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2017 Recorded Sessions

January 10
Learn What’s New in Particle Physics
Distinguished Lecturer: Sally Seidel
Professor of Physics
University of New Mexico

February 14
Learn About Modern Weather Forecasting
Distinguished Lecturer: Lance Bosart
Distinguished Professor of Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences
State University of New York, Albany 

March 2
Gender Equity in STEM
Distinguished Lecturer: Paula Rayman
Professor of Sociology
University of Massachusetts Lowell  

April 11
Using Nanoparticles for Consumer Products and the Environment
Distinguished Lecturer: Alexander Orlov
Associate Professor of Materials Science and Engineering
State University of New York, Stony Brook 

May 9
Making a Quantum Leap for Computers
Distinguished Lecturer: Susan Coppersmith
Robert E. Fassnacht and Vilas Professor of Physics
University of Wisconsin-Madison

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