SX1966): Future of the Internet; managing digital information long-term with digital object architecture

Mary Lee Jensvold (SX 2013): Chimpanzee communication

I.J. Wilk (SX 1948): A career in chemistry 

Magesh Thiyagarajan (SX 2008): Cold plasma applications for cancer treatment, wound healing, and food sterilization

Holly Haberstroh Ioset (SX 1977): The health and safety of people in their workplaces

Prasad Bichu (SX 2014): Kidney dysfunction and disease

Niraj Lodhi (SX 2012): The PARP-1 protein's function and role in controlling cancer cell growth

Šeila Selimović (SX 2004): Tissue regeneration and particle organization

Satish Lakhapatri (SX 2013): How to get the most value out of natural gas 

Megan E. Wilhelm (SX 2010): How to produce more equitable learning environments for all students

Siddharth Tripathi (SX 2013): Discovering new antifungal drugs

Avinash Konkani (SX 2013): Human factors in the healthcare system

Samelia Okpodu (SX 2010): The reasons behind human retina degradation and degeneration

Madhusudhanan Narasimhan (SX 2013): The affect of alcohol and environmental pesticides on neurons

Darko Cotoras (SX 2011): Spider diversification over time

Jayalakshmi Govindan (SX 2013): Fin skeleton regeneration in zebrafish

Michael Selvaraj (SX 2011)

Craig Streu (SX 2004)

Jill Pruetz (SX 1999)

Mike Harding (SX 2012)

Junfeng Pan (SX 2008)

Patrisha Pham-Bugayong (SX 2008)

James Chen (SX 2010)

Joannes Paulus Yimbesalu (SX 2011)

Nicholas Money (SX 1996)

Matthew Hosek (SX 2012)

Raghav Govindarajan (SX 2012)

Semant Jain (SX 2012)

Samantha Marquez (SX 2011)

Laurent Pirolli (SX 2007)

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