Tips for the Student Research Showcase

Learn what to expect from the Student Research Showcase, and how to prepare, from two winners. Luka Negoita had the top presentation of all graduate students in the 2015 showcase, while Weelic Chong led that year's undergraduate division. 

Learn more about this science communication competition on the Student Research Showcase web page.

Why Did Luka Negoita Want to Sign Up for the Showcase?

Why Did Weelic Chong Want to Sign Up for the Showcase?

What Should Be Included In Your Showcase's Abstract?

How Far Along Should Your Research Be Before Entering the Showcase?

How Did Weelic Chong Make His Showcase Video?

Tips from Luka Negoita on Making a Showcase Video

Tips on Audio and Images for Your Showcase's Presentation

How to Pick and Use Music for Your Showcase Video

Lighting and Background for Your Showcase Video

What to Include in Your Student Research Showcase Slideshow

Best Advice for a Successful Student Research Showcase Presentation

What Happens During the Student Research Showcase's Judging Period?

What Made Last Year's Graduate Division Winner Stand Out?

What Did Luka Negoita Learn from the Student Research Showcase?

What Did Weelic Chong Learn from the Student Research Showcase?

Watch the Full Interview with Luka Negoita and Weelic Chong